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June 5, 2004

Red Belt Test Results

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well, my belt test is over. i think i passed. wouldn’t say anything too much for fear of jinxing myself. yeah. i’m superstitious like that.

i did better in some areas than i thought i would, and worse in others.

the speed kicks were what i expected, but worse. normally, chien evaluates all students in one area before moving to the next area. ie, everyone does their blocks and stances, then everybody will do their strikes, then forms, etc. but since mine was a red belt test, he decided to make it a bit more difficult.

he had me go first, and looked at my blocks and stances. i did pretty well. i don’t think i messed anything up, and i was ‘fresh’, so everything looked good.

and when i finished, and expected to go and sit down as each of the other students did their stances, i was rudely surprised when he just simply said ‘speed kicks’.

so i did my speed kicks immediately after my blocks. no rest. did ok, but man, was i exhausted.

then he dropped the hammer. when i finished my speed kicks, he immediately made me do all of my kicks. no don’t get me wrong, some of the kicks are so easy that you can rest. but not all. so shortly after i started my kicks, with what little rest i could ring out of the white belt kicks, i had to start doing all of the jumping kicks. tired again.

when finished, i was thinking to myself, whew, finally a respite.

hammer number two. he just looked up, and told me to do taeguk 8. yep, he made me do my forms too.

pretty much everything in a row.

i got through my forms ok. they looked really bad because i was so exhausted, but i made it through them all.

and finally i got to take a rest. all in all, the first part of todays belt test was just me, and it took a little more than 30 minutes.

then he had all of the other students do their kicks and stances. he gave us a break before they did their forms.

after the break, they did their forms, and i and the green belt students testing for blue, did our one-step sparring, and self defense. self defense consists of breaking some holds, and doing some throws. this was the fun part of the test. oh, i also had to demonstrate my falls. falling left and right are easy, and i’ve had lots of practice (last night included), but i’ve only practiced falling straight back 1 time. and i did it ok.

then we got another break as we put on our sparring gear.

he had all of the younger kids do their sparring first, and finished with my sparring. he only made me fight one round, but it was a two minute round. i survived. i fought big john who will soon be testing for red as well. 1 month, maybe two. 3? i doubt 4.

the green belts and i finished the test with some board breaking. i had to break 2 boards punching, 3 with a palm strike, and 1 with a knife hand (chop). two boards with a back side kick, sorry mike for crushing you fingers, 2 boards with an axe kick, and 4 with a straight round house. 14 boards in all. i broke them all with just one shot, except for the back side kick, i kicked high the first time and smashed mikes fingers. got it the second time though.

after the test, chien and mike spoke with me about the results. i was worried about having done my forms and kicks poorly, but they rationalized it out for me and said that they can excuse a little when soemone is sooo tired as i was.

this wasn’t an easy test, but i think friday i’ll get my red belt.


  1. Hey good job, sorry i wasn’t there. Although maybe it was a good thing considering what you did to Mike’s fingers… anyways, just imagine how your black belt test is going to be: about ten times worse. Believe me. But you won’t have to worry about that for a while, so enjoy it while you can. And make sure you have plenty of matching red shirts 🙂

    Comment by medium john — June 5, 2004 @ 11:42 pm

  2. I don’t want to jinx you either, so I’m just going to give you a boost and say that I’m sure you did fine. There are not alot of people who could do this (I only got to orange and that was in 1987? me thinks). I don’t even think I could remember my forms.
    Make sure you let us know and send a picture!

    Comment by CJ — June 5, 2004 @ 11:52 pm

  3. good luck! hope you get it.

    Comment by Melissa — June 8, 2004 @ 10:04 pm

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