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June 30, 2004


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Madame Butterfly and her Lenny Kravitz Shoes
the USTU is supposed to announce where and when nationals will be tomorrow. i’m hoping for vegas. or anywhere in texas.

wednesday is sparring night. i’m in such a low rut right now. i haven’t been doing cardio and it is showing. i just am in such bad shape right now. the thing is, cardio has had a real slide in membership lately, and it is just no fun to go and do an aerobic kickboxing class, just you and the instructor. needless to say, i got pummeled tonight. but i did manage to see how nig john is setting up that little back side kick he’s been hitting me with. at least something good came out of it.

guess i’m going to have to suck it up and go back to cardio.

i hate michael moor. let me count the ways. no, that would take too long.

madame butterfly hit the road today. i went with rachael and said goodbye to her and mr. butterfly. it’s a long drive from dc to phoenix. i forgot my camera too. so no last minute pics to post of her.

i’ve just finished my technorati linkage. it’s on the left.

hey, everybody go visit tina at ‘mind in the gutter’ on my links. she’s a cool canadian chick. she has lots of good pics up too. then go visit sean at ‘ambivalent one’. he has some good pics too, just not any of tina. they’re both in toronto and i just like to read some blogs from out of the u.s..

i may just have to venture over and watch eurotrip again.

i’m in for a good sleep tonight.

June 29, 2004


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Girl Scouts kick ass in Dodgeball

many things today.

unfahrenheit 911. i refuse to give him any of my money. most revealing thing i’ve seen come of that thing is the fact that he had evidence of the abu ghraib prison abuses, and sat on them. he wanted them first shown in his film. so instead of helping those abused prisoners, he choose to let them suffer for the benefit of his show, and through that, his own pocket.


i went to see the show.

June 26, 2004


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notice all the pickups?

when i graduated high school i got a scholarship to texas a&m at tarleton station. or just plain tarleton state u. it’s located in stephenville, texas.

i lived in an old army barracks for a dorm. bender. not ferguson. ferguson was a bunch of lightweights. they had ac. bender had a bunch of bad attitudes. we liked to refer to our dorm as the bender hilton. we were the bender bad asses. everybody used to cruise by our dorm down washington, and yell ‘bender sucks!’ and there would be 20 people yelling back, ‘we know’. people were afraid of our dorm.

my next door neighbor even snuck onto the roof and ran a hilton flag up. it stayed up there all winter. nobody was climbing up there to get it down in the winter. the roof was a little steep, and 3 stories up.

i just did a little checking and bender now has ac. pussies.

when i was there, we had these crappy windows that were like big cathedral windows. 4 windows that were vertical. they opened out on hinges with a little hand crank. and they had these screens that were 50 years old that just layed up against the window to keep out bugs. they really had these 4 little turn nobs that held the screens in place, but most of those were long since broken off.

and bugs. well, that’s why i’m writing this post.

specifically crickets.

June 24, 2004

Destroying Camelot

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This is actually a castle in Ireland

what an interesting thought.

after the knights of the round table rid the countryside of evil, they set up paradise, headquartered in camelot.

at camelot each person had an equal voice, and could be heard.

but after camelot was achieved, an evil knight, protected by virtue of his relationship to king arthur, brought about the destruction of camelot from within. he claimed that the very system created by the arthurian knights was elitist and unfair.

just who is trying to destroy the united states from within? the liberals. i like to call them cancer.

June 22, 2004

Power Drinking

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This girl is lucky to have her clothes

in college, i pledged phi gamma delta. that’s right. i’m a fiji. i pledged the phi tau chapter of phi gamma delta at the university of texas at arlington.

recently, a couple of young ladies i work out with have started coming of age. i have given them the speech. not the mom or dad speech. the drunk fraternity guy, trying to get in their pants speech. the drunken sailor speech.

i fully disclosed some of the strategies we used to facilitate the removal of female articles of clothing. they need to be prepared against surrilous guys with only one thing in mind…..

June 20, 2004


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PhatNoise in my GTI

i finally got my new phatnoise mp3 player installed. they did a good job of making this thing.

unfortunately, they won’t work in every car yet. i didn’t really pay any attention to that when i bought mine, i just knew that it would work in my little gti. sean over at ambivalent one is lamenting the fact that he can’t get one for his audi yet, and has even written the company to try and help them along.

phatnoise is an interface for a 20 Gb hard drive. you drag and drop mp3s onto the hard drive from a docking station on your computer, carry the hard drive out to your car, and play your music. i have almost 1,000 songs on my phatnoise right now, and not even a third of the portable hard drive is full.

June 16, 2004


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j f’n kerry. i was reading bill’s blog over on indc journal and came across the link he has for the “swiftboat veterans for truth” link and watched the news conference they held. it was a pretty comprehensive fielding of swiftboat captains who served with kerry in vietnam. i don’t think any of them had anything good to say about kerry either.

they pretty unanimously decried kerry’s claims that they committed war crimes. after all, kerry claimed to have witnessed villages being burned, without provocation, women being raped, and non-combatants being shot.

who does kerry claim committed these acts. to the best of my knowledge, kerry has never been able to cite a single specific instance.

but for the men who were swiftboat commanders in the same unit, they are the accused. kerry has not said it straight out. he has not pointed his finger and uttered their names, but who else did he see in vietnam? which other american units did kerry have the ability to watch? was he out spying on the SeALs? i think not.

June 13, 2004


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when i was a seaman in the navy, i got sent to spain. it was my first real duty station. up ’til that point, i had only gone to training commands. for two years the navy sent me to school! and i was finally going to spain to do some work.

i had started my career, like my great uncle and grandfather before me, by going to san diego for boot camp. san diego is now closed as a boot camp. the navy only send recruits to great lakes, right outside of chicago. i think it was a mistake. i had the fortune of being in boot camp when saddam invaded kuwait. i have stories from that, that i’ll be posting later.

from there i flew up to monterey, ca. for a year and a half of language training. and to follow my language training, at an army school, i went to goodfellow afb in san angelo, tx. i’ll leave that school alone. from there i went to subsurface training school in groton ct. first time i got to spend any time at a navy base. san diego doesn’t really count as you have no free time.

June 11, 2004

A Belt of a Different Color

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yeah, i got my belt tonight.

dot stole my thunder. she tested for black belt like three years ago, or something. she had a couple of things she needed to do / complete before chien would award her the black belt. she completed the last of those just in time to get her black belt on the same night i got my red.

rats. i’ve been teasing her forever that i’d make black belt before she did.

i just lost.

congratulations to her though. she walked the walk, and can now talk the talk. she earned her belt.

now, some of you may be a little confused by my last entry.

Anonymous Bloggers

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i was googling rance because who doesn’t want to know the identity of the “A-list” celebrity who has endless amounts of time to post and approve comments. and those of you who know me, know i love gossip….

google turned up the usual crap, but technorati included a site talking about both rance and the defamer. nick denton’s ONLY anonymous blogger in his vast media empire.

according to this site, both the defamer and ken layne commented on LAObserved within 21 minutes of each other.

coincidence? maybe fortinbras should be king of denmark?

June 9, 2004


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so i read something really funny over on little diary.

she posted a little snipet about the fact that there is a movement afoot to put reagan’s face on the 10$ bill.

she mirrors my feelings about the subject. it is premature. i do not want whichever party is in power at the time to start replacing all of the faces on our money according to whichever way the political wind is blowing at the time.

leave the money alone. let the people in 50 years time decide if reagan should get his face on any currency.

it brings to light the subject that maybe now, we ought to be looking 50 years in the past to see if anybody deserves their face on the 10$ bill. truman? nah. fdr? the liberals will all say yes, but i don’t like the new deal. and it did not work, contrary to whatever liberal is speaking. wwii brought us out of the depression.

but this isn’t the funny thing i read over on little diary.

June 8, 2004


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i was talking to my project manager today, and for some reason we started talking about renfests. and expectations.

i remembered this story.

i went to the maryland renfest a couple of years ago with a couple of old navy friends. they’re married.

now, the femme, we’ll call her summer, claimed to be a ‘unicorn chick’ when she was younger and was eager to go to the festival. she also makes stained glass windows as a hobby. yeah, she’s crafty like that.

but her husband, and one of my best friends, we’ll call him ‘snap’, had never been to a renfest. and we were worried about how he was going to do.

and it started the minute we stepped out of the car.

June 6, 2004

A Little Personal

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everybody has seen those little email surveys you send out to your friends. somebody finally made one for blogs. answer if you like.

1. Who are you?
2. Have we ever met?
3. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
4. Describe me in one word.
5. What reminds you of me?
6. If you could give me anything, what would it be?
7. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
8. Are you going to put this on your weblog and see what I say about you?
9. What do you love like a fat kid loves cake?
10. What makes you come back here?

and take a look at redsugar. she had this posted on her site. so go say hi. she referred this little survey as having started at joelle‘s site

i think she’s a little overinfatuated with harry potter, but hey, she’s willing to let me have the olsen twins in exchange.


June 5, 2004

Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan passed away today. the first ballot i got to cast for president went to him in ’84. i wish we had him now.

rest easy, Mr. President.

Red Belt Test Results

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well, my belt test is over. i think i passed. wouldn’t say anything too much for fear of jinxing myself. yeah. i’m superstitious like that.

i did better in some areas than i thought i would, and worse in others.

the speed kicks were what i expected, but worse. normally, chien evaluates all students in one area before moving to the next area. ie, everyone does their blocks and stances, then everybody will do their strikes, then forms, etc. but since mine was a red belt test, he decided to make it a bit more difficult.

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