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February 14, 2005

King of the World

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French pedophile asshole named Didier

this is my opinion and my thoughts on a huge problem sneaking up on us

kofi’s in trouble.

seems like a crap ton of the world was against our intervention in iraq. they claimed we went in only for oil.

how many pictures have you seen of some aging hippie standing on a corner with a ‘no blood for oil’ sign? or college student.

well, it’s all coming out now. thanks to bloggers. lots of bloggers like michelle malkin have kept the pressure on the main stream media to post news about the un oil for food debacle.

france opposed our actions in iraq. why? not only did they lose some 60 billion dollars of oil contracts because we canx’d em when we booted saddam, but the french politicians, or close associates appear to have been on the take.

and kofi’s son.

the list goes on. you can bet there were a few americans on saddams payroll as well.


but that’s not what this post is about.

the un. what a joke. hundreds of asses so politically inept, they couldn’t win any local office in their own country. so they got posted to the un. or they are a party hack from a totalitarian state sent to the un to run interference for whatever kind of bullshit that country chooses to indulge in at the moment. read:iran, north korea, cuba, and venezuela.

they all just sit around and garner bribes. that’s my opinion.

oil for food.
olympic games.

gee i wonder if the un nuclear watchdogs who aren’t doing shit about iran….. or north korea, got a nice little sumthin sumthin?


now look at the sex slave trade in africa. guess who! the un.

seen the french assholes hiring little congo girls to ‘keep’ their houses? some moroccans have been arrested. a dutch guy has been implicated. supposedly a number of rapes were commited.

no worries, they were only little black girls after all!

what the FUCK!?

where is the outrage?

let me ask y’all this question. have un troopes ever been sent in anywhere, and accomplished a mission? they certainly didn’t in indonesia. and they tried to make fun of ‘W’ for sending an aircraft carrier. did more good then than the rest of the un mission will.

indonesia whined about our presence and wanted us out asap. was it really because it was the u.s.? or because they knew that the un would set up shop forever, and take liberties with the young ladies? they kind of have a problem with that over there already. maybe indonesia just wanted to make sure a big fat bucket of gasoline didn’t get thrown onto the fire!

Monica Lewinsky

i mean hell, their are un troops still in cyprus, lebanon, western sahara, serbia, bosnia, and the congo. way more places too! that’s just off the top of my head. hmmmm, let’s think a few seconds more. sinai, korea, rwanda, somalia?

when will they leave?

hey dhimmicrats, bitch about the withdrawel of un troops from anywhere! please! y’all keep citing what evil bastards we are. how does abu ghraib even BEGIN to fall into the same category as the oil for food fiasco? nekkid pics? i’m sure the pedophiles in the congo weren’t taking pics of nekkid pyramids!

and for the really hard question.

if kofi was to resign tomorrow, who would replace him?

i’ve heard rumors of this asshole wanting the job. king of the world! kaiser bill!

and a cold wind blows.

and just how could kaiser bill ever be considered for the job? he’s already established a proclivity to dally with the help. does the un have an intern program? how on earth could anyone even begin to consider slick willie for head of the un?

don’t get me wrong, i bet that bill clinton is THE MAN in a stripper bar! buit do we really need a philanderer in charge of an organization accused of institutionalized philandering?

bill clinton should start a casino / brothel in vegas. most popular vacation spot in the world. bet your ass. i’d go to.

maybe he could do us a favor and run the un into the ground once and for all.


  1. Great, so we don’t support the future political careers of anyone who’s cheated or harassed their interns/employees.

    No Newt. no Dole. No Chenoweth. No Myrick. No Hyde. No Barr. No Burr. No Livingstone. No Packwood. No O’Rielly. No Symms. No Russel. No Bunn. No Nussle. No Scarborough. No McLaughlin. Hutchinson. Giuliani. Roche. Kimmerling. Trout. Bowers. Delgaudio. Calvert. Hudson. Schrock. Giordano. Ankeney. Bauman. Hathaway. White. Matthews. Kimmerling. Buhr. Westmoreland. Burt. Bena. Schwarz. Vanderwall. Glickman. Crane. Lukens. Will. Williams. Schwarzenegger…. The list goes on.

    Comment by Sara — February 14, 2005 @ 12:15 pm

  2. there’s a difference between allegations and dna samples.

    prove it first, and then yep. without a doubt.

    Comment by mlah — February 14, 2005 @ 2:51 pm

  3. Mlah, I think Sara is using that ole political trick of painting every opponent with the smear brush. The allegation is what will be remembered, not the exoneration. Smear someone with a vicious allegation, and they are just as guilty as, say, a chief executive who actually used his position to molest a junior intern within his organization and left his DNA staining her dress.

    Comment by yup — February 26, 2005 @ 12:27 pm

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