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June 4, 2004

Belt Test

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tomorrow is a big day. i take a red belt test. should be very rough. the speed kicks scare me the most. only 15 seconds, per kick per leg. which i think works out to 2 and a half minutes of non stop kicking. timed and counted.

i know my forms. but you can bet i’ll goof on at least one and have to repeat it.

i know my strikes. jumping back side kick, and jumping back spin kicks will be real pains in the ass as always.

i know my stances and blocks but will definitely go through all of those again in the morning.

June 3, 2004

the 9/11 mess

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so i read this little blog called ‘little diary’. she’s a left coaster. with all that that implies. and yes that means you too marko.! i like the blog. it’s kinda cool to read about the ‘other side’ once in a while.

but she has posted something today that i just really don’t understand. she’s under the impression that tenet has resigned the cia because bush is cleaning up that whole 9/11 mess.


June 2, 2004


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some nice states about the quagmire in iraq.

i read these on redsugar’s site. the link is over on the left. she cites tracy over at ‘about damn time’ on a post called ‘how long is your memory’.

some really interesting comparisons on recent events, and not so recent events.

want a sample?

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