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July 28, 2004

John & John

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God, how i hate the dimocrats.

such a load of crap they spew. 2 hugely wealthy guys telling the poor they know how hard it is for them. i doubt either of the 2 has actually labored an 8 hour day in their life. haven’t both of them been in the govt for a while? how come they haven’t fixed things already since they know how to do it? same old shit. promise the sky, and deliver nothing.

2 johns on the dimcrat ticket. sounds like a lot of crap to me.

here are a few little facts you won’t hear at the dimocrat convention.

July 26, 2004

JFK on Defense

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with the dimocrats converging on boston, i thought i’d go ahead and post a few facts about the dimocrat front runner.

as i sit here typing the opening speech is playing. is that glenn close? do i care? the hollyweird elite are lining up to pay homage to their master. i wonder if they have ever actually taken a look at kerry’s voting record. i think they are just towing the party line. slaves to their liberal masters.

this is a little email running around the net about kerry’s voting record on defense. just defense mind you. i may post some more facts here shortly as the convention winds on.

July 22, 2004

Home at Last

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i made it home yesterday night.

i drove my mom home from the hospital on tuesday around 4 pm. waco time.

she’s doing about as well as you can expect a person who just had a quadruple bypass to be i guess. when i left, she had the proverbial little waiters bell. and was ringing it quite liberally.

i felt a bit sorry for my dad. leaving him in the lurch, but southwest waits for no man. i had to get my butt into the airplane.

July 14, 2004

Random Sports

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Swiss Football Fans

i take taekwondo. i’ve written more than a few entries about it. not just my own participation though, i’ve also written about the exploits of other students from my own school.

i know. taekwondo. it’s not exactly mainstream.

i don’t care. it’s fun. pretty to watch, especially since i’m somewhat ‘in the know’ as a redbelt.

yeah, i started to lose a little weight. i’ve had a bunch of other benefits though. made a bunch of friends. done some traveling. get to play dodgeball, and other sports with a bunch of little kids. the list goes on. camping. walk for life. there’s more.

but still. let’s face it, taekwondo is NOT mainstream.

Triple Bypass

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my mom is doing well. thanks for your thoughtsa and prayers.

my dad has told me that they ‘didn’t have to stop her heart’ or anything else unusual. did that scare the shit out of me or what? i didn’t expect to hear that. i guess sometimes, they have to purposely stop a heart during a bypass.

scary to hear though. especially when the patient is your mom!

my eldest sister made it down there tonight. i guess i’ll let her off the hook for being a slacker. my two sisters only live an hour or two from the hospital (provident, in waco, texas. enough with the jokes.) and hadn’t made it down yet.

i’m flying home this friday. i wanted to wait til she gets out of the icu and into a private room. i wanted to make sure that i got a chance to spend a little time with her when i got there. no sitting in the waiting room for an occasional peak in the icu at my sleeping mom. if all goes ok, i should get to help cart her home monday or tuesday.

i’m looking forward to that.

July 13, 2004

Call From Home

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you have to hate those out of the ordinary phone calls from home.

i usually call home on sunday nights and talk to my folks. catch up on the latest gossip on my nieces and nephews. find out what my sisters are up to. and make sure everything is ok.

i called home this last sunday and as usual. not a lot new. just nice to talk to my folks.

my dad called me monday around 10 am my time. he put my mom in the hospital sunday night.

long story short. she had around 3 minor heart attacks in the last 8-10 days and is scheduled for the first open heart (triple bypass) after lunch tomorrow. nope, it wasn’t indigestion after all.

my dad doesn’t think i need to come home. the doctors are confident; after the angiogram today, that she will come through just fine.

i’m looking at flying home sometime around friday though. that way my mom is at least out of the icu, and i’ll get to spend some time with her before i have to fly back to the slave pit.

wish my mom luck please.

July 11, 2004

Tour de Force

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Lance Armstrong

lance is at it again! he’s currently in 6th place, but has already won one stage. more importantly, he has mad eit through the perilous first phase of the tour de france.

the photo at right was taken from Graham Watson’s website.

the first phase is apparently the most dangerous, a lot of it happens in little backwater towns with cobblestones. very pituresque, but not cool for bicycle tires. lance was very worried about a mass bicycle spill on the cobblestones. just some random rider not paying enough attention, takes a spill in the middle of the pack, and lance is out of the running for 6peat.

and it has been raining there as well.

i also read that his 3 biggest competitors are not in the running. they may have taken the spill that lance feared. a norwegian won the last phase. they don’t think he is a contender, but lance is #6 right now.
the second phase coming up is more mountainous. and a third and final phase evidently deals with longer more level stages. ending in paris of course.

lance had a brief cameo in ‘dodgeball’. i won’t ruin it for you, but he has a couple of lines.

i had a coworker once who declared tiger woods as the babe ruth of our times.

sorry aaron, lance armstrong is the babe ruth of our times. 7 year cancer survivor? not tiger woods.

go lance GO!

July 7, 2004

Warm Weather

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Some random fur model

today, while eating lunch at matsui sushi in arlington. one of the waiters tried to make some small talk with me mentioned that the weather today, ‘whew! sure is hot’

now i realize he was just being polite. but my first impression was:

‘dude, i’m from texas, and it’s like 80 degrees outside. this ain’t hot.’

i got past that stage in college though, and didn’t say anything. just agreed and went back to my toro.

but it got me thinking about the seasons. warm weather and hot weather. then there’s the snow.

there are actually people who like the snow.

i like it for about 2 weeks. then i’m ready for the heat again.

i can’t quite put my finger on it, but every spring, i remember that i really love the warm months much much more than the cold months. i just can’t quite figure out why. little help?

yeah, i know.

July 5, 2004

Dave Quinn My Hero

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did y’all know i got arrested in college?

well not really. i was sort of arrested.

i know what y’all are thinkin. how do you get sort of arrested?


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