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December 29, 2004


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A corny pic of me.

so it has come to my attention that a number of you have no idea what i look like.

hell, after trying to talk blondie out of bikini pics, she tried to get me to send her pics of me in a bikini!

do you really want to see those?

i don’t think so.

but i kind of thought i’d post a couple pics of myself up here for y’all to poke fun of. but please, no photoshopping me onto brad pitt’s body please. i’m already the king!

the things i get away with on my blog!

it’s like i’m a mad scientist in my little office, concocting evil things! and noone can stop me!

there is no rest for the wicked i tell you.

i’ve been a little slack as of late, but the new year is looming large.

i haven’t even finished my dead pool yet.

9 Girls

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Torremolinos from Hotel Isabel

i am the king.

i am THE king i tell you.

December 26, 2004

Hot or Not?

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yeah, go through and grade people on 1 – 10.

blondie is in here, if y’all know what she looks like.

click here

December 23, 2004

Xristos Anesti

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Merry Christmas.

don’t know if i’ll post again before the holiday, so just in case, have a good one.

December 22, 2004


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women are so cool.

want to see a really cool pic? (except for you zoomie/blondie)

it’s so hard for me to believe this is the little girl from interview with the vampire.

simply. amazing.


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i got this from yet another rachel. bitchalicious rachel to be precise, not green and blonde rachel, or red and blonde rachel, or the disappearing rachael……

Spell your first name backwards: divad
Any meanings or stories behind your name? yes, i was almost david brett, but my parents decided to name me after my great uncle at the last moment.
How old are you? 23
What is your zodiac sign? cancer
Where do you live? san antonio, texas

December 21, 2004


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i hate scsi.

true it’s faster than ide. but it is so much easier. i have a raid 5 that lost a disk. i have to replace it, and because it is a raid, striped across three drives, i get to rebuild the whole damn thing.

don’t get me wrong, for a server that requires 15k rpm, scsi is the way. but for a workstation with a user sitting at the controls, there are far greater limitations on access response. please, give me some ide drives, and larger ram sticks with better fsb.

damn scsi.

December 17, 2004


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“the most dangerous predator for liberals is the Real World. they hide from it on college campuses.” — IMAO

December 15, 2004


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there’s a new term on the internet.

astro turfing.

simply put, it’s artificial grass. and in the context of the blogosphere (faux pas, i know) it is the act of artificially creating a hubbub.

not clear?

let me give you the context of where i found it.

some certain asshat, who’s initials are juan cole, are claiming that the ‘agent provaceteurs’ are astroturfing support for the iraqi war through manipulation of opinion in the blogosphere.

specifically, he named ‘iraq the model’ as a ‘potential’ astroturfed blog.

does he really believe a corp or think tank is running propaganda on the web through a few iraqis in baghdad.

Rant Imminent

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yeah, i’ve been doing a lot of reading, and i’m getting upset.

fair warning.

they won’t be nice.

December 13, 2004

This Just In!

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Pillow shaped like a woman's lap

i noticed this over at downtownchickchat.

the attached article says that the target market was intended as young males, but that the pillow is selling well to older men as well.

it even comes with a mini skirt.

downtownchick wonders if they’ll be making a boob pillow soon. uh, i hope so?

uh, i don’t know if i would like it or not either of these or not.

oh, who am i kidding?

December 12, 2004

Drunk Games

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Duct tape rules

somebody emailed me these pics.

watch out people. bad things happen when you get so drunk that you pass out.

and the worst thing is, it’s your frineds who are doing these things to you.

keep your head.

this top [ic looks just like Bender dorm from Tarleton, where i was a freshman, back in the day. but of course, WE would NEVER have done anything like this!

no way.

southwest airlines

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Southwest Airlines

so this private first class was trying to get some airline tickets.

i spoke to him at work about it.

i don’t want to use his name, but his last starts with CARLISLE.

he is trying to get a flight from here, san antonio, up to dallas and back.

seems it was easier to get two one way tickets than to buy a round trip. you know how southwest runs those flight specials? they’re always one way.

December 11, 2004

Weekend Duties

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been really busy lately.

the shit’s been hitting the fan at work. as in my network is down, so i’ve been working late.

i know, it’s no excuse.

been to a couple of employment agencies, looking for a couple of hired hands to work as waitress / entertainers at my upcoming superbowl party.

i have a couple of applications i like.

December 9, 2004

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Smartass

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Jeanna Beard and her Beau in hell

so when i first started taekwondo, there was this 15 year old chick who kept kicking my ass.

it was kind of irritating at first, but then i found out that she gave up figure skating to study martial arts. at age 8 or something like it.

so 7 years later, she was chasing my fat ass around the school, kicking me in the head.

and smiling.

what?! you think i’m making this up? i’m telling you, jeanna beard is evil. she pretends to be this nice quiet little asian girl. but as soon as your back is turned.

cheap shot.

usually to the head.

look at the picture to the right. she freely admits to being in hell in that pic. and she has some poor unsuspecting soul by the throat as she plots my further torment.

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