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August 15, 2004

I Love the Olympics

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Opening Ceremony in Athens

I absolutely love the Olympics.

It’s not just the gymnasts and swimmers in little leotards either.

I can remember many, many medal wins and losses. Events, happenings, and places I want to visit someday entirely because of the Olympics.

Wins: Olga Korbett on the balance beam. Dorothy Hamill on the ice. Kerry Strugg vaulting with the broken foot.

Yeah, I watched the miracle on ice in ’80. It was a delayed match, so I had to be careful and not watch the news to hear the score. I was on edge.

The dream team at the Opening Ceremony.

Other Wins: Nadia and her 10’s. Sarah Hughes on ice. Shannon Miller from Oklahoma. The first dream team. Carl Lewis, you pick the event. Bruce Jenner. There are way too many to list!

Losses: The dream team today to Puerto Rico (Why do they get a team? I think Texas should get our own team too). Mark Janson in speed skating, twice. Debbie Thomas to Katarina Witt.

More Wins: The ‘Mouse’ from Hungary in swimming. Flo Jo. Oscar de la Hoya.

Special moments: The Jamaican bobsled team. Edddie ‘the Eagle’ from the UK in Ski jump. Some random Spanish gymnast winning a medal (I think silver) in Barcelona, and her mom just losing her shit in the stands. Queen Sofia sitting by and smiling. Who could forget the Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan fiasco? The Munich Terrorists.

These are just things I can remember.

There’s one moment I’ll never forget though.

The Dream Team had a nightmare, and it was called Puerto Rico

I won a bet.

In ’92, the Navy sent me to Groton, Ct. to submarine school. It was kind of fun. The night I arrived, the Officer of the Deck refused to give me the berthing I was supposed to get (one bed in a three person room) because I was a lowly Seaman (E-3, and pretty low on the totem poll). He put me in an open bay barracks with some other subschoolers.

Their school was more intensive because they were to be stationed on a sub permanently. I however was on my way to Spain, and I would be hopping from sub to sub as they moved about the med.

The Greeks march in!

The open bay. It was ’92. The Barcelona Olympics were on. there was a long distance race (I think the 10K) on tv at the moment when I finally got my gear stowed, and my rack made. And they were taking bets. There were 10-12 people in a big group and every single one of them was black. Except for this one big huge white guy lumbering along in the middle of the pelotan. Everyone was laughing at him.

Each of the runners had been given a funny name since noone knew who anybody was. There were no Americans in this lead group. There was a sailors white hat on the table with a bunch of dollars in it. There was 27 bucks. Nobody had bet on the big white guy. He had a red shirt and white shorts. He looked shaggy and just kind of lumbered. All of the other runners were smooth, and just looked at ease.

Well, they were about to close the betting when I started asking about the white guy. A bunch of people laughed at me for even asking, but I figured 27 bucks. That’s 27 to 1 odds. Nobody makes it into the Olympics for being bad right?

So I made my bet. And the bets were closed.

The Irawis got huge cheers!

They raced on and a few people fell out. With four laps left, there were only 5 runners left in the lead. 2 Kenyans, (we referred to them as big Kenyan and little Kenyan) 2 Ethiopians (Big and Little again) and the white guy.

Now at this time the announcers, who had hitherto (I just wanted to use that word) dismissed the white guy too, noted that Dieter somethingorother, the German and European Champion was hanging in there. So I was cheering for Dieter.

I was dismissed. But a couple of fellow sailors were laughing. Wouldn’t it be funny?

2 laps left, and two of the other runners dropped by the wayside. Big Dieter kept on lumbering along in third.

With around 300 meters left, the lead guy made a break. and the other guy couldn’t keep up, and fell by the wayside. But Dieter stayed with him. about 3 yards back.

Dieter Baumman makes me some cash.

As they rounded the last bend, you could tell that the ‘kick’ was getting to the lead runner. Dieter swung wide.

I was yelling ‘Like the Wind, Dieter!’, and others were cheering ‘Go white boy go!’.

Bitches better have my money!

UPDATE: I just did some checking, and the guy in question was Dieter Baumann. The race was the 5K, not 10. The race finshers were:

1. Dieter Baumann GER 13.12,52
2. Paul Bitok KEN 13.12,71
3. Fita Bayisa ETH 13.13,03
4. Brahim Boutayeb MOR 13.13,27
5. Yobes Ondieki KEN 13.17,50
6. Worku Bikila ETH 13.23,52
7. Rob Denmark GBR 13.27,76
8. Abel Anton SPA 13.27,80


  1. I totally love the Olympics. I wait for them all the time. I’m off to watch them in a bit and I don’t care what Gary says.. He’s Irish anyway.. what does he care.. pheh

    Comment by rachel — August 15, 2004 @ 7:42 pm

  2. I ALWAYS watch the Olympics!
    Did you get a chance to see the Opening Ceremonies? I think the best I have ever seen…..awesome….kind of helps ease the frustration of my Comment Spam problem.

    Those comments will get nuked as soon as I download the Assassin!!

    Comment by Peach — August 15, 2004 @ 8:14 pm

  3. Whoa, your site now looks like this:

    Comment by f-in_cheney — August 15, 2004 @ 10:57 pm

  4. PheH! His page looks better than that!
    However that is some gorgeous script.

    Comment by rachel — August 16, 2004 @ 2:28 am

  5. Bjork is always scary, I mean I love some of her songs but she wears some of the strangest things. Does anyone have any idea what she was singing about? lol

    Comment by Jen — August 16, 2004 @ 2:53 am

  6. she sings about beautiful things. why do people keep picking on her for her clothes?! so she has a sense of humor… a sense of wonder… an imagination… we should all be so lucky! she makes me smile every time. o, hard-hearted world, selling out your souls for sex and money and power versus friendly loving kindness and delirious delight.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — August 17, 2004 @ 2:43 am

  7. stop it cheney, i’m getting all weepy.

    hard hearted world? you mena bjork isn’t rich? she doesn’t use her sex appeal in her shows? who sold their soul? and yes, i listen to more than a few of her songs. but she is just as pickable as any other music industry mogul.

    now britney, there’s a star! …. save the hatemail. it was a joke.

    Comment by mlah — August 17, 2004 @ 9:46 am

  8. I’ve been driving legally since I was 16. As yet, I have never had a ticket, not cause I haven’t deserved a few, but just haven’t got caught yet. Reckon tears would sway a cop with a ticket book if I plead no stops, no tickets forever? Don’t think I’ll try. But Lawton cops seem to be soooo plentiful. Sorry bout your misfortune. Aunt Rose

    Comment by Aunt Rose — August 17, 2004 @ 1:45 pm

  9. OOPS, my post was supposed to be on previous…sigh, getting OLD ya know?

    Comment by Aunt Rose — August 17, 2004 @ 1:46 pm

  10. I have never heard anything to impugn Bjork’s integrity, artistic or otherwise. She’s earned every penny from her talent. I don’t even think she’s especially sexy– skinny bod and mongoloid eyes? That doesn’t play well in the Western world. You’re probably just saying that to spite me, which is dumb and not very Christian of you.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — August 18, 2004 @ 1:39 am

  11. 30,000 yards of cloth in her dress? that’s an olympic feat!

    gus, no invocation of a diety from you. you already said that religion is nutzo.

    you’re not being very kerry, brother.

    Comment by yup — August 18, 2004 @ 7:42 am

  12. senor f-in cheney. impune her integrity? you mean like that time i saw her on maximum exposure, getting off of the plane in bangkok, and she attacked that reporter. it was a nice hook!

    not especially sexy? says you. you can ask my friends. i kind of have a thing for skinny chicks. i said she was hot because i think she is hot. it’s called honesty. your lack of faith in the honesty of others speaks volumes about how honest you probably aren’t.

    Comment by mlah — August 18, 2004 @ 11:28 am

  13. Sure, I can find religion goofy and at the same time see the hypocrisy of those who profess its tenets.
    Yes, there was that wild catfight. But I’m not gonna argue with what a Momma Bear does to protect her cub, that’s a whole reality that men can only imagine.
    Fine, you have a thing for skinny chicks, but Bjork still doesn’t flaunt herself for prurient financial gain. You did NOT say she was hot because of your soul-baring honesty, you said she’s “just as pickable as any other music industry mogul” for being rich from flaunting herself like those other pop ho-bags. Talk about Jedi mind-f*cking…

    Comment by f-in_cheney — August 19, 2004 @ 1:24 am

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