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January 27, 2005

Aerobic Kickboxing

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shortly after i started taekwondo, i started taking aerobic kickboxing as well. i wasn’t really intent on learning anything in there, i just wanted the cardio workout.

my school at the time taught aerobic kickboxing for anne arundel community college, so there were a lot of college students in there.

i didn’t know. they were just chicks taking class. after a few cycles of students, i figured it out.

but the real thing i figured out was to stay in the front of the class.

January 25, 2005


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i’ve been down for a while. literally.

the doc didn’t see any fractures or breaks in my ribs. but she said that’s the case with about 50% of cracked rib cases. she told me that half the time, they can only see cracked ribs after the fact. ie, the can see the healing process taking place, but can’t see the fracture.

must be the case with me.

January 20, 2005

Inauguration Day

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tomorrow, dubya will place his hand on the bible and swear to do us well for four more years.

i don’t think i’m going out on a limb when i predict moonbat swarms a plenty in dc tomorrow.

hopefully, bill at in dc journal will cover the event, and do another expose` on the congregation!

January 17, 2005

Kerry Stole Wisconsin!

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yep, you read that right!

Not so many Pics?

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have y’all noticed that i haven’t been posting as many pics lately?

blondies supervisor took offense to a couple of my graphical postings, so in an effort to make my blog readable in the combat zone, i’ve been limiting my pictorials.

no big deal, she gets to come home shortly. and i’ll make up for it then. i may even put a second skin on my site.

who am i kidding, rachel will be doing that for me.

i know some of you enjoy the lovelies i adorn my site with. they shall return.


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i tried to go to work today. it is a ‘floating’ holiday for me, and i thought i might want to save the hours to go to the lake or something this summer.

i was in too much pain. then i started getting a headache, so i went home.

been reading the internet today.

did y’all know prince charles has converted to islam?

January 16, 2005

Walking that Straight Line

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this just in from a little blonde girl i know in ohio.

play this game.

it’s in german and you can’t see your mouse, which just serves to make it a little more difficult.

just move your mouse left or right to correct the drunk’s leaning meanderings. i was told the record was slightly more than 80 metres.

January 15, 2005


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i am in so much pain.

this is the most pain i have felt from almost exactly three years of martial arts classes.

January 12, 2005


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i saw this over at redsugar‘s.

women can do the neatest shit!

simply. fucking. amazing.

I Don’t Feel Tardy

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i was over at small dead animals and she linked a post by varifrank. he was unprofessional at work recently.

go give him a read

kind of puts eurotrash in the same old light

January 11, 2005


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my dsl at home is in the fritz.

the wiring in my new house has to be repaired invloving the removal of brick. subcontractors who did the initial install are being tasked as we speak.

in the interim, they aggravated the problem last night while checking the line. so i have almost no dsl connectivity at all.

i’ll see if i can get something going though. i have a lot to say and share with y’all.

January 9, 2005

Hot Topic

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Gus wears Panties!

gus wears panties.

it’s so obvious by the wad he always manages to twist them into.

did you guys hear that alqaeda has claimed the tsunami was not the result of an undersea earthquake? they claim the united states was conducting secret weapons tests off the coast of malaya and the tsunami was a result.

January 6, 2005

Junior Nationals

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that’s right.

it’s creeping up on that time again.

some news for my readers, the ustu (U.S. Taekwondo Union) has been re-named the USAT.

same organization though. new president. he used to run the volleyball part of the olympic committee.

i hope he does well for us

January 2, 2005


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Terri Watson at pub los Arcos in Rota

so i get up today and don my cleaning attire. sundays are usually my cleaning days. i get all my laundry done for the coming week and try to get my surroundings under control.

my surroundings needed a little control today, so i put on my crappy shorts, an old t-shirt and started cleaning.

then i realized i still don’t have all of the basic household cleansers.

January 1, 2005

College Football

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Curtis Fagan scores on the Longhorns

i love new years day. there is no better day for college football. all of the games with unusual matchups.

today georgia plays wisconsin, texas plays michigan, and utah plays pitt. good games. i like it when schools get out of conference.

of course this day having the biggest variety of games, it is the best day, not the most important day. tuesday is the most important. my sooners will be playing usc for the championship on tuesday. anything could happen.

back to the tv.

and happy new year to y’all!

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