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June 1, 2005


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so i went to finally transfer my maryland drivers license over to texas.

yeah, i used to have a texas drivers license. my first drivers license was here in texas. age 16. i got an 87. had that license forever. renewed of course, but you always keep the same number. i had my tx drivers license number engraved in the back of stereos and what not.

and i joined the navy.

i still kept my tx drivers license. i was still legally a resident after all.

but then i got out, and my license was about to expire, so i renewed it one last time. then i moved to maryland. they kept telling me i had 30 days to transfer my license, and of course, pay their fee.

and that’s just crap. perfectly valid license. and they basically refuse to honor it. but i had to do it.

they took my texas drivers license and gave me a maryland license. it was a sad day for me.

then i moved home. and i looked forward to getting a texas license once again.

let the games commence.

i went to the dmv. paperwork, id, and money in hand. the lady at the desk refered me to a state trooper because i didn’t have my social security card with me. she first asked if i had ever had a texas drivers license before, and then asked if it was still active. she told me that since i had not had my texas drivers license for more than 2 years, it was no longer active and i had to jump through all of the ‘new’ licensee hoops.

the stae trooper dazzled me with his brilliance and actually pulled the application out of my hand when he found out i still had maryland plates on my car. you have to register all vehicles in texas before you can a drivers license.

so i went and got plates. i planned on it. i just figured the drivers license should be first. nope. i was wrong.

took me a day in and of itself to get the plates. hardest part was finding the right place. once i found out that i had to first pay taxes on my car before registering it, i could go to the county tax assessor and do the whole shebang.


but not the license.

i was having trouble finding my social security card.

so i checked their website. they accept 7-10 forms of id. social security card being the primary form. but they also accept a dd-214. for those of you whop do not know, that’s the discharge paper you get when you leave the military. i have that document scanned into my computer.

i printed a copy and returned.

once again the trooper sent me away. he felt a little sorry though. chick at the desk wasn’t though. i guess that’s why they have a state trooper standing right beside her. i wanted to say something to her. she demanded that my dd-214 be the original dd-214. not a printout. i could have altered it after all. nevermind that some 90% of ex-military store their dd-214s in county courthouses and they are a super bitch to get back. and ever worse, presumably someone from out of state would have their dd-214s in a DIFFERENT state.

let’s see, id’s she would not accept.

valid maryland drivers license
certified birth certificate from oklahoma
common access card (CAC card is a military id)
expired passport

so i knuckled down and did the search for my social security card. i had in a box somewhere in my house.

i found it and went back

FINALLY i got past the wicked witch at the front desk, and the state trooper. i got to sit and wait for about an hour to actually get to the lady who takes the photos.

she was nice.

first thing she asked was if i had ever had a texas drivers license before. i said yes and asked for the same number back.

she was surprised that i could remember it. and she checked it just for fun.

it expires on my birthday this fucking year.

so she issued me a renewel. 24 bucks and no id necesary.


  1. AARGH! That is painful to imagine/read!

    Perhaps the DMV office is the first circle of hell…

    Comment by Dz — June 2, 2005 @ 1:35 pm

  2. You know what they say, everything is bigger in Texas…even the hassles.

    Comment by Steve — June 2, 2005 @ 5:45 pm

  3. Ouch! That sucks. =\

    Comment by Moonbatty — June 2, 2005 @ 7:17 pm

  4. That’s what we call a Murphy Bomb!


    Comment by Madame Butterfly — June 4, 2005 @ 1:12 pm

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