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June 9, 2004


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so i read something really funny over on little diary.

she posted a little snipet about the fact that there is a movement afoot to put reagan’s face on the 10$ bill.

she mirrors my feelings about the subject. it is premature. i do not want whichever party is in power at the time to start replacing all of the faces on our money according to whichever way the political wind is blowing at the time.

leave the money alone. let the people in 50 years time decide if reagan should get his face on any currency.

it brings to light the subject that maybe now, we ought to be looking 50 years in the past to see if anybody deserves their face on the 10$ bill. truman? nah. fdr? the liberals will all say yes, but i don’t like the new deal. and it did not work, contrary to whatever liberal is speaking. wwii brought us out of the depression.

but this isn’t the funny thing i read over on little diary.

she considers putting reagan on the 10 spot, and muses that clintons mug on the 1$ bill is a better idea. that way everytime some guy stuffs a dollar bill into a stripper’s g-string, he’ll really be pushing bills face into a strippers lap.

is it a plausable idea?

my first impulse was ‘hell no!’. any memorializations of clinton are verboten! never! …. oh, i just had to erase a couple of german sentences, i went a little that way for a second…..

back in line, ooop, i mean on topic.

think about it. stuffing bill’s face into a stripper’s crotch everytime you tip her! i like this idea. i’m sure bill does too.

she’s got a good sense of humor doesn’t she?

oh the pic to the right is of some girls at a restaurant in baltimore called the millstream inn. i shamelessly stole it from their website, and feel obligated to reference them before they send in the lawyers!


madpony LIVES! and they have met sooner greatness. they even had dos equis with them. and tequila.

college football is what? 2 months away? i can’t wait!


  1. It’s possible no more presidents will go on money or on Rushmore, despite the fact that Reagan, for instance, is worthy of it as one of the best we’ve had.

    Why not?

    Look at how much more political the country is today. Used to be, folks could disagree and shake hands. Now they disagree and spread lies instead.

    Any attempt to honor any president anymore will be met with strong opposition from the other side. As if putting Reagan on the 10 or Clinton on the 20 would be some kind of political win or loss.

    Comment by Big Dan — June 10, 2004 @ 8:18 am

  2. I like money the way it is – – let alone we rarely hold on to it long enough for it to really matter who is on it – – well that isn’t true cause I certainly think the faces on our currency at this time is just fine – – I’d hate to grab a buck out of my purse and see Bill Clinton on it with some smirk on his face like he’d just been going through my bag looking at my personal items.

    Comment by Uptown Girl — June 10, 2004 @ 7:52 pm

  3. Ugh…ack…cough cough…ptui!

    Get that face off of our sacred money! I treasure and value every cent I make, which btw goes bye bye too quickly.

    Have some decency, man…

    Comment by CJ — June 10, 2004 @ 10:19 pm

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