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February 24, 2005

Syrian Intel

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so today, the iraqi national tv channel broadcast an interview with a captured insurgent.

he admitted to being a syrian national, and to in fact be working fot eh syrian state intelligence apparatus.

kind of shoots down all the leftist claims that there are no foreign fighters in iraq, doesn’t it?

read more here

want some ties between osama and saddam? look here

and where exactly are those missing iraqi wmd’s?

and hey, if syria is shooting mortars from syria, into iraq, at our soldiers, isn’t that an act of war?

just a little taste of my daily reading.

and now, i shall go eat a delicious original scholtzky’s sandwich.

February 21, 2005

Git Mo!

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for those of you who have not heard yet, yeah, my job is sending me on a little trip for 3 months.

i’ll be back to san antonio in may.

i have a friend watching my house, so for those of you that have you eye on my fridge, go buy one! my house is not vacant.

i haven’t seen the mountain lion yet. hope i don’t either.

February 17, 2005


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i just watched san antonio’s local news. there is a mountain lion loose in a neighborhood about 5 miles south of me.

which really means he’s loose in my neighborhood too.

small pets have been disappearing.

one lady saw it in a tree, and called her husband. he didn’t believe her, so he said to take a picture, and he was on his way home to have a look. he believed the pic, went into the backyard and saw it for himself.

it’s not full grown yet.

glad i park my car in the garage.

February 14, 2005


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gus is a dumbass.

he continues to represent opinions as facts, and then try to authoritatively conclude his skewed logic is correct.

recently, i posted a little ditty about my stance on gay marriage. this post isn’t about gay marriage. gay marriage is simply the vehicle that i’m going to use to highlight the noviciate debating techniques used by (our still cowardly and anonymous) f-in cheney.

King of the World

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French pedophile asshole named Didier

this is my opinion and my thoughts on a huge problem sneaking up on us

kofi’s in trouble.

seems like a crap ton of the world was against our intervention in iraq. they claimed we went in only for oil.

how many pictures have you seen of some aging hippie standing on a corner with a ‘no blood for oil’ sign? or college student.

well, it’s all coming out now. thanks to bloggers. lots of bloggers like michelle malkin have kept the pressure on the main stream media to post news about the un oil for food debacle.

france opposed our actions in iraq. why? not only did they lose some 60 billion dollars of oil contracts because we canx’d em when we booted saddam, but the french politicians, or close associates appear to have been on the take.

and kofi’s son.

the list goes on. you can bet there were a few americans on saddams payroll as well.


February 13, 2005


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i’ve never done anything like this before, and i’m not catholic.

eating dinner with andrew from tkd last friday, he mentioned that he had given up meat for lent.

i have a few friends who are veggitarians all year round.

so i figured i would give it a try. wonder how long i’ll make it? no meat before easter!

now, evidently, the normal giving up of meat for lent comes in degrees. andrew will still eat seafood.

i’m giving it all up.

but i know some foods are cooked with a little flavoring… and i’m not going that psycho. i’ll still eat that. like french onion soup.

Austin TKD Open 2005

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andrew takes the lead

so i drove to austin yesterday for a little tournament action. i did not compete. i was originally planning on it, but the whole rib injury thing precluded my participation.

too bad too. there were actually 3 guys there in my age/belt/weight category. it could have been fun.

so let me tell you one major difference between texas and maryland so far.

it’s full contact.

no, all y’all up there in md, don’t come down here and kick my ass. i’m just calling ’em like i see ’em.

February 11, 2005

New Skin

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rachel made me a new skin y’all.

select the harem girl from over in the pull down menu.

be careful! this skin is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

hence the ‘nsfw’ caveat.


February 7, 2005

Gay Marriage

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Budhist Wedding

and let the pictures recommence. blondie is out of iraq and can hopefully read my site with impunity!

i read this post over at somewhat silent about gay marriage.

i’m going to state my opinion right out on top.

i don’t support gay marriage.

no doubt madame butterfly is going to want to kick my ass again. we had a rather lively chat over chick-fil-a one fine maryland summer day.

i might support civil unions. well, i do support civil unions, but i might support them for gays as well as heteros. i just haven’t decided yet.

a few of you already knew this. but most of you might be a little surprised at my reasons. read on if you dare.

February 5, 2005


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so i got the call last night.

a friend named mark needed help moving.

i refer you to a recent post detailing my cracked ribs. but i’m feeling a lot better. but ya know. if you ever want or need help like this, you have to render it. so i went. mark knew fully well about the status of my ribcage. and everyone there understood i was doing really more than i should. and i didn’t really do that much anyway. guard the trucks, carry light items.

but this isn’t really a post about lugging crap around.

warning: language gets a bit graphic.

February 2, 2005

Anal Retentive

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01. Toilet paper – should the paper be over or under?
02. Sock Folding – rolled in a ball, folded at the top only or laid together in pairs?
03. Toothpaste – should squeezing be done from the bottom, middle or top?
04. Commercials – flipper or don’t want to risk missing shit-er?
05. DVDs and CDs – alphabetical order, some other order or like a discount bin at the local Wal-mart?
06. Towels – folded a certain way or is folded any way acceptable?
07. Socks and Sandals – who cares or serious fashion faux paux?
08. Plastic or wire hangers?
09. What’s your sign? Do you read your horoscope?
10. Ketchup on your fries or on the side to dunk?
11. Ketchup on scrambled eggs?

We Stand With You

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W delivers really great speeches.

i just watched the state of the union address, and i noticed a lot of things. a lot of things w intends to do in the next term.

but aside from the iraqi lady who just finally got to vote hugging the mother of a deceased marine kia in iraq, there were some subtle, or not so subtle messages delivered.

February 1, 2005


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i just typed up a new post, only to have my shitty dsl connection drop it before i could post it up


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