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October 31, 2004

Rum Cake

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redsugar cited rum cake as her favorite cake a few days back. if memory serves.

reminded me of my favorite rum cake incident.

when i was in spain riding boats, that’s submarines for you non bubbleheads, we use to ‘catch’ boats in la maddalena, italy. that means we used to fly up there and wait for the sub to pull in to port. then we would report aboard and go with them when they got underweigh again.

one time we got to wait 5 days for the sub to arrive. it was painful, having the usn pay for our hotel, AND give us money (per diem) while we wiated for the sub. the boat was legitimately delayed, so we enjoyed the italian island os sardinia in the meantime.

October 28, 2004


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it’s been a roller coaster!

dealing with ‘closing’ on a house. i’m off right now for a final inspection of the property, then to sign the papers.

i should be sleeping on the floor of a brand new house tonight!

and yeah, i’ll give y’all the whole scoop shortly.

October 23, 2004


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Some random chick I wish I knew

a funny thing happened to me while in college.

i started dating a girl named rachel. no big deal. we dated. and it ended.

so i started dating another girl named rachel. not on purpose either. just happened.

there were other girls i dated. other girls i knew. elaine, erin, and deleese stand out in my memory. but there was always a rachel hanging around.

then i joined the navy, and the rachel thing looked like it was done. i just didn’t know any.

’til i got to spain. i was a little sweet on an irish girl named rachel. i have pictures of her packed that i’d post for y’all, but you have to wait.

but she had to go home on bad circumstances. so ‘rachel’ left.

oh but not so fast! i started dating an english girl named ….. rachel. then she moved to hawaii. so i dated another irish girl named rachel.

it was a veritable rachel fiesta.

they were everywhere!

sure there were toher girls in spain, mari angeles, kelly, and ally, but….

it got sooo bad ……

October 22, 2004


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Be Afraid, be very afraid!

john f-in kerry’s wife showed her ass the other day.

she tried to slam laura bush.

she made the offhanded, and just butt ugly comment that the 1st lady had never even held a real job. despite years as a school teacher. i know i was hell on my teachers, so i’m sure she earned her money. she was also a librarian.

i hope women were paying attention.

this is the kind of bull that the left is spraying as truth.

now, the real assholish comment that teh-RAY-zuh made is that she thinks a woman staying home and raising a family is not work. my mom worked. my sisters work. a big chunk of my bosses have been women.

October 18, 2004

Draft Me!

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The Return of the Draft is a Red Herring

Rock the Vote is doing a nice public service and encouraging the young newly eligible to vote to in fact, exercise their vote.

however, they are using the typical left tactic of invoking fear to motivate people into the voting booths.

A Couple of Movies

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Charlize Theron

bet y’all thought i was going to put team america: world police.

haven’t seen it yet. but i plan to.

i’ve seen a couple of movies recently that were really good. i’m not going to give you the synopsis, just that they’re worth a view.

first is ‘house of sand and fog’. jennifer connelly. need i say more?

second is ‘monster’. charlize theron and christine ricci. makes you really wonder about choices.

October 15, 2004

Rachel Lucas

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i really like rachel lucas’ site.

she has a rather (pardon the slur) well thought out rant up at the moment.

i read her about once week.

check her under bloggers with boobies and give a read

Shooting the Rag

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been a while since i related a sea story.

sorry for the lack of pics, but my household goods are still in storage awaiting the christening of casa dave. 28th. 10am.

my first tour in spain, we used to drink a lot.

a lot.

oh man, how i wrecked my body.

October 14, 2004


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flash polls.

foxnews was broadcasting some results of flash polls after the debate. they cited an abc flash poll that gave the edge to kerry as winning the third debate, despite a slight majority of republicans in the polling pool.

does anybody have any faith in anything abc says? after the halperin (spelling?) memo, what do you think are the odds that some enterprising newsman skewed the results just a little to where he thought us poor dumb voters ought to be?


October 10, 2004

John? Is that You?

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John Kerry

caption this!

i saw this image over on Uptown Girl‘s website and had to laugh.

go visit her and leave a caption over there as well.

my caption?

“John?, Johnny boy?! your lips have lost contact again! Get back over here!”

October 7, 2004


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well, it is finally being proven that the french and russians sided with saddam because they were paid to.

60 billion bucks. and they both stood to lose military contracts with saddam too.

let sanctions work! what sanctions? and that same report styates that commanders were TRYING to gas villagers again. with VX! they were told they didn’t have it. now mind you, these commanders were not admonished that gasing the loals is a bad thing. they were just told – none in stock at this time. so the commanders asked for sarin gas! and were again told – none in stock. so they used tear gas.

thank GOD saddam is gone and those asshats are out of power.

October 5, 2004


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john edwards can now honestly say that he has been spanked by a dick on national tv.

i wish cheney was running. i actually like him more than bush.

sorry about all of the cussin’.

once, a long time ago, some nameless chief explained to me about fucking. and i’m not talking about sex here. he said that he always loved a good fucking. didn’t matter who was getting and who was giving, just so long as someone was getting fucked. especially in the morning.

2 hours ago i heard someone on the factor call cheney ‘mean’. i dare say dick cheney also enjoys a good fucking in the morning.

dick is EXACTLY the kind of guy i want to represent me to the french.

or any other country for that matter.

do you think dick would ever show a ‘sensitive’ side to the terrorists?

i think he would be downright ‘mean’.

j edwards just got spanked.

then dick rolled him over and got the other cheek!

October 2, 2004


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M & M

so how do you describe sex to someone?

no don’t ask how this subject came up.

i had to think about it for a second and came to this conclusion.

sex is kinda like pizza.

when it’s good, it’s GOOOOOOOD!

and when it’s bad,


it’s still pretty GOOOOOD!

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