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September 19, 2004

Driving 2

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so i started in atlanta.

i watched the weather the night before and knew i was safe from ivan, but nevertheless, there was rain forecast for southern alabama and georgia.

so i started my day by driving west to birmingham down i20. i59 mixed in with it soemwhere east of birmingham. it was a pretty drive. i had these angry storm clouds to my left and partly cloudy skis to my right. there was some construction east of birmingham as well. but on sunday, there were no workers.

i just drove on.

i went throguh brimingham and headed on. i stopped in tuscaloosa and had lunch. it was here that i realized i had moved time zones. i had to set my watch back an hour.

i ate lunch at hooters in tuscaloosa. u of bama coeds made my cuban sandwich. there were a ton of college kids in there watching pro ball. and of all games, it was the redskins and bucs. i went to that game last year with chien, rose, and grey.

i didn’t watch much. i had a lot of driving to do.

i moved on. shortly after getting back on the road, i crossed the mississippi and bama border. and very shortly after that, i20/i59 split. i took i59 south towards new orleans. i very seriously considered just taking i20 all the way to dallas, and then turning south because of the rain forecasts. but, it was just too pretty in mississippi.

here the angry storm clouds overtook me. i got to drive 2 hours or so in intermittant rain. the road was always wet, but there was virtually nobody on it but me. maybe a car every mile or so.

i stopped in poplarville for gas, and i saw my first ‘sonic’. i just got gas and moved on. i figured i had a couple of hours of daylight left and was short saturdays distance. i was trying to match saturdays 600 miles.

i finally made it to louisiana. i59 only goes for 7 miles in la.. then you are forced to either take i10 due south into new orleans proper, or i12 due west to red stick. my mp3 player very nicly picked ‘born on the bayou’ for me.

man, it’s hard to pass new orleans. there’s just something about that town that makes you want to stop!

lots of traffic on i12. i guess it’s just a much busier highway. plus there were prob a bunch of people fleeing ivan.

i went down i12 and made it to red stick before dusk. i was actually making really good time now, so i just continued on towards lafayette. i figured i would stop there for the night.

did i ever mention to y’all that i don’t like bridges? i don’t. the bridges overland don’t really get to me, the bridges over water….

these i don’t like.

just west of red stick, i10 and i12 merge, putting me onto i10 (all the way to san antonio). shortly after you leave the city, you go up on a bridge. and it just keeps on going!

something like 30 miles! over bayou. but i like to call it swamp. maybe it’s called wetlands now.?

i hated every minute of this bridge. if i had known it was there, i would have driven to dallas just to avoid it.

the mondo bayou bridge ends right at lafayette. then i got to cross the mississippi. i was so relieved at lasting the giant bridge that i had totally forgotten about the river.

darkness fell.

laugh all you want! i will stay off the bridges all i can.

once past the river, i was kind of pissed at louisiana, and just wanted out of the state. port charles was only an hour or so away, so i decided to push through.

easy drive. with night came a lighter traffic load.

so i got to looking at my map and realized texas was just skip away!

i kept on going.

texas came. and well, you know those little mile markers that count down how far you have to the next state line? 862 miles from louisiana to the new mexico state line.

i aimed at houston. i knew the morning would bring monday rush hour traffic and i wanted to be on the other side of town.

took me a couple of hours.

i drove through houston at 10:30 at night with ‘in the air tonight’ playing. i finally stopped at a little hampton inn. way over priced at 80 bucks, but i was tired. turns out i was in the houston suburb of ‘katy’.

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