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February 2, 2005

Anal Retentive

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01. Toilet paper – should the paper be over or under?
02. Sock Folding – rolled in a ball, folded at the top only or laid together in pairs?
03. Toothpaste – should squeezing be done from the bottom, middle or top?
04. Commercials – flipper or don’t want to risk missing shit-er?
05. DVDs and CDs – alphabetical order, some other order or like a discount bin at the local Wal-mart?
06. Towels – folded a certain way or is folded any way acceptable?
07. Socks and Sandals – who cares or serious fashion faux paux?
08. Plastic or wire hangers?
09. What’s your sign? Do you read your horoscope?
10. Ketchup on your fries or on the side to dunk?
11. Ketchup on scrambled eggs?


1 – over, only underhanded commies do it underhanded.
2 – tubes. it doesn’t stretch the fabric
3 – squeeze from the bottom, and fold the tube up as you go.
4 – i flip at the commercials.
5 – dvd’s are neatly put away, but not in order. cd’s are removed from the case and put in a disc wallet.
6 – folded in navy boot camp style still.
7 – who cares
8 – plastic, some wood.
9 – cancer, and no, i don’t read my horoscope.
10 – on the side, but i usually don’t eat fries.
11 – never! maybe some salsa.


  1. 1 Over, mosdef.
    2 None of the above– I just toss them all into a drawer higgledy-piggledy. It may take a few seconds to find a pair, but less time than it would take on average to fold.
    3 Anywhere for the first 2/3 of the contents, then keep it tight for the remainder.
    4 3 words: TiVo, TiVo, TiVo! (wasn’t that a WWII movie?)
    5 Largely alphabetical, but if a group member goes solo, I file those discs with the original group.
    6 what, like people make origami with their towels?
    7 tacky-rama (or merely European)
    8 Jeezus Christ, the correct answer isn’t even there: WOODEN!
    9 negatory
    10 I know how I like them by now, so I trust myself to put it on directly.
    11 No thanks, but salsa is pretty good

    Comment by f-in_cheney — February 3, 2005 @ 2:26 am

  2. 1 – don’t care
    2 – don’t care
    3 – don’t care
    4 – flip only if i hate them or am watching another show
    5 – what mlah said
    6 – don’t care
    7 – serious fashion faux pas
    8 – mostly wire, some plastic, a few wood
    9 – aries, occasionally
    10 – all over AND on the side
    11 – of course. and lots of salt ‘n peppa.

    Comment by kiddo — February 3, 2005 @ 11:25 pm

  3. 1. Over the top
    2 . One tucked into the other.
    3 . Bottom up and fold. I taught MLAH well.
    4. Who cares except for super bowl.
    5. By type and then alphabetically.
    6. Just so they are reasonably square on the shelf.
    7 Who gives a rats posterior
    8 Plastic and Wood.
    9. Pisces, only occassionally Ketchup Mayo on the side
    11. Nie Mal, Salsa makes huevos rancheros taste sehr gut!!


    Comment by Dad — February 4, 2005 @ 7:49 pm

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