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November 29, 2004


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Tricia Helfer as number 6

i love what technology allows us to do.

in this case, it’s not just satelite tv, but the scifi channel in particular. it’s my mom’s favorite channel, and one of mine as well.

while at home this last thankgiving, my dad and i made our usual attempts to entic emy mom into watching college football with us.

it never works, although sometimes she’ll sack out on the couch and read while the game is on. this always results in immediate exclamations of ‘what happened!’ whenever someone scores.

but this last thanksgiving, my mom refused and went drifting down the hall to her bedroom with exclamations of:

November 28, 2004

10000 Hits!

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whoever you were, searching for info on the phatnoise car audio system, out there on the west coast, driving a linux box at 8:57 central time, you were my 10000th visitor!

you win, like, um, a free membership to my homepage for a month. click here to redeem your prize!

1 Hit Wonders

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I always thought this chick was hot

the new year is coming.

and with the new year comes those lists.

i was just flipping through my satelite channels and noticed that vh1 has the greatest 1 hit wonders.

Man, there were some good tunes in here. made me laugh too, there were some songs i had completely forgotten about.

November 25, 2004

Turkey Day

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A nice little pic

Happy Thanksgiving All

as i get ready for the minor trek up north to visit my folks, and by the way, this will be the first Thanksgiving with my family in 15 years. for the last decade and a half i have been in europe, at sea, or somewhere else the my life has taken me.

remember the indians. there is no Thanksgiving without them

i’ll be enjoying tacos this evening, and my sisters won’t get to steal all of the tomatoes!

it’s nice to be home.

November 23, 2004

Why Liberals Hate Christmas

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i saw this out there and just thought i’d share it with y’all. besides, it’s been a while since i spun gus up.

10. thanksgiving is mass murder for turkeys.
9. too many SUV’s traveling to grandma’s house.
8. college bowl games encourage competition.
7. millions of Christmas trees are cut down.
6. the pilgrims thought up thanksgiving, not the Indians.
5. Christmas lights waste electricity.
4. people are giving thanks to WHO?
3. winter lull in global warming hype.
2. daycare centers are closed.
1. Christmas celebrates a birth, not an abortion.

The Rapture has COME!

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sad, but true.

try to keep a straight face while reading this!

November 21, 2004

Potty Break

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Outside the toilet

i’ve heard lots of stories about the public bathrooms in france.

they’re supposedly out on corners in public, and are reportedly filthy.

you’re driving down the street and see people coming out of them, still pulling up there pants.

i’ve seen some really nasty holes in turkey. i say holes because they normally are just that. a nasty hole. kind of makes your tour through downtown izmir painful.

i got this picture from one of the many people that send me jokes. i’ve been thinking about posting it for a while, and finally decided i would.

this little pit stop is on a corner in zurich, switzerland.would you use it?

expand the post to see the inside of it.

The List of 5 Expanded

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Giuliana Depandi

ok, i just watched celebrity blackjack.

the 4 contestants were dennis rodman, marissa sumthin or other, adam carolloa, and giuliana depandi.

i have to update my list of 5

i may well have to expand it to my list of 10 here shortly.

my list of 5 currently are:

1: Rhona Mitra (uber hot in spartacus)
2: Angelina Jolie (psycho hot)
3: Kate Beckinsale (awesome in last days of disco)
4: Alyssa Milano (God made her hot just to stymie me)
5: Apnea (look at the pics for my post Tango Uniform)

November 20, 2004


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well, i passed last night. red/blacl belt now. near three years ago i started martial arts in an effort to drop a couple of pounds. i succeeded in that as well.

it’s a lazy day today. i gopt up at 9, went to a furniture store at 10 and checked some computer desks. i’ll be going back there.

i’m relaxing right now, watching oklahoma play baylor. GO SOONERS!

i plan to stack the bricks in my garage, joy … and perhaps interview a few girls for the position of waitress for my superbowl party. i’ve got to start setting that up right now.

it’s raing outside, or i’d stain my fence instead of stacking that brick. pretty rain. nice and easy.

November 15, 2004


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Some random photo

can y’all believe i have another belt test already?

friday night, 6-8 pm, i test for red/black belt.

i don’t know what to think of it. i mean, at my old school i was already eyeing black belt. well, i was a red belt and just training up for the black belt test. 1 more form, and a lot of stamina were my only real obstacles. there was some other stuff too, but the stamina, and knuckle push-ups were all that was scaring me.

November 14, 2004

Home Owners Association

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i went to my first hoa meeting this last thursday. we have them once a year.

i’m already in violation.

Tango Uniform

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so i’m sitting here this afternoon, taking a break from a rather productive sunday. i was almost done with my laundry, had finished cleaning and unpacking everything for upstairs. had been grocery shopping, cleaned my ktichen.

i was feeling pretty good. i was dreading going out and stacking my bricks. i have this huge pile of bricks in my garage. they were leftover from building my house. and i need to stack them under my stairs (in the garage).

and then it happened.

November 12, 2004

Sick Day

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My backyard before move-in

i always feel like i’m playing hookie when i stay home for a sick day. i don’t get sick that often, but when i do it can be bad.

you’re reading the blog of a person who has had scarlet fever. i got to skip chicken pox because i had measles. mumps twice. i walked around with appendicitus for 4 days. i don’t know at what point it ruptured in that time, but it did. i was in the hospital for 7 days for that. they had to make sure the gangrene was gone before they released me.

November 11, 2004

Virtual Bartender

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Tammie the Virtual Bartender

y’all want to see something funny?

i don’t think this is safe for work.

check out the ‘virtual bartender’ at this link.

issue commands in the little input box. no way do i know them all yet. commands i’ve tried and that worked:

cartwheel, beer, pour beer, stretch, sing, splits, strip, kick, pillow fight, food fight, dance, wet t-shirt, and kiss.

if you run across any good ones, let me know.

November 9, 2004

Free Iran

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I like belly dancers!

i’ve seen iran.

from the deck of the uss anzio, cg-68.

i spent nearly two months in the persian gulf. we could see iran pretty commonly. occasionally, we would see iranians.

we had a good working relationship with them. given that our countries are a little bit at odds, we, the men at the pointy ends of our countries’ spears, had to come to grips with each other. that way, accidents wouldn’t happen.

the iranian military are professionals. they DO. they don’t sit around an theorize about something, or just sit idly by. they act. and they succeed.

we respected them. and they respected us. accidents were avoided. and that’s a good thing.

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