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November 21, 2004

Potty Break

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Outside the toilet

i’ve heard lots of stories about the public bathrooms in france.

they’re supposedly out on corners in public, and are reportedly filthy.

you’re driving down the street and see people coming out of them, still pulling up there pants.

i’ve seen some really nasty holes in turkey. i say holes because they normally are just that. a nasty hole. kind of makes your tour through downtown izmir painful.

i got this picture from one of the many people that send me jokes. i’ve been thinking about posting it for a while, and finally decided i would.

this little pit stop is on a corner in zurich, switzerland.would you use it?

expand the post to see the inside of it.

Inside the toilet


  1. I would so totally do it! haha
    Is it really see-through or is it like a cop mirror, you can see them, but they can’t see you?

    Comment by blondie — November 22, 2004 @ 7:34 am

  2. look at the first pic. it’s one way glass.

    Comment by mlah — November 22, 2004 @ 7:56 am

  3. whoa. that’s really weird. certainly not pee-shy friendly at all!

    Comment by girl — November 22, 2004 @ 10:54 am

  4. I’d use it – – it’s just a bathroom 🙂

    Comment by Uptown Girl — November 22, 2004 @ 2:35 pm

  5. fun place to have sex!

    Comment by f-in_cheney — November 23, 2004 @ 1:02 am

  6. Whoa, so gus has a fun side, I see! Way to go Gus!

    Comment by blondie — November 24, 2004 @ 6:18 am

  7. Well – it’s actually a $3000 prison cell combination sink/toilet in a
    I’ve tried using them on projects from time to time, but they’re just too ‘spensive…
    I wouldn’t use it at night. The light inide would make ones’ pit stop into a little more than a shadow-puppet show…

    Comment by Joe — December 4, 2004 @ 9:25 am

  8. That’s freaking cool! I’d use it.

    Comment by Lori — December 13, 2004 @ 2:57 am

  9. What sick psycho freak came up with this design? It’s peer pressure at its best (and worst).

    I have to agree with Gus. It looks like a kickass place to have sex. Certain killers probably dream of a place like this for committing their crimes.

    Comment by Geoff — December 6, 2005 @ 1:13 pm

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