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September 28, 2004

Casa Dave

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i’ve picked a house. at least i think i have.

i’ve gotten a good faith estimate. and now been pre-approved for the loan.

now i have to actually produce documents to secure the loan, pay, and then i guess i get to wait ’til it is finished so that i can move in.

the house is pretty close to being finished, the superstructure is anyway. the windows are in. the brick is up. the walls are up.

little things though, like the stairs still being boards and the floors still being concrete. those little things will definitely need to be addressed.

i get the tub with jets, and a standup shower, a fireplace. nice house.

want to see?

check out this link, and follow the links for the regency. that will even be my address.

the house in the ipix tour is not my actual house, just the same model. but it’s pretty much what i’m getting.

oh, did i mention that you can see the san antonio skyline from the master bedroom?


  1. Very nice!!!! They should finish the home, no questions asked. Just make sure you do the final walk-thru and that everything is done to contract on the final. You don’t have sign the paperwork if it isn’t. Good news!!!!

    Comment by Madame Butterfly — September 29, 2004 @ 9:18 am

  2. OH MY! That house is beautiful!!! Congrats to you!

    Guess what! I’m taking a family Tae Kwon Do class with my kids starting Thursday! They’ll be laughing at their old mom trying to punch and kick!

    Comment by Kristie — September 29, 2004 @ 1:32 pm

  3. be prepared to run. tkd has a huge fitness portion to it. as in speed and power. kick hard, kick fast, kick often. it will work you out.

    Comment by mlah — September 29, 2004 @ 7:00 pm

  4. I hope like hell it does. I need it!

    Comment by Kristie — September 29, 2004 @ 10:43 pm

  5. You sent 4 floor plans, which one are you intending to buy? They all look wonderful. savagemodel99

    Comment by dad — September 29, 2004 @ 11:08 pm

  6. As my kids would say, “Swweeeettt”.

    Maybe too contemporary for me but very nice and at a good price.

    Just a word of warning, I work with two people who were simultaneously having their houses built. They’ve been moved in for about a year now but one of them has a list of things the contractors have to come back and fix and she’s just not happy with the house (but she is also obsessive-compulsive too).

    Good luck with it!!!! 🙂

    Comment by Welsh Witch — September 30, 2004 @ 7:29 pm

  7. I wish I could move to Texas. $241,000 won’t even get you a small, run down, old home in South Central L.A.

    Average, Middle class, 50 year old house neighborhood ………..$700,000.

    California is the biggest ripoff for Real Estate. It is sooooo depressing.

    Comment by Peach — October 6, 2004 @ 3:51 am

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