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April 21, 2005

Altering Religion

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Teutonic Knight

Pope Benedict.

a new pope.

i remember the last two. both john paul i, and john paul ii.

i don’t really remember who john paul i replaced though.

but i’ve noticed something interesting about the rhetoric from the left. i was reading madame butterfly, as i frequently do and some comments about progress made being lost really piqued my interest.

who are we to change religion.

think about it. the ‘theologically liberal’ (TL) are actually hoping for a reign out of new pope benedict that would be termed ‘unexpected’ or for it to be a short papacy.

Teutonic Knight

think about that. they are actually hoping the new pope dies? and why?

because they are hoping that a pope sometime in the future will alter doctrine to include or change things previously verboten.

women in the priesthood. homosexuality. relations with islam. and more. they feel doctrine that has stood the test of time, and resulted from lifetimes of wisdom, and actual divine intervention, just isn’t good enough for todays society.


women in the priesthood. the old joke is that the only rank a woman can have in catholicism is nun. how many have you ever met a nun? did their habit command any respect from you? the TL want to change the teachings, and admit women into the clergy as a means of women’s rights. about equaling the playing field. andf the feminist movement just doesn’t hold a candle to the teachings of the apostles. who is it? which person thinks they are so spiritually superior to the apostles that they want to superceded their teachings? i’ll laugh at him.

Teutonic Knight

relations with islam. i hear so much about how john paul ii kissed the qoran. how he met with muslims and even prayed in a mosque. do you hear anything about relations with budhism? taoism? hinduism? why not?

because we aren’t fighting with them. that’s why. go ahead, try to blame christianity. truth be told. the budhists in thailand are fighting islam too. hindus in india are fighting islam. everywhere you go, religion is fighting islam.

common denominator people. islam is not a religion of peace. their goal is domination pure and simple. our relations with the muslim world should be the same it was in the 1400’s, since that is how islam conducts itself.

homosexuality. i see this issue raised as 2 separate issues sometimes. straight out sexual relations, and homosexuals in church.

the latter is simple. everyone is a sinner. why shouldn’t sinners/homosexuals be allowed in church?

we have no right to change religion. anyone wishing a speedy death on the pope because they think he will uphold tried and true practices some of which were delivered from on high needs a reality check. or an ass kicking.

and don’t be fooled by the bullshit jedi mind trick. erasing progress? word games to fool the unsuspecting into believing the agenda of the left is benevolent.


  1. Well, I met several nuns I had a lot of respect for, at least when I was a kid. Don’t see too many of them around, these days. Nice ladies, except when I was in trouble…..

    Agree that the (mostly) American Catholic community are fostering all this liberal ‘Rome needs to change!’ BS. They’re the ones like JfK (remember him from last year) who think that stopping for mass while you’re out skiing is a good thing for a photo op. They want the Catholic Church to be more like the Methodists, or the Episcopaleans, or Rotary International.

    Ya know, it wasn’t for nothing that John Paul II’s reign made the Catholic Church grow to over 1 Billion members, mostly in the less developed countries where the conservatism of the faith was the thing that got the new members.

    The Liberals drape themselves in the “progressive” mantle as often as they have opportunity, including in matters religious.

    Anyone notice, after all the Schiavo natterings in this country about how our actions cannot be guided by religious principles or moral beliefs and so forth, that a nearly identical case has been decided by the high court of Italy? The court said that a brain dead woman must be kept alive despite her husband’s wishes because that is an action that touches on theology, which is extrajudicial, therefore the courts have no right to impose a decision. In the heart of Liberal Europe! Take that, Gus!

    Comment by yup — April 21, 2005 @ 9:25 pm

  2. any post that ends in

    take that, gus!

    is almost guaranteed to make me laugh.

    Comment by mlah — April 21, 2005 @ 9:48 pm

  3. That’s the problem; all Christianity is to liberals is photo op to appease the little people who still believe in a high deity. Whether they believe or not is not the issue, I’m sure some of them do. However, it’s all fun and games to them until the the church takes a stance on an issue and the liberal can’t agree.

    Comment by Steve Adams — April 22, 2005 @ 12:49 pm

  4. Hoping Bene’s reign is short is not the same as wishing someone ill. It’s to be thought of more as a political appointment like a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court whom you don’t agree with, rather than a personal thing about hoping someone suffers. Nobody hoping for a more relaxed Pope is going to do anything real to harm the man in the white robes and funny hat. You’re willfully twisting that.
    I’m surprised at your idea of letting gays in because they’re sinners like everyone else. That’s a really thought-provoking take on it. You finally said something that I think is original and intelligent, Mlah, good going! (Who’d you hear it from?)
    Do you really think nothing good came out of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II), as you say in MB’s comments? Or are you confused about what that was? You think all Jews should still be blamed for Jesus’s death? Was it wrong to start performing the liturgy in local languages instead of f*cking Latin?

    Incidentally, do you have a problem with contraception or divorce? Do wine and wafer literally turn into flesh and blood? Talk about a reality check!
    I personally don’t care much whether the Catholic Church changes with the times. I don’t base my life on what they say. If they want to keep shrinking in the industrialized world, that’s okey-dokey with me. Celibacy is inhuman and directly caused all the pederasty, IMHO. It doesn’t make someone superior to someone else. Can’t women have as much insight into human nature as men?
    That’s krazy thing to say “Islam is not a religion of peace”. Like Christians, it’s a tiny percentage who find rationalizations for violence in their holy books, not the mass of moderate millions. (Your neato pictures of Crusaders illustrate that point quite well. As does your helpful reminder: “Or an ass kicking.” As I understand it, that was not quite Jesus’s point.)

    Comment by f-in_cheney — April 23, 2005 @ 2:43 am

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