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June 20, 2005

Drunk Driving

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i had a funny memory today. on fathers day. kind of inspired by medium john.

way back, in one of the three times i have lived in lawton, oklahoma, i saw an accident.

we lived somewhere in a school district with an owl as a mascot (dowell owls maybe?). i just remember that damn owl being painted everywhere. and we lived on a long street with a bend in it. we lived right on the bend. our driveway kind of preceeded the bend.

i don’t remember a lot of the circumstances surrounding the conditions, because i was THAT young. but this was one of those times. when you remember what happened, forever.

my too older sisters and i were cleaning our garage (our playroom). i was 4 years old. maybe 3. and i wasn’t any real contribution to the cleaning effort. in point of fact, i remember my sisters complaining that not only was i not cleaning, but i was actually pulling toys out as fast as they could put them away.

this is of course bogus. i distinctly remember the two of them ‘looking’ at a toy for an exceedingly long time before putting it away. but when my mom, and my aunt marie came to examine our progress, someone had to take the fall.

and that someone was me.

it seems like i might have been given a second chance. i don’t really remember that well. but if i was, i failed.

and i was exiled to ‘playing’ in the front yard only.

i was very distinctly told that i was not allowed to leave the front yard. it was a weekday. and it was cold. so there were not a lot of kids out. seems like it was some kind of a holiday maybe. i can’t really remember that.

so my ‘playing’ in the front yard consisted of my walking around in the front yard. i was so bundled up i could barely do anything anyway. picture a little four y.o. boy, with hat and mittens and scarf. arms stuck out sideways. my breathe was all misty through my scarf.

now my banishment to the front yard to ‘play’ was the last straw for my sisters. they were working and i was playing. they HAD to find a way to get me in trouble.

i might have actually knocked on the garage. i don’t remember that. but whichever, if i did or not, they complained and i was told to get away from the garage and leave my sisters alone. that garage had to be cleaned!

and it seems like i remember something about a belt being mentioned.

so there i was. standing in the front yard. looking around and hoping someone else would come out to play. and i watched this motorcycle coming down the street.

nothing really significant. just the only thing happening on a cold dreary oklahoma day.

he made the left turn for the bend, but turned too early. he drove right up our driveway and ran right into out garage. he fell over to the left and lay there. back wheel still spinning.

this set my sisters to screaming about me. but even worse, prior offenses were just my sisters complaining. both my aunt and my mom had heard me banging on the garage this time.

either my aunt or my mom came strolling out of the front door. and it didn’t look good for your humble author. one of my many hidings was about to commence. most of them were deserved.

A random pic of a drunk driving wreck from Illinois

but not this day.

i had the time it takes an angry woman to cross a yard to save myself. so even way back then, i asked myself

“what would brian boitano do?”

seriously, i just angled my little tiny frame over to one side so that i could point to the motorcycle. seems like i hopped around too. couldn’t really yell, i had the scarf covering my mouth.

i was saved. maybe the guy on the motorcycle could take the ass whippin?

turns out the guy was stoned. my dad came home early. and of course all of the emergency vehicles associated with a wreck are always a treat for a little boy.

it was a great day!

this last saturday night, medium john had his first experience with drunk driving.

that’s never a good thing.

but don’t worry, he was safe in bed as a drunk plowed into his parked car. after all of the official vehicles departed (took 5 cops to wrestle the guy onto a gurney) the best thing he remembers is that his dad made everyone eggs at two in the morning.

that’s a father’s day he’s going to remember!

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  1. DOWELL OWLS?? El Paso?

    Do I know you?!? I mean, “really” know you?

    Comment by Margi — June 23, 2005 @ 7:30 pm

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