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December 7, 2004

Stomping Grounds

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Emma from McDoogals

well, seems like some of my friends back in the land of Mary have been busy.

Dot has a new student. i think she has to teach little mclean more than taekwondo though.

Rose has a new familial addition as well. Tyler will no doubt be loading the gatorade machine in no time

congratulations to them both. now chien and tom get to do some of the work too?

more news


little johnnie ain’t so little no more.

in fact, he goes by medium john most of the time. his 18th festivities were interrupted by the two new arrivals. he took that in stride, but face it, your 18th is a pretty special day.

December 6, 2004


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you got to love how they just keep making technological advancements!

credit to ‘la petite claudine’.

these are called glothongs, and you can get yours here.

December 5, 2004


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had a little trouble wiht my connectivity lately.

i’m trying to implement some safeguards to stymie spammers, so my comments are kind of hosed right. i’ll get them fixed. really, i’m a total comment whore, so, it’s kind of like not getting paid right now for me.

redpin had a little hickup yesterday. i lost some mail. so, if y’all sent me anything recently, please resend.

December 4, 2004

Angels on Our Shoulders

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blondie whispers in Saddams ear, 'you were naughty, no Christmas presents for YOU!

y’all like blondie? not the singer of ‘rapture’, or ‘the tide is high’.

the girl who comments on my blog. that blondie.

well, sometimes she comments as zoomie. she changes around. it’s her prerogative.

she’s been in baghdad for a while now. and she just got her first day out on the town! yeay! liberty in BAGHDAD! she had to go with other people. no solo liberty. petite little blonde girls probably fetch a nice price in around those parts, she she had to take a ‘little buddy’ with her as well.

want to see a couple of pics?

December 3, 2004

A Guy Gift

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this just in from uptown girl!

this was a link to target, that had blowjobs on sale for 9.99$ someone at target got smart and took it down. so if you follow it now, it just goes to target.

you snooze you lose!

December 2, 2004

Gus Gus

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looks like gussie boy may have gotten his own blog.

some yahoo from mississippi is rbleeding all over a bunch of conservative girls blogs. his page is here.

truth be told, i don’t think it’s gus. although the three of them, gus, doug (the chick blog troll) and juan cole all come from the same cookie cutter mold.

1. i’ve sat on my ass all my life eating twinkies.
2. i have been in school longer than you, so i’m smarter than you. (we just graduated and moved on)
3. you should do what i say because i’m smarter than you.


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canadian girls.

i say girls because i have no idea how old one of them is. the other is in her early 20’s.

i read zen for lunch because i like the girl. she’s pretty straight forward. doesn’t hurt that she is hot either. after our election, she was a little skeptical about the future. and i’m putting it mildly. she pretty much lays it all out on the line in this post.

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