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August 31, 2004


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schwarzenegger is the man. he just called democrats, who think our economy is not doing well, economic girlie men. bush senior gave him a standing ovation. he’s actually a very good orator, accent included.

was that a great speech or what? i have seen with my own two eyes, former president bush standing up and holding an arnold sign.

the bush twins are hot. and they made fun of their parents a little.


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snopes has lost my respect.

they have chosen sides in the election. and the candidate of their choice if john carrie.

i’ve used their site in the past to check out various urban legends and have pretty much trusted their findings.

not any more. i am totally disappointed with their research.

you see, i finally decided to go out on the web and see if i could actually find a copy of carrie’s purple heart citations, his bronze or silver star write ups.

i wanted to see for myself just exaclty what they said.

i wanted to make my own judgement.

August 30, 2004

Boys Night Out

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Some stripper from McDoogals

so we had a little night out this saturday. ‘we’ being myself, paulo, raoul, and sebastiana. yeah, i’m using covernames.

paulo had a little bug, and wanted to hit the, … um, gentlemens establishments. raoul and i were obliged to drop our objections and accompany him. it took many hours of begging, but we finally lamented after being accused of liking men.

i personally prefer to spend my weekends writing letters to my mom.

it should also be stated that sebastiana was in a recovery mode and had requested our presence at the second evolution of our saturday night.

August 26, 2004

J F’n Kerry

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so i’m hearing a lot of stuff about the swift boat veterans for truth.

i’m sure everybody is.

the liberals want them to not be able to run tv ads. why?

aren’t these the same people who fashion themselves the champions of the 1st ammendment?

there are a lot of people who point to the fact that jfk volunteered for service and say his service to the country was noble, and that the swifties should not be questioning that service.

hello, mcfly! aren’t the swifties proud veterans who also took fire for their country? don’t they have just as much right to be heard as kerry?

why on earth does kerry want to shut them up?

August 24, 2004

The Wall

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The Wall's Album Cover by Pink Floyd

i love pink floyd. but this post won’t be about music.

israel has taken it upon themselves to build a little wall. some people don’t like it.

fuck ’em

you see israel has this very real problem with bombs. they have a very disgruntled and determined people who want to kill them.

i’m not talking about ‘hating’ your neighbor, because they file false complaints against you with your landlord.

August 23, 2004


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Bunny McIntosh

Bunny McIntosh has her own blog called Melting Dolls. i read it a few times a week, and she keeps me entertained. i thought some of y’all might like to take a look.

she also does a little interviewing for lick magazine. read her exploits here

recently, she got a little pissed, and recorded a karoake version of little red corvette. right click and save please. give it a listen! i’m going to put it on my phatnoise so i can listen to it in my car.

August 22, 2004

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie

i have a question.

i was watching ‘Taking Lives’ last night on dvd. Angelina is the star…. (good show too, except for all of the french)

i think there are a couple of guys in it too, but they don’t matter. maybe ethan hawke? kiefer sutherland, and tcheky karyo (from the original ‘le femme nikita’).

she does a nude seen. YAY! and i was thinking about just how damn uber hot she is.

so here’s my question.

if angelina jolie masturbates, is it especially good?

’cause like, she’s getting laid by angelina jolie.

August 20, 2004


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beth, of ‘She Who WILL Be Obeyed’, is starting a bonfire of the recipes string. for those of you who do not know, there is a ‘bonfire of the vanities’ that is getting passed around from blog to blog, weekly. they pretty much just give a state of the blog.

beth is giving recipes. actually, she wants everybody to pony up their own recipes to share.

so here is mine.

August 19, 2004

Middle East Peace

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Fatah is a double entendre

ok, first off, i just watched the womens olympic gymnastics all around. carli patterson won, and i’m very happy about it, but in light of my recent professing a proclivity to skinny girls, i have to say. svetlana khorkina needs to eat a cinnabon. she is too skinny. skin and bone skinny.

now, to my post.

f-in cheney asked a question in my ‘we’ve been duped’ post’. i suspect he’s just trying to get me out on a limb, so he can throw rocks.

the question he poses is ‘mlah, in all seriousness and respect, what do you think is THE SOLUTION to the Israel-Palestine thing?’

i want to see what happens.

August 18, 2004

Dizzy Memes

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i’ve never really participated in any of these. but figure i might give this a try for a while.

dizzy girl makes a hump day meme every wednesday. we’ll see if i can remember to do this each wednesday.

open the meme below

Random Thoughts

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i hit 5000 visits today! yay.

i’m seeing a huge push of visitors from web searches. recently, in my post ‘i love the olympics’ i rattled off more than a few past great names. i’m seeing a huge influx from google for searches on olga korbett. a couple from svetlana boginskaya.

while writing another post a few days back, that damned pizza hut rip and dip commercial came on. i hate that commercial, it just rubs me the wrong way. i typed it in the middle of my blog. i’m now seeing almost as many visits from rip and dip searchers.

hmmmm. it never occurred to me to quote common search terms in an effort to increase readers. hmmm. don’t think i’ll do it on purpose.

August 17, 2004

Great Beer Hunting

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The Rota City Beach at Sunset

travesty i tell you. the USN wasting beer!

yep, they wasted the golden elixir! and at a time and place where i cherished the wonderful stuff.

not anymore. just don’t have the time anymore, but back in the day, i did have a drop now and again.

i’m going to ramble a bit now, but the story is worth it.

August 16, 2004


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i got caught speeding on july 2nd. didn’t even know it.

bastards. dc radared me and then mailed me the ticket.

there goes a 100 bucks.


if i just pay the fee, it’s not any points. take it to court, it’s points, court fees, and a bigger fine. sounds like blackmail.


51 in a 40. i don’t even have any idea what i was doing in dc on the 2nd.

i hate dc.


Lobo Walk had a little to say about the law enforcement industry. it’s all a racket. they just want your cash.

i still hate dc!

August 15, 2004

I Love the Olympics

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Opening Ceremony in Athens

I absolutely love the Olympics.

It’s not just the gymnasts and swimmers in little leotards either.

I can remember many, many medal wins and losses. Events, happenings, and places I want to visit someday entirely because of the Olympics.

Wins: Olga Korbett on the balance beam. Dorothy Hamill on the ice. Kerry Strugg vaulting with the broken foot.

Yeah, I watched the miracle on ice in ’80. It was a delayed match, so I had to be careful and not watch the news to hear the score. I was on edge.

August 12, 2004

We’ve Been Duped!

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Dustin Hoffman as Teresa Heinz Kerry

everyone knows that john kerry is running for president as the democrapic nominee, but who knew that dustin hoffman was running as first lady!

this whole event smacks of the stepford wives. where has john kerry stored the real prospective first lady away?

he has her locked away in a ketchup factory somewhere being watched so that tootsie can offer his one liners at will.

this also explains the sudden shift in political bent for teresa heinz kerry. she’s been the devout conservative for so many years, only to all of a sudden go flaming left?

NO, she was tucked away by the democrapic dirty tricks commitee and replaced with DUSTIN HOFFMAN!

FREE teresa heinz kerry!

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