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February 2, 2005

We Stand With You

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W delivers really great speeches.

i just watched the state of the union address, and i noticed a lot of things. a lot of things w intends to do in the next term.

but aside from the iraqi lady who just finally got to vote hugging the mother of a deceased marine kia in iraq, there were some subtle, or not so subtle messages delivered.

among the many domestic issues he commented on,

dhimmicrats pidgeonholing the votes on federal judges.
the fact that federal employees already have a retirement system similar to the social security changes he is proposing.
health acre costing too much.

foreign policy issues.

these were a bit ominous to me.

he noticed that hosni mubarek is about to win another single candidate election, and said it wasn’t good enough.

then he noticed that syria is still allowing terrorists to use it’s soil.

and then he mentioned that we would stand with iranians who oppose the current government there.

the writing is on the wall. he wants iranians to rebel. we’ll aid them in their struggle.

syria is another matter though. his words against bashir al asad sounded much more warlike.

i didn’t hear too much about north korea, so i think they’re getting a bye for one reason or another. at least for the time being.

now we just have to get the israelis to give up their nukes as well.

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  1. “now we just have to get the israelis to give up their nukes as well.”
    Dude, are you serious?

    Comment by f-in_cheney — February 3, 2005 @ 2:27 am

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