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February 13, 2005

Austin TKD Open 2005

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andrew takes the lead

so i drove to austin yesterday for a little tournament action. i did not compete. i was originally planning on it, but the whole rib injury thing precluded my participation.

too bad too. there were actually 3 guys there in my age/belt/weight category. it could have been fun.

so let me tell you one major difference between texas and maryland so far.

it’s full contact.

no, all y’all up there in md, don’t come down here and kick my ass. i’m just calling ’em like i see ’em.

that top pick is andrew, taking the lead. if you look at the score he is down by a point, but this kick tagged his opponents head. and that’s a two point score.

andrew, myself, jonathon, yasmeen, and paolo

the second pick is a group shot. bottom row is jonathon, yasmeen, and paolo. back row is andrew and myself. joel took the pic.

the kids were light contact to the head. all of the kids were allowed light contact to the head. as far as i could tell, because they were sure all going for the head. and light contact is pretty subjective.

i saw 10 year olds go down. get up and get put back down again.

i saw one of the most awesome fights i’ve ever seen. a 6’4″ 2nd dan take on a brown belt. yeah, the brown belt was good. same fight i saw all of these kicks LAND, jumping back spin kick, jumping axe kick, jumping back side kick, several back spin kicks. a plethora of the usual staple round house kicks. beautiful crescent kicks.

3 one minute rounds, and it went to sudden death. the 2nd dan won. i didn’t bring my camera but wish i had, i could have captured some really nice pics out of that fight.

and i saw one of the best fighters i’ve ever seen.

Erin as BULL

i saw the ‘bull’.

yeah, being a smart ass, i made a few rude comments when i first saw the ‘bull’. bull is a girl around normal height. a little squatty for a tkd badass. tkd tends to favor tall lanky people. and she is not.

bull’s real name is erin. i don’t know what her last name is and i wasn’t asking. so the obviously irish bull had some of the oldest equipment i’ve ever seen. her helmet looked like it was duct taped together. her hogu (chest armor) was ratty as well. her instep pads were taped on..

she has a nice shamrock sewn onto her uniform in grren of course, and has ‘BULL” written in green across the back/bottom of her dobok (uniform) shirt.

so i was like, ‘what kind of bull?’ i wanted to send yasmeen over to investigate. she threatened my ribs.

then i saw bull’s first fight. pictured above. she was smiling and giggling as she skipped around the ring and just ripped a black belt aprt 23-0

i’ve never seen anyone score 20 points. i’ve made it to double digits once that i can remember (thank you dot arida).

her second match had some drama. i think they were from the same school. and at one point they were talking to each other. bull made some kind of offer i believe, along the lines of light contact to the head.

well, that’s just an insult to any black belt worth their salt. so bulls opponent refused.

so bull put her on the floor. actually crumpled the other girls legs she kicked her so hard with a crescent kick.

girl popped back up, and went back down.

i was amazed. she’s like my idol now.

overall, i think we did ok. only two people competed. andrew and jonathon. jonathon refused to compete in forms, and andrew took bronze, out of four. oh well.

some random hot chick

sparring, jonathon lost in his first match. he’s a red belt by the way. he just wasn’t busy enough to my eye. i’m sure joel will work with him on improvements.

andrew won his first two fights. the first match wasn’t that difficult for him. his second match he was behind early but then established himself and won the match. third match, he cored a few points, and a few points that didn’t make it up on the scoreboard. he lost, but represented himself well.

we’ve got to work on high blocks. spin kicks to the melon are not fun.

we have a tournament coming up on the 5th here in san antonio. health permitting, i’ll be competing in that one.

and yeah, i did some girl watching as well. that pic doesn’t do that girl justice.

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