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November 9, 2004

Free Iran

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I like belly dancers!

i’ve seen iran.

from the deck of the uss anzio, cg-68.

i spent nearly two months in the persian gulf. we could see iran pretty commonly. occasionally, we would see iranians.

we had a good working relationship with them. given that our countries are a little bit at odds, we, the men at the pointy ends of our countries’ spears, had to come to grips with each other. that way, accidents wouldn’t happen.

the iranian military are professionals. they DO. they don’t sit around an theorize about something, or just sit idly by. they act. and they succeed.

we respected them. and they respected us. accidents were avoided. and that’s a good thing.

Another belly dancer

i saw a blog today i hadn’t read in a while. it’s called blog iran. they are pretty pro – change in iran. i say change because i really hesitate to call them revolutionaries. the just want the mullahs out. they want to be free, they want the religious stranglehold removed from their necks.

i read a lot of middle eastern news. tons. got to stay current with the activity over there.

odds makers are hinting that iran is ripe for a revolution. all that has to happen … is something bad. some deplorable thing to go public in iran, and the people would likely revolt. i wish them all luck. thing is, no-one wants to be the incident. the mullahs wield a heavy axe.

i don’t blame the people for waiting. nobody wants to be the first to charge a machine gun nest.

blog iran on the 4th posted a story about the millions of people celebrating dubya’s victory

that’s right.


Another one

they eagerly await american assistance securing the freedoms w has promised to the region

in secret, the people of iran are flashing each other the ‘V’ for victory and look to their afghani and iraqi borders for our help

go take a read. be dangerous, and take a look into another world. a world that knows dubya is a man of his word.

there was a crusty old senior chief on the anzio who had been on port visits in iran. he could tell us where all the best bars were. he could tell us where the best ruins were to go and see.

those bars are gone. you can bet.

good luck dudes. move fast, stay covered, but get it done! the next iranian revolution will be a huge turning point in history. it may not get the attention in the west that the berlin wall did, or lec walensza (sp?), or perestroika.

but some of us know.


  1. Hey! thanks for stopping by my site!
    BTW…very nice skin!

    Comment by Ali — November 10, 2004 @ 1:30 am

  2. I like to keep an eye on Persia(Iran). Don’t know why, really. I still remember watching the evening news with good ol’ Uncle Walter back before the Shah was chased out and seeing all the demonstrations. I guess that was the root.

    Any rate, I have a few acquaintences that are Persian. One was just back there this summer and the reports that she brought back were fairly in line with those echoed on Blog-Iran. The common folk want the Islamist government out. The mullahs are very adept and brutal at suppressing the uprisings though.

    Thanks for the link, mlah. More reading for me to do!!!

    Comment by RojoXia — November 10, 2004 @ 9:13 pm

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    Comment by Kianoush — June 2, 2006 @ 6:23 pm

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