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October 18, 2004

A Couple of Movies

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Charlize Theron

bet y’all thought i was going to put team america: world police.

haven’t seen it yet. but i plan to.

i’ve seen a couple of movies recently that were really good. i’m not going to give you the synopsis, just that they’re worth a view.

first is ‘house of sand and fog’. jennifer connelly. need i say more?

second is ‘monster’. charlize theron and christine ricci. makes you really wonder about choices.

be warned, charlize theron doesn’t look anything like the pic at all int he movie ‘monster’. i actually had to wait til they rolled credits to see who she was.

oh, and did anybody read ‘shooting the rag’?

i expected a couple more comments than i got out of that.

10 days ’til i get my house! there is still no yard, and no ELECTRICITY!


  1. yeah, Team America is the funniest — nay, greatest — movie of all time (that I’ve ever seen anyways) Greater even than the previous “funniest movie ever”: South Park. Yeah. I know. I have good taste.

    Comment by medium john — October 18, 2004 @ 10:24 am

  2. House of Sand and Fog was ok. It was just so dang slow. Monster was really good. Charlize did an awsome job in that movie. By the way that’s a great picture of her on the post.

    Comment by rachel — October 18, 2004 @ 4:18 pm

  3. medium john–you really need to get out more! j/k

    mlah, I haven’t seen either movie yet, but I have to comment on the makeup job they did on Charlize. She’s so beautiful normally, but they did a really good makeup job on her and she really looks like the real life murderer she plays. freaky.
    haven’t seen the house of fog and sand.

    Comment by blondie — October 21, 2004 @ 1:56 am

  4. Every time I see Jennifer Connelly, I think of that scene in ‘Career Opportunities’ where she’s riding the penny horse…

    Comment by Chris of Dangerous Logic — October 22, 2004 @ 10:22 pm

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