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October 18, 2004

Draft Me!

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The Return of the Draft is a Red Herring

Rock the Vote is doing a nice public service and encouraging the young newly eligible to vote to in fact, exercise their vote.

however, they are using the typical left tactic of invoking fear to motivate people into the voting booths.

let’s take a look at the facts.

W refuses to expand the US role in iraq. carrie wants to add two more divisions to the army.

who needs more troops? carrie.

a democrat introduced a bill to legislature to reinstate the draft. carrie is a dimocrat.

w has resolutely stated that he will NOT reinstate the draft. i’ve not heard the same from jfk.

carrie, or at the very least, dimocrats in general keep talking about it.

dimocrats allege that a ‘back door’ draft already exists because reservists are being forced to serve longer than their enlistments. well, when i enlisted, it was explained to me in detail, and in PRINT, which i signed, that in case of war, my service could be extended for the duration. the same thing applies to ‘enlistees’ now. they signed a contract agreeing to their service, therefore they are not being forced.

what is that? 4 points saying that shrub is against, and carrie is considering?

and they point their spindly little morlock fingers at republicans and accuse us of fear & smear campaigns?



  1. I give W the benefit of the doubt when he says he won’t reinstate the draft. Of course Kerry wouldn’t either, he doesn’t have to say so explicitly–see Vietnam. I do wonder how he expects to fill out 2 new divisions! Good question. I think we are relying too heavily on the Reserves, whatever the fine print says. It’s not a defensive war, it’s an elective invasion.
    “Spindly little morlock fingers”?! Lay off the D&D, dude.
    Charlie Rangel (Dem., NY) brought up that bill in Jan. ’03 as a rhetorical device, basically. He had 2 things in mind: 1) “The lawmaker has said his measure could make members of Congress more reluctant to authorize military action. The Korean War veteran has accused President Bush and some fellow lawmakers of being too eager to go to war.
    2)The military is largely poor kids, and disproportionagely minorites, so it would even out the burden.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — October 19, 2004 @ 2:24 am

  2. Rangel doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about. He is fairly entertaining, though. Largely poor kids? My oh my. He really redefines “poor.” Many of the folks I served with came from the middle classes. There were even a few ‘rich folk’ who simply wanted the experience (not to mention the training). I tell you from experience that today’s NCO is well paid; a married E-5 with 8 years of service (yah, I know, get promoted dammit), makes something like $55-$60k in the DC area (despite a W2 that shows $22k). Depends on locality pay, of course. And post-service I have watched them become lawyers, FBI agents, financial advisors, technocrats like Gus, and the like. Military service today is not the same as it was in 1950, the training and benefits make one much more prepared to seize one’s slice of the American dream.

    Disproportionately minorities? Let’s talk professional sports….

    Stop loss. The “back-door draft.” I had a lot of family, friends and colleagues kept on stop loss under the previous administration, what with Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, not to mention the whole North Korea mess and our various campaigns in Iraq (Desert Fox, anyone?). Lots of muttering within the military then, as well. Old adage: a bitching soldier is a happy soldier! The guy who was most vocal about getting the hell out — tended to be the first to re-enlist. But that was one of the things we all agreed to be bound by when we signed the dotted line. (The “fine print” as Gus puts it. The “fine print” also implies that you must follow orders, like ‘charge that enemy machine gun.’ which could endanger your life. The military exists to kill our nation’s enemies. Period. It’s not a cushy sysadmin job like Gus might take, where the “fine print” says your supervisor can withhold your daily 10am coffee break if the network’s crashed….)

    JfK on Friday began touting the whole ‘W’s gonna draft your kids’ line. Scare tactics, pure and simple. But even Gus admits that JfK’s the one saying he’s going to expand the Army by 40,000 troops. Where do those troops come from, when the military can barely meet its recruiting goals to maintain the current force size?

    Granted, the Reserves and Guard are being called up. But many of them have been put on Stateside garrison duty, freeing up the active forces to deploy to Iraq. Many others have gone to combat, but are happy to be doing the job they’ve been given. Gus and his ilk only focus on those who complain the loudest. As has been the case since the 20th Century, the Reserve and Guard forces are showing themselves to be less trained, less equipped, and less ready to handle the combat situation compared to the active forces (as a recent survey of military members has shown). But that’s normal and to be expected. Redeployment of active duty troops away from the Cold War force structure (with divisions in Germany and Korea) is one way to alleviate the problem of using the Reserves. But a lot of (dare I say Democrat) members of Congress squeal that we’re turning our backs on our allies (code word for Germany) to punish them for not supporting us in Iraq if we do that.

    Not a defensive war? Gus, head on down to Manhattan and take a look at that gaping hole in the mass of skyscrapers that we once called “Ground Zero.”

    Oh wait, Gus’s world view holds that we only try to duck and weave, never to disable our opponent. Never take the fight to them, only respond to their attacks (by giving them what they want to make them happy, no doubt). Very zen, dude. You and Chamberlain. “Peace in Our Time!” Hope you can still think that way when a Beslan happens in Ohio, or California, or New York.

    Comment by yup — October 19, 2004 @ 5:45 am

  3. agreed, professional sports need to be integrated. they should be more representative of our society sas a whole.

    minorites in the military. hmmmmm. first off, the actual ethnic makeup has nothing to do with a draft.

    second, they’re volunteers. gus, are you saying that only so many minorities should be allowed to volunteer?

    like yup, who i met in the military, most of the people i met and saw while in the military were white. seems to hold true when i watch the news. next time you see some big gathering of troops being lectured to by an official, take a good look at their faces.

    you can also take a look at the faces of the casualties.

    integrate pro sports!

    Comment by mlah — October 19, 2004 @ 7:54 am

  4. Never mind that six Democrats drafted the bill for the draft, and the bill was defeated 402-2. Why aren’t the Republicans putting that information out? Instead of laying quietly and letting the Dems scare the shit out of the young, dumb and gullable, put out the facts and kill the scare tactics.

    God I can’t stand the Dems.


    Comment by Madame Butterfly — October 19, 2004 @ 10:47 am


    According to this article that researched Rangel’s claims, African-Americans make up about 13% of young adults, but 21% of the enlisted force. It says they are mostly in the Army, and least in the Air Force. Maybe Navy is also on the low side?

    “White enlistees tend to come from households somewhat lower in income than the general white population: $33,500 per year versus $44,400 for the average white, according to 1999 Defense Department statistics. Strikingly, black enlistees come from households above the black national average: $32,000 vs. $27,900.” Maybe not so strikingly– that’s still poorer than the whites…

    Comment by f-in_cheney — October 19, 2004 @ 8:29 pm

    “The head of Iran’s security council said Tuesday that the re-election of President Bush (news – web sites) was in Tehran’s best interests, despite the administration’s axis of evil label, accusations that Iran harbors al-Qaida terrorists and threats of sanctions over the country’s nuclear ambitions.”

    “Mofidi added that ‘Democrats usually insist on human rights and they will have more excuses to pressure Iran.'”
    You all are such faggots and whores.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — October 20, 2004 @ 2:43 am

    Nearly 1.7 million military veterans have no health insurance or access to government hospitals and clinics for veterans, according to a report Tuesday from a doctors’ group that favors federally financed health care.

    The number of uninsured veterans jumped by 235,000 since 2000, meaning they are losing health insurance at a faster rate than the general population, said Physicians for a National Health Program, which advocates a universal national health insurance program. About 45 million Americans have no health insurance, including 5 million who lost coverage during the past four years, according to the Census Bureau.
    F*ck all of you sh*t-eating maggots!

    Comment by f-in_cheney — October 20, 2004 @ 2:49 am

  8. Gus is a prime example of what I have noticed with the extremist liberals. If they can’t convince you with their poor command of the facts, then they yell and scream at you, label (or is it libel) you, and try intimidation tactics. Were Gus able to reach us physically, no doubt he would be in our faces yelling himself purple (like Tinky Winky) and invading personal space. Maybe even laying on hands — that’s assault — which he would of course blame us for forcing him to do.

    Yasser Arafat, Kim Chong-il, Saddam Hussein, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the list goes on for those openly declaring their support for JfK. Despots all, murderers all.

    Gus, do you understand what an average is? It’s not what the government owes everyone in society, despite your socialist wishes. That means some are higher, some are lower. A $33k annual salary is what an E-4 makes (take home pay, not the W2 story). Go figure. You complain that people who don’t have the social advantages you did, despite your bum father, go make a life for themselves defending your freedoms in the military. Sad. Punk.

    The doctor’s group you cite are advocating GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED HEALTH CARE. They have a dog in the race. They WANT the government to pay them, because they are afraid of being in competetive business practise on the economy. What are they afraid of? Competition from other doctors? Or perhaps the astronomically high risk of malpractice litigation (for which you can thank the likes of John Edwards)?

    The Veteran’s Administration is there to take care of veteran’s health needs. The VA sends me an annual review of my means for health care, to see whether I need to be enrolled in their programs, despite the fact that every year I tell them I don’t need it from them. Those veterans who don’t take advantage of the VA practically insisting that we turn to them if we need them are either grossly misinformed, or ignorant of their options.

    Societally, I have to wonder whether people like Gus figure that they should be free to spend their money profligately, on DVD players, computer equipment, eating out every night, buying a new car every year, getting the latest fashions from Milan, boozin’ it (or in Gus’ case druggin’ it) up living the high life. Instead of worrying about the little things like ensuring they and their families have adequate health care, planning for retirement, saving for the future. They just seem to figure that the government will miraculously provide. After all, look at all the super rich folk in this country; they can carry the burdon for the rest of us!

    Gus, you’re a punk. You’re a morally bankrupt individual, a social parasite, who isn’t fit to be a pimple on the ass of a soldier. Now you have a nice day, hear?

    Comment by yup — October 20, 2004 @ 7:48 am

  9. NEWS FLASH – purge in Iran. the security services in the islamic republic of iran were vetted early this morning. the ruling mullahs dispatched troops to the domiciles of various security service officials.

    this afternoon, a fatwa was issued in qom, declaring unilateral muslim support for jfk in the US election. it was further mentioned that whining unwashed liberals in power in the US was preferable to one conservative with the balls to say ‘do it’!

    Comment by mlah — October 20, 2004 @ 9:14 am

  10. faggots and whores? typecasdting us a bit aren’t you gus?

    do you typecast everybody? or just specific groups?

    you know where i’m going with this don’t you?

    getting a little frustrated now that shrub is pulling ahead in the polls again? maybe carrie shouldn’t have labeled anyone either.

    Comment by mlah — October 20, 2004 @ 9:27 am

  11. I am proud to say that since I can’t really vote in this election, I took part in a non-official vote for minors through Channel One (a “hip” news network run by younger, more annoying news anchors that my school makes me watch). I voted for shrub. Yay.

    Comment by medium john — October 20, 2004 @ 6:55 pm

  12. No access to health care for Vets? Growing up in the Rocky Mountain West, the nearest hospital was 100 miles away and there was no EMT closer than 50 miles away. That was just any hospital. Now if you want to talk about Government hospitals or clinics that dealt with Vets, add another 200 miles onto that. My uncle and my father, both Vets, never saw the inside of a government hosptial after leaving the service. And they were just fine, you learn that there maladies in life that you can deal with.

    You quote exclusivley from organizations that need government-run health care to satisfy their reason for existing. Objective analysis, common sense, and even a modicum intelligence tells you that their “studies” and their “stats” are more than a little bit tainted.

    But just fyi, the biggest cuts to the benefits of military retirees and verterans came between 1993 and 1996. Who was running the country then? One guess. That’s right, the father of the modern liberal movement, WJ Clinton.

    Be objective. Be self-sufficient. In the words of the great Dick Vermiel, “It’s time to take your diapers off, and be a man.” Be repsonsible and take account for your own life and let others do the same. Wean yourself from the hind-teat of big government and return to America its greatest asset. Independant and individualistic men and women that want to pursue the “American Dream” while not being told how to attain and live that dream.

    I feel sorry for you f-in. You are lost and grapsing to find reality. I don’t blame you for the mind set that you have adopted. The lure of liberals and progressives is strong, and many people have fallen for the lies. Just be repsonsible and take account for your own life and let others do the same.

    Comment by RojoXia — October 20, 2004 @ 7:06 pm

  13. Where you folks come up with your outlandish fantasies of my spending habits and personal responsibility (even my father?!) is beyond me. Not just dead wrong but also totally irrelevant.
    Your made-up slanders towards the non-profit Physicians for a National Health Program are equally bizarre. “They must be weasels doing it for their own interests!” What the hell facts are you basing that on? Absolute fantasy and suppositon.
    You want objectivity, Rojoslut? If you know of figures that contradict these, please tell the rest of the class.
    “*The number of uninsured veterans has increased by 235,159 since 2000, when 9.9% of non-elderly veterans were uninsured, a figure which rose to 11.9% in 2003.

    *More than one in three veterans under age 25 lacked health coverage, as did one in seven veterans age 25 to 44 and one in ten veterans age 45 to 65.

    *Many uninsured veterans had major health problems. Less than one-quarter indicated that they were in excellent health; 15.6% had a disabling chronic illness.

    *Uninsured veterans had as much trouble getting medical care as other uninsured persons. 26.1% of uninsured veterans reported that they had failed to get needed care due to costs; 29.0% had delayed care due to costs; 42.1% had not seen a doctor within the past year; and two-thirds failed to receive preventive care”

    So, they should just SUCK IT UP and be real men, eh? Whiny damn vets. I cuss because you morons present such an impenetrable front, you can’t admit ever being wrong, and you can’t feel anything and you’re proud of that. Such a scam. And I see these articles and I just want you to admit you feel something; yes, it is frustrating for me. Mlah, I’m wasn’t typecasting you, I was insulting you. Get it straight.
    The sad part about minorities and the poor flocking to the military, Yup, is that they’re the only concerns hiring lately besides Burger King!
    Stick your bullshit pity right up your o-rings, RX. Big government is back with a vengeance thanks to W, can’t you pinheads see that? Iraq is not and never has been part of the war on terrorism, Yup, get a freakin clue with your retarded Ground Zero shit.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — October 21, 2004 @ 3:36 am

  14. figures to dispute the those doctors? sure, let me get out my memo typeset…. anyone can make up numbers, moron. oh wait, i forgot, i’m speaking to a liberal. mastery of numbers IS pretty impressive, isn’t it?

    we can all do that gus.

    attacking me personally? looked like you made a pretty general statement to me! “You all are such faggots and whores.”

    doesn’t look like it is directed at me personally.

    feeling? try getting out more gus. you’ll realize that people are different. and diversity is WONDERFUL! just because we don’t feel the same way about the same things doesn’t mean we don’t feel.

    you have all of my sympathy gus. poor misled little sheep. now go back and follow your shepherd!

    minorities in the military? where did you get your stats? catch a clue. people DO skew their stats. and you have many eyewitness accounts RIGHT HERE to help you see the truth!

    don’t believe me? zoomie/blondie is in iraq RIGHT NOW. ask her the ethnic makeup of the servicemen she sees.

    maybe your right. maybe not. i’ll trust her eyes.

    and your little veteran whine disproved your pwn point. read it again gus. you claim vets are not health insured for a number of reasons, then cite only cost…… which is the SAME reason everybody else cites for lack of healthcare. at least for those who don’t have it.

    gussy. face it. the world is not a perfect place. i know that’s a newsflash to you. guess what? it NEVER will be.

    you want a really ugly fact? the people in countries with socialized medicine have crappy health crae. need an operation? we’ll put you on the waiting list.

    you really want us to agree to put ourselves on a waiting list, and PAY for everyone elses healthcare too? all for an emaotion?

    reason wins out my friend.

    i’m not superman. i have healthcare. i did it. i got it.

    so can they.

    fuck the poor

    Comment by mlah — October 21, 2004 @ 10:05 am

  15. When a liberal shows pity, emotion, or caring, it is a badge of honor. How f-in noble of f-in!!! Now, if we have some one with a different political, social, or religious mindset that expresses the same pity, emotion, or caring, it is called “bullshit pity.” How does that compute? I guess only the liberals are true humans. Are those of us with other points of view are sub-human? Are you trying to take back my civil rights? Am I only good enough to be 3/5 of a man?

    Objectivity? Quoting numbers from an organization that is striving to impose a national health plan regarding the number of uninsured that need a national health plan as the word of God is not objective. That is called believing the spin. Have you ever taken a basic statistics class? The first rule that you learn is the Mark Twain rule, “There are lies, there are damn lies, and then there are statistics.”

    Are there people that need healthcare? Yes, that is not in dispute. The argument comes when you want to decide who is responsible to bear the burden of healthcare. I have enough money going out of my check to cover government spending as it is.

    Has Bush increased the size and scope of government? Yes. So has every other wartime president in the history of this nation. Do I take issue with the increase? Yes. But where has the money gone? Some to the war effort, some to the corrupt Dept of Education, some to foreign aid programs (the cherry of the left). What can we do aobut it? We have to weigh the options presented to us at every election. Find out where the money is going to go by learning the hsitory of the candidates. You have to research this for yourself. Don’t listen to the damn ads because we all know politicians lie.

    This all takes me back to the original point: Be repsonsible and take account for your own life and let others do the same. Wean yourself from the hind-teat of big government and return to America its greatest asset. Independant and individualistic men and women that want to pursue the “American Dream” while not being told how to attain and live that dream.

    Attacking people because they say/write something that stings you is a natural reaction. Am I a slut? Once or twice, but that was many years ago. All I asked you to do was open your eyes and see that you can be an individual and live life as you see fit, not how the Left sees fit.

    Some of us have had to scrap to get where we are, others haven’t. By your tone, I have to assume you are the latter, f-in. Pity, not the bullshit variety that you want to imagine, true pity.

    Comment by RojoXia — October 21, 2004 @ 11:45 am

  16. Gus, outlandish fantasies about your father? I see you require a trip back through the Mlah atrchives to see what you have posted here in the past. But I suppose that was just a convenient lie to give pathos to your argument. Typical liberal weenie. Say anything, lie even, to try to convince people of your cause.

    Of course, given the penchant of someone who shall remain nameless (but whose name sounds like GUS) who writes to newspapers pretending to be some redneck right wing extremist type, just to see whether the letter gets published, and draws a bunch of dumb-shit responses, I would not be suprised at all to see that un-named someone lying about a deadbeat father to try to convince readers that expanded welfare is good for our country.

    Gus, you are such a hypocrite it’s funny. You deride the Swift Boat veterans for airing anti-Kerry ads as simply another attack against your darling candidate, ignore what they have to say because “obviously” they are biased, yet you point to an admittedly biased “non profit” organization made up of people who stand to gain (financially) from getting “reforms” of our health care system enacted as proof that those “reforms” are needed. Time to graduate from the 5th grade debate club and start using those critical thinking skills you as an almost 40 year-old should have developed by now.

    Clue Gus, since you are ignorant of the facts: health care coverage is provided to veterans by the VA for those not having coverage/insurance through other means. I made reference to that earlier, but you apparently are too dim-witted to get the message. Those veterans covered by the VA — essentially provided insurance through the VA — are the self-same veterans you point to who “have no health insurance.”

    You — who as I have repeatedly pointed out have never even worn a Cub Scout uniform — decry racial inequality in the military. Middle-class people make up the bulk of that military. We can’t all be rich like certain technocrats from San Francisco who currently reside in Upstate New York (that’s you, Gus).

    You ignore the accounts of veterans stated here for the world to read — me (Yup), Mlah, RojoXia. You say we are wrong. We’ve been there, pal. We have a better clue than you do.

    20% of the Army is black. And only 13% of our society is black. Oh dear, we have a racial inequality here. Such a bad thing. Shut the F*ck UP, you silly nincompoop. We who have served and continue to serve have done so proudly. We knew what we were getting into when we signed up. The rewards (education, GI Bill, VA loans, etc) outweigh the risks. Thank heavens for people who volunteer for our military, regardless of their skin color, gender, or religious preference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have a better chance of dying while driving your fossil fuel burning car home from a rave while stoned out of your mind than any of us do of getting killed by an enemy. Eat them statistical apples, Gus!

    Comment by yup — October 21, 2004 @ 2:24 pm

  17. f-in cheney, if you had ever actually been in the US military service you would be more knowlegeable about the makeup of minorities versus white people. The military is mixed with all different races. Who cares if they are spread evenly throughout the services. Are you so blind to the fact that people (even minorities) are free to chose the service that they want to work in, provided they meet military standards for that service. The military is not made up of mostly poor kids either. There are plenty of people who signed up so they could have a secure job, or they didn’t want to go to college, or they just wanted to see the world. There are so many reasons why people join, and I think you are just so narrow-minded to think people who join the military are poor. If you’re looking at stats, maybe you’re looking at military pay. Yes, in the military we’re poor compared to other civilian jobs–we don’t do this job for the money. If you were a true patriot, you might understand what that means.

    You probably think that Kerry would end this war if he was President. And that all his ideas would come to fruition. If he’s been Senator all this time and hasn’t accomplished those goals, what makes you think he’ll get anything done as President.
    Congress would have to approve any bills he’d send up. And he wouldn’t follow through with his ideas anyway.

    People don’t give Bush enough credit. Bush says he’s going to do something and he does it. Kerry changes his mind when the wind blows. Kerry’s a yes-man. He’s willing to say anything to people to get their votes. He’s a liar. I’m in Iraq right now because the President of the United States told me I have to be here, and I would do it again. Being at war isn’t easy, but standing up for something you know is right is just the right thing to do.

    As far as the War in Iraq goes, I have first hand knowledge of what goes on in this war, and you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. The war actually started long before 9/11, it just never ended. Saddam and his regime think that Americans are evil and he was ready to go all out to put us down, no matter what it took. The war will not end until the Iraqi people have their government in their own hands and can stand on their own. George W is trying to put democracy into the Iraqi’s hands. We have soldiers training Iraqi policeman, and even Iraqi women going to bootcamp. We are rebuilding their government so that they don’t suffer another dictator at the fall of Saddam.
    Is any of this sinking in –f’in cheney???

    Comment by blondie — October 22, 2004 @ 1:44 am

  18. Mlah: So you don’t believe the numbers. Here is the full report:
    Their methodology is clearly stated. The researchers are Steffie Woolhandler M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine; David U. Himmelstein M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine; Ronald Distajo M.D., Research Fellow; Karen E. Lasser M.D. MPH, Instructor in Medicine; Danny McCormick M.D., Instructor in Medicine; Dr. Sid Wolfe, Public Citizen Health Research Group, David H. Bor M.D., Chief of Medicine, Cambridge Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine. Obviously a bunch of clowns. But, hey, if Fox News has better numbers, I’m open to them!
    Minorities in the military stats? How about the DOD?
    “Blacks today account for 21 percent of the enlisted force.” Why are you suck a knee-jerk jerk? “and you have many eyewitness accounts RIGHT HERE to help you see the truth!” Gee, thanks for the “truth!” big guy.
    So cost is a fine reason to have millions of uninsured citizens? Fuck poor vets? You’re a bastard and you’re proud of it. It won’t lower the quality of anybody’s health care if they are willing to spend more on it, we just ought to cover everybody mininally because it’s the humane thing to do, dipshit.

    RojoXia: I don’t want your crap pity because I am not “lost and grapsing to find reality,” I have not been “lured” by anyone’s “lies”. You’re just a condescending a-hole. Get off the human rights soapbox, we need the wood. With centralization of health care, huge cost savings will be ours. As a country and as individuals, we will get more bang for our buck. I happen to be extremely indepdendent, the gov’t doesn’t give me shit, and my opinions have been arrived at under the power of my own brain, and I’ve been working forever (paper route & caddy before real paycheck jobs), my parents couldn’t give me material things, so shut your fuckin cakehole about those fantasitical assumptions of yours. But not everyone will end up with the American Dream, there will ALWAYS be an underclass, any way you cut it, right? Why do people have to fall thru the cracks? I had a full-time job in a small business and hurt myself, had to go to the ER, paid out the ass for it, it crippled me financially, luckily it wasn’t too serious or ongoing!

    Yup: Your “bum father” remark confused me because I don’t tend to be so judgemental about him. When my folks divorced, mom got the house and custody, and that’s it. His child support checks usually didn’t come because he claimed he wasn’t making enough money, which I can only assume was true, so I only hold it against him slightly. He’s basically a decent man. I have no reason to lie to you to make my points; besides, I’m a horrible liar and have a thing about my honor.
    To assume that those MD’s above will profit from a national healthcare, or can’t compete, is plainly stupid if you look at their qualifications. More knee-jerk negativism. The Swift Boat Losers weren’t in the boat, while those in the boat support Kerry.
    NO, you’re wrong about who constitutes uninsured vets:
    Private coverage 70.6% Medicaid coverage 2.3% Medicare coverage 37.1% Champus/Tricare/ChampusVA 7.2% Military /veterans’ medical care only 6.3% Uninsured and no military/VHA Care 7.4% (Source: Analysis of National Health Interview Survey, 2002. Public Use Data Release, December, 2003), so piss off.
    I *was* a Cub Scout, and a Webelo (sp?), dammit.
    And I sure as hell aren’t rich. Accoriding to that DOD link above, white recruits come from families with an average income of $33k, and black recruits $32k. US Census Bureau says 1999 (same year as the DOD stats) median household income was almost $42k. Is that middle-class? Maybe lower middle-class. No, man, I’m not complaining that people are serving, just that there’re few other choices for them, and if there were a draft, more rich folks’ kids would serve, which was Rangel’s point. This is not looking at military pay, Blondie. By the way, you are a mindless snatch in your criticisms of Kerry. And when the Iraqi people have democracy in their hands, truly, they will be an Islamic republic like Iran, is that what you’re fighting for? That is, if civil war doesn’t tear it apart.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — October 22, 2004 @ 6:25 am

  19. Gus says: “With centralization of health care, huge cost savings will be ours.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I will be one of the administrators of your health, Gussy boy. I see a true growth industry for public servants if JfK is elected and has his way. You will come begging to me for the simplest of medical procedures. And I might even be nice and put you on one of the shorter waiting lists, say, only a year.

    Numbskull, have you ever talked to one of your exalted Europeans to find out the specifics of their vaunted health care system? Waiting lists and rationing are the reality, Gussy boy. The hospitals suck, drab, dingy places without a soul for hope. Unless you’re a member of the wealthy elilte, of course.

    Now you are lying about lying about your father. Typical radical leftist tactic. Obfuscate, obfuscate, obfuscate. Lie about everything so nobody can pin you down on an issue.

    So Mlah’s lack of “MD” or “PhD” after his name makes his words meaningless in your eyes? Or the Colonel, whom you told so eloquently to “F*ck off”? We’re all meaningless creatures in your eyes because our world view does not run in goose step formation with yours? And is not supported by a bunch of doctorates who do blather so nicely?

    What a Fascist pig you are, Gus. I shudder to think what will happen if your ilk ever truly take over this country.

    Comment by yup — October 23, 2004 @ 11:01 am

  20. “Now you are lying about lying about your father. Typical radical leftist tactic. Obfuscate, obfuscate, obfuscate. Lie about everything so nobody can pin you down on an issue.”
    What did I say about my father before? I’m not terribly fond of the man, but I don’t hate his guts, either. What’s your problem? What the hell does it matter? It’s a total parenthetical aside of a point. Funny how you haven’t been able to thwart the power of any of my statistics or other documentation which were actually germane.
    You’re not “meaningless creatures” to me, Yup. You’re just defensive, ignorant, craven, lying, sniggering, selfish, reckless, dangerous, backward, drooling, twitching fucktards, that’s all.
    Sox win, yeah! WaPo endorses Keryy, yeah!

    Comment by f-in_cheney — October 24, 2004 @ 12:10 pm

  21. Man, even your sports have to drip with your Socialist spin, Gus. Sox win the pennant. Hooray. Now the Curse of the Bambino can be forgotten. If only the Cubs can overcome the Goat Curse….. Shame on you for trying to politicize professional sports! Just enjoy the competition and root for your favorite team, you fair-weather fan. You sound soooo like Hillary. (I’m a Yankees fan, really I am! Never mind that until I started this campaign I was a lifelong Cubs fan. That’s not germane here. I really love the Yankees.)

    Washinton Post (Democrat) is about as neutral a news organization as the “neutral” 527 that is No surprises on their endorsement of a fellow traveller.

    Loser boy. We have told you again and again how statistics can be made to say whatever you want them to say. I recommend you go back to college and take Intro to Statistics for your own personal edification. Of course, I am presuming that you went to college in the first place — how else to explain your rapt thrall to the socialist educators like Juan Cole?

    And your documentation? Powerful? Were I to point you to the Arabic publications of “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” would you think they were truth? Would you think that put the issue to bed? Would you then run out and try to kill every Jew you could get your hands on? Are you that dimwitted? Use your critical thinking skills, man! Try not to be such a craven dog to the socialist thinkers you so desperately wish to please.

    You were the one to make your father an issue on Mlah’s pages, in defense of your proposal that social programs be expanded. Now you wonder why anyone else would dare bring up your father? Man, typical liberal. You follow JfK’s footsteps very well. Convenient memory and all that.

    Comment by yup — October 24, 2004 @ 1:56 pm

  22. No shite, Sherlock, I am aware that stats can be made for any argument. But some sources ARE better than others. And if you can’t disprove it yourself or point to someone convincing who can, then you’re just pissing in the wind, m’boy. MORE VETS ARE WITHOUT HEALTHCARE, AND NONE OF YOU VETS SEEM TO BE ABLE TO ADMIT THAT OUT LOUD. I can only conclude that you are on the evil side or the stupid side, take your pick– shit or get off the denial pot!

    Comment by f-in_cheney — October 26, 2004 @ 2:18 am

  23. GUS, YOU ARE A FLAWED MONKEY. You say that your statements must be disproved. Except you won’t accept as valid any arguments that are contrary to your own. It’s quite obvious to all who read your rantings that you haven’t the brains to think for yourself and must rely on the talking points sent to you by someone else.

    As for the Red Sox, here’s something that is sure to please you:

    Now go play with your banana, monkey-boy.

    Comment by yup — October 26, 2004 @ 7:09 am

  24. Gus – You know that you have the right to think what you want and voice that opinion. Your American Military service men and women provide that freedom for you and defend it to the death. I’m more than happy to serve my country. I don’t agree with you on the draft issue. You want rich kids to serve in the military against their will. How is that freedom? First of all, it’s not necessary. We have reserves and guard personnel who are enlisted and activated during wartime. They are forcing people out of the Air Force and probably the other forces too because we have too many personnel on active duty. So, why is it that you think we need to have rich kids or anyone else drafted? Just because someone thought it was a good idea many years ago doesn’t mean it’s a good idea now.

    We are helping IRAQ build their own government, and we helping them set it up for democracy. It will eventually become their own government, and they will have to take responsibility for it and not blame Americans if they screw it up. We can only hope that they respect their own people and maintain their own government and continue to grow as a free country. We can’t guarantee that everything will be perfect.

    Ponder this: How old is the United States? and when the pilgrims sailed away on the Mayflower to break free from Great Britain, do you think they were wondering “what if we fail”?
    No!!! Freedom from oppression is what they sought. It took hundreds of years to create the society that we have now, but it was important enough to work at it and fight for it.

    If you want to be a tree-huggin hippie, that is your right, but there are more people in America who support this war than don’t. You, Gus, happen to be a minority right now. You criticize or question what I’m fighting for. I’m fighting for freedom. What do you fight for Gus? You think that going to a protest in New York makes you important?

    Comment by blondie — October 26, 2004 @ 10:05 pm

  25. And Gus, on your first post about using the Reservists too much…well guess what…they signed up of their own free will. If you draft people, they are not volunteers. Reservists volunteer to be called up during times of war, and it’s not their decision to choose what wars they want to be a part of. We don’t need to draft anyone when we have too many personnel in the service as it is now.
    You may think it’s noble to draft rich kids and spread around the responsibility, but that’s more like slavery than democracy.

    Comment by blondie — October 26, 2004 @ 10:09 pm

  26. Blondie, you’re missing the points.
    I’m personally glad there’s not a draft. Rep. Rangel (D-NY) made a rhetorical point by suggesting we reinstate the draft– so that all the pro-invasion politicians would think twice about sending young Americans into harm’s way. As if it could affect their own sons and daughters, and those of their rich and powerful friends, see? As it is now, a greater proportion of less rich and less white people serve as Cannon Fodder, expendable lives.
    As for Reservists, yes, obviously I know they signed their lives away with the paperwork. I’m just wondering whether it is WISE to overextend ourselves militarily in such a way that poorly trained and conditioned folks should be part of our stategy in an essentially ELECTIVE war (one that is not necessary for our defense, which Iraq inarguably is), see?
    DoD is surely not forcing soldiers and marines out because of some glut of personnel, they are in fact keeping them in, don’t you know that?
    I’m fighting for freedom, too, baby. I hope Iraq gets on its feet. I’m glad Saddam’s gone. But I don’t believe that we’re in there for anyone’s benefit but Israel’s and US corporations’. Bush’s rationales for going in haven’t added up. Do some independent thinking, sugar. You have to toe the line, I don’t. If our policy were solely to free people, W could have said so and I would have signed on happily. But most Iraqis want us to leave, we are the enemy now.

    Yup, give me some logical arguments and compelling facts, and I will follow you to the ends of the earth. The Yankees do remind me of Big Government– the Defense Department, to be exact.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — October 27, 2004 @ 2:29 am

  27. You fail to see the nose on your face, Gus.

    Condescention and arrogance drip from your postings. You want the world to be recast in your image. Zounds! The megalomaniacal left-wing extremist is among us, and his name is GUS!

    A greater proportion of non-whites are being sent into harm’s way? Ummmm, no matter how you count, 20% is still a fraction of 100% — but since it’s larger than 13% you scream inferences about racist policies (what, Gus, are you advocating strict adherence to racial quotas based on overall proportion of the national population? Are you actually touting racial preference for whites? You BIGOT! You RACIST!)

    So Gus, you are an arrogant white racist and you have the temerity to cast aspertions on the rest of us? Go back to your Klan rally with uberdragon Robert Byrd (D-WVa)!

    And Rangel did more than any rhetorical exercise in philosophy. He actually submitted a bill for deliberation in the Congress to reinstate the draft. Then he and his JfK loving buddies started screaming that W was trying to bring back the draft. Hypocrites!

    You don’t hear about the active service cuts because that story doesn’t fit in with the whole draft attack on the President. I keep telling you that you have to find information sources other than those talking points your Socialist thrall masters email you. You even ignore Blondie, who is actually living through it, in favor of some biased reporter or campaign talking point. Ignorant hypocrite!

    To sum up, Gus, you are an ignorant, hypocritical, racist, arrogant, extremist bigot. Everything you purport to despise. How sad for you.

    Comment by yup — October 27, 2004 @ 7:30 am

  28. Gus-
    I think you revel in the fact that you read a lot, but you shouldn’t believe everything you read. You don’t get the full story about what’s going on in Iraq when you watch CNN. Fox news is actually more accurate when it comes to the truth. CNN reports only a fraction of what’s going on, and they are biased in the direction of the Democrats.

    I have front row seats to what’s going on in this war, and I wish you could really see everything that’s going on. Your comments and decisions would be much better informed if you knew that Kerry just wants to pull us out of this war and leave the Iraqi people hanging by a string. What would happen if we pulled out is that the insurgents and the terrorist networks would see that we are afraid, and they would take advantage and attack us again. As it stands right now, they have to work a lot harder to get to us because we are all up in their faces!

    You don’t see any purpose to us being here, but I do. No matter what the reason we started this war, we are here now, and to leave in the middle of it would send a message to Zarquawi and his followers that we are scared. Then, they would take advantage of us leaving and the Iraqi people would be under another dictator. You really think the Iraqi people don’t want us here? That’s not true at all. The insurgents don’t want us here, but they are killing their own people in the process of trying to get us to leave. The majority of the deaths here are caused by insurgents (in kindergarden terms: BAD IRAQI PEOPLE). The insurgents don’t make up the majority of the Iraqi people.

    THIS IS NOT AN ELECTIVE WAR. They attacked our Freedom because they want to oppress freedom not only in their own country but everywhere else. There is evidence that Saddam was financing Al Qaeda, and you know that they put a lot of time, money and effort into planning the attacks on 9/11. Do you really think Saddam had nothing to do with that after we fought Saddam back in 1990? I know that when we went in back in ’90, it was about oil and Kuwait, but that’s not what it’s about this time. They attacked us! What part of that can’t you understand? And for us to sit back and wait until the bad guys attack us again just so that we can APPEAR justified in this war is belligerent and neglectful. Do you want to wait until they attack us again? Saddam is out of power and that is a huge thing!!! It’s the equivalent of taking Hitler or Stalin out of power. He could have continued financing Al Qaeda and any other terrorist group that feels threatened by our freedom. These groups of people can’t stand the fact that we are free to think and do what we want.

    Gus, is there any way at all to get you to see things another way? If you really think that what the media presents and talking papers is the truth, you should take your blinders off and open your eyes.
    I didn’t miss your “point” about the military and the reservists either. Really. I understand what you’re saying about sending them to war for extended periods of time, but that is a stipulation that they accept when they sign on the dotted line, just like I accepted the same fate when I signed on as Active Duty. Someone should not suggest we start a draft unless they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is. You don’t suggest something like that to make a point. People take it seriously.

    Bottom line: I have already mailed in my absentee ballot, so my voice will officially be heard.

    Comment by blondie — October 27, 2004 @ 10:09 pm

  29. Blondie: NEWS F-IN FLASH! SADDAM HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9-11. You have bought a bill of goods. You are severely deluded. You are just plain wrong. You are full of shite. Get a clue. Get a grip. You are confused. Someone has fooled you, girl. Get the facts. There is NO evidence Saddam was financing Al-Queda. He was NOT the equivalent of Hitler or Stalin, who had massive standing armies and killed millions.
    NEWS F-IN FLASH! KERRY INTENDS ON STAYING THE COURSE IN IRAQ, but hopes to get more international help. He feels the exact same way you do when you say “No matter what the reason we started this war, we are here now…”
    NEWS F-IN FLASH! You don’t know the meaning of the word ‘belligerent’. I’m not the one wearing blinders, honey.

    Yup: I had concluded that you were at least more intelligent than Mlah, but now I see I was wrong.
    As I said earlier in these comments “The sad part about minorities and the poor flocking to the military, Yup, is that they’re the only concerns hiring lately besides Burger King!” Your fulminating taunts of “Racist!” are durn silly, at best. You’re talking a lot, but you’re not saying anything.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — October 28, 2004 @ 3:53 am

  30. Grand Wizard Gus: You object to being called racist? Why? Everything you are spewing onto this page is racially motivated (at least when it isn’t lamenting the foul treatment of the poor and wretched proleteriate). Funny, since you’re a dumb white middle-aged so-called man who works as one of the technocratic elite (pulling down some serious cash).

    OOOOH, you had thought I was smart? Was I almost to the level of your heroes like Juan Cole? Maybe if I buy into the whole socialistic framework of envy (how come I don’t have as much money as he does? how come my life isn’t as successful as that guy’s is? how come I don’t wield the power that person does? I want my share and I want it given to me NOW!) you would think better of me? Would it impress you if I told you I hold a PhD? But darn it, now you think I’m not smart. How ever shall I sleep tonight?

    You choose to ignore evidence presented to you by the world (9/11 report, intelligence services from around the world) and instead allow yourself to be in thrall to a media and inteligentsia with a specific political bent, insisting that Iraq had nothing to do with global terrorism, period. You won’t listen to any view not fed you by your thrall masters, so no sense trying to beat sense into your thick skull.

    Comment by yup — October 28, 2004 @ 6:03 am

  31. NEWS FLASH! gussie boy, saddam had nothing to do with 9-11? i don’t give a shit, he fired on our jets almost daily for months preceding gulf war 2. that voided the peace treaty of ’91. a state of war existed at THAT time. W was just taking care of business.

    there is no eveidence saddam was financing alqaeda? actually there is. it was cited in the 9-11 report, it just wasn’t conclusive.

    and NEWS FLASH! gussie boy, it is the war on TERROR, not the war on alqaeda. get a clue, get a grip, get the facts, get an education, get a passport and go! get a pair of eyeballs on the subject matter instead of blindly following your thrall masters!

    kerry intends to stay the course in iraq? oh sure, he is bound to have claimed that in one of his dozens of positions on iraq. did he mean it? doubtful. but then again, he claimed he was creating 2 more army divisions to post in iraq. he IS reinstating the draft ya know!

    i’m stupid? oh, just not as smart as yup? whatever, that’s still beyond your level.

    and NEWS FLASH! gussie boy, blondie knows what belligeerant is, she knows me.

    Comment by mlah — October 28, 2004 @ 7:50 pm

  32. Has Bush ever called this the “War on alQaeda”? I remember the speech to Congress after 9/11 vividly (and have it on tape), Bush called it the “War on Terror”. He also called out the state-sponsors of terror: Taliban Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, North Korea…. He told them to cease and desist or suffer the consequences.

    Answer one question, was Saddam supporting terrorists and abbetting them in any way? Kerry has already answered for you, yes. In 1998, he called for the President to remove Saddam from power and voted to authorize the use of force. Did Saddam change his ways over the last 5-6 years? No. He was found to be harboring Abu Abbas and Abu Nidal in Baghdad, he was sending checks to families of suicide bombers in Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon.

    Regardless of connection to 9/11, Saddam was a legitimate threat to the interests of the US. The threat was terrorism all along. WMD, as has been pointed out many times, were thought to be there by many nations prior to the war (GB, France, Russia, the US to name a few). Moreover, the Iraqi miitary thought they had them. When they weren’t found, all it means is that the intelligence services of a number of nations were mislead and that Saddam lied to his own generals.

    What can you do about that? Not a damn thing.

    Comment by RojoXia — October 29, 2004 @ 12:10 am

  33. Gus, Bin Laden did IN FACT attack our freedom. He gets joy out of destroying the American way of life. He said a couple years ago that he was doing it in the name of his religion. Let me tell you, the muslim religion does not tell its people to kill innocent human beings just because we have a different way of life. He has truly distorted the Koran and I can’t believe that you would take his word, the word of a madman, over your own American people.

    Comment by blondie — October 31, 2004 @ 8:39 am

  34. here is a comment by gus that i accidentally deleted. i had 139 comments that i had toi filter through and remove the spam. i accidentally got one of gus’ coments in the mix.

    so here it it:

    As Mr. Bin Laden reiterated recently, it wasn’t our “FREEDOM’ he attacked, but
    largely our support for Israel vis-a-vis the Palestinians. I said this here a long
    time ago, and people gave me crap for it. Straight from the horse’s mouth now,

    Now you’re giving me crap for saying “Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11”, which
    Blondie actually and totally believes. She’s not making a distinction between
    “evidence” and “conclusive evidence” (what the hell’s the difference, anyways? In
    my world, we have facts and we have rumors). You’re chivalrously coming to her
    rescue with a load of steaming crap. She is WRONG in what she said and you can’t
    just admit that out loud because you’re idiots and cowards. Tell her about Santa
    Claus while you’re at it.

    i get email notifications of new comments. the vast majority of which are spam for gambling, porno, and such. i then use something called mt-blacklist to nuke the spam comments.

    no inuendo was intended.

    Comment by mlah — October 31, 2004 @ 11:07 am

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