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June 2, 2004


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some nice states about the quagmire in iraq.

i read these on redsugar’s site. the link is over on the left. she cites tracy over at ‘about damn time’ on a post called ‘how long is your memory’.

some really interesting comparisons on recent events, and not so recent events.

want a sample?

It took less time to take Iraq
than it took Janet Reno to take the Branch Davidian compound.
That was a 51 day operation.

We’ve been looking for evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq for less time
than it took Hillary Clinton to find the Rose Law Firm billing records.

It took less time for the 3rd Infantry Division and the Marines to destroy
the Medina Republican Guard than it took Teddy Kennedy to call the police after his Oldsmobile sank at Chappaquiddick.

a few more stats on her post. go give it a read.

i originally intended to post this a couple of days ago…. but got side tracked by bbqs this weekend.



  1. never thought of it that way

    Comment by Da Goddess — June 2, 2004 @ 5:48 am

  2. Oh, and there’s so many more. Liked the one about Teddy “I killed my girlfriend” Kennedy and Chappawhatever.

    Comment by CJ — June 2, 2004 @ 9:36 pm

  3. can you believe he was on the ethics commitee?

    Comment by mlah — June 2, 2004 @ 9:58 pm

  4. I KNOW he was on the ethics committee, what I CAN’T believe is how or Why the people in Massachusetts can keep electing him to such a position of trust. Maybe they’re all insane! Sasvagemod99

    Comment by dad — June 2, 2004 @ 10:21 pm

  5. If it wasn’t for the history in Mass. I would say it needs to fall off into the ocean like the left coast will (not soon enough for me-except we would have to save the non-idiots)!

    The people who re-elect him are the same ones who follow the Gore-less. They can’t see reason because they’re too blind to their own ideology and lack any understanding of history, or even reality itself.

    One just has to shake their head.

    Comment by CJ — June 2, 2004 @ 10:51 pm

  6. A Kennedy on an ethics committee – – could the world be more twisted?

    Comment by Uptown Girl — June 4, 2004 @ 12:47 pm

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