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June 28, 2005

Right Beliefs

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Kristin Madpony

if y’all don’t read tony pierce from time to time, you need to head over and check him out. not only does he present ‘the other side’ of the political spectrum (for me) in an intelligent series of arguments, but he usually dresses his posts with pictures of hot chicas.

and i do like the ladies.

he recently wrote a post in which he expressed more than a little dismay at the refusal of conservatives to accept the truth (as liberals see it). you can check out this post here

i want to try and make a few points for him. try to shed a little light on the conservative mindset for him. i’m not trying to flame him. i just had too much to say in the comment section of his blog, and who the hell am i kidding? i’m a comment whore, and the prospect of having skads of liberals *express* their disagreement here. well, i’m looking forward to it.

June 27, 2005

The Scientology Meme

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i read this over at the hot librarian. it was just too funny not to do and pass on.

June 26, 2005


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well gussie gus gus, the spurs beat the pistons and won the championship.

the riverwalk was margaritaville (or pina coladaburg) for the weekend. it was nice.

but the bastard powers that be bumped the junior olympics out of the alamodome so that they could hold a party for the spurs. never mind contracts and rental agreements. i doubt the junior olympics will be coming back to san antonio.

i have a ton of video to rip in as mpegs. y’all may get to see a little of it.

and in the meantime, i figured i’d gloat just a little bit about the spurs winning the nba championship.

June 23, 2005


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i’ve safely gotten ‘tyler’ back onto the plane for his homeward journey.

little nicky did well and smoked his first opponent. i like to refer to his second opponent as homey the clown though. he was a little bitty guy who had no torso. he was like a head on top of a pair of legs. and mind you, the torso is the scoring area.

little nicky lost his second round bout. and should not have, he was clearly the better of the two.

i hope ‘homey’ comes again next year and little nicky gets back in the ring with him. am i whining about a rematch? not really. the two are 11. the scoring area is the torso only. next year, they get to score by kicking head.

and homey had this huge melon just floating around on top of his legs. and did i mention he was itty bitty? that puts his head right at kicking level.

i seriously suspect this is the last tournament homey competes in. his melon will start getting punted as soon as he turns 12.

June 22, 2005

Little Nicky

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ever see all of those stories about boxers making weight?

all of the crap that they have to go through be in the right weight category. see them going n horrible diets the week before a fight. dehydrating themselves before weigh in.

the last mike tyson fight showed the weights they weighed in as the day before the fight. and then the weights they were at for the fight. there was close to a 10 pound difference.

June 20, 2005

2005 Jr Olympics

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a girl named audrey from stanford

the 2005 jr olympics national championships are set to start here in the alamodome this tuesday. i may actually get to score a few matches.

i don’t think i’ll do the whole day, all 5 days bit. they would actually pay me a small amount of money, but i want to be able to film, photograph, and enjoy the competition.

one student from md, and my old instructor are coming into town. look for some tkd posts!

Drunk Driving

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i had a funny memory today. on fathers day. kind of inspired by medium john.

way back, in one of the three times i have lived in lawton, oklahoma, i saw an accident.

we lived somewhere in a school district with an owl as a mascot (dowell owls maybe?). i just remember that damn owl being painted everywhere. and we lived on a long street with a bend in it. we lived right on the bend. our driveway kind of preceeded the bend.

June 19, 2005


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back in rota, our motto was:

‘sucks to be you!’

i think these guys have figured that out. big question is, which country? are they austrian or nords?

right click and save please.

the kosovo video


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Some random pic of Aruba

Natalee Holloway.

let’s forget the fact that people go missing daily in the u.s.. and let’s forget the fact that the only the thing that makes her different is that she’s a hot chick. well, let’s not forget it, let’s just put it to the side for the moment. there are a lot of arguments about why she gets the spotlight, not just the media spotlight, but the laser like determination of the nearly the entire u.s. executive branch. fbi and state department too.

i want to say something about the notion that we should have the fbi in there at all.


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So this guy at work, who i won’t name, but his initials are carl jackson, was shocked to find out that i wasn’t a big country/western fan.

seems the nameless one is from jersey and was of the belief that all texans loved country.

i told him i’m from dallas, and like rock.

June 16, 2005

Toilet Paper

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this is another story about toilet paper.

in a way.

June 11, 2005

What People Will DO

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this has to be bogus.

this is funny too

Go Spurs Gone!

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Alanis Morrisette at Spurs game 1 2005

ok ok! i made it back.

here’s a little synopsis

June 9, 2005

Go Spurs Go

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i’m off to the alamodome to watch the spurs play!

if you watch the game tonight, i’ll be the really rowdy drunk guy.

more later.

June 7, 2005

Narrow Minds

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Snap Allen

isn’t it amazing how some people can delude themselvs into actually believing the propaganda they spew?

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