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May 5, 2004

The List of 5

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Rhona Mitra

so i watched this new miniseries called spartacus.

has anybody heard of ‘Rhona Mitra’ before? she’s an actress and played the little gaulic slave girl that wound up married to spartacus.

i’m not going to rehash the whole story of spartacus for y’all. if you don’t know it, and are interested, see the new miniseries. pretty good flick.

i was just struck dumb (no smart ass comments please) by miss rhona. i’d never heard of her before. and the really sad thing is that i’ve seen movies with her in it before. she was in ‘get carter’ which i have on dvd. liked her. but it was a bit part. plus, she wasn’t wearing the little slave girl costumes.

can you say, better than princess leah?

yeah, she’s like that.

well, everyone remember the episode of ‘friends’ where ross and rachel make lists of 5 people they are allowed to cheat with? i’m adding her to my list.

yeah, i know, i’m not married, and i don’t have a girlfriend, so i wouldn’t really be cheating.

Rhona Mitra from FHM magazine

so this is my list of 5 chicks who i would cheat with if i was encumbered with female companionship.

as if.

and NO, isabella rosalini is not on my list.

1: Rhona Mitra (uber hot in spartacus)
2: Angelina Jolie (psycho hot)
3: Kate Beckinsale (awesome in last days of disco)
4: Alyssa Milano (God made her hot just to stymie me)
5: Apnea (y’all are going to have to find info on her for yourselves)

ashley judd has been dropped, and rhona has been added. notice that alyssa has slipped to number 4. that’s a lot of slipping…. see my post titled ‘torment’ for the whole story on her.

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  1. Bet none of them have the shoes that I have!!!!


    Madame Butterfly

    Comment by Madame Butterfly — May 6, 2004 @ 9:45 pm

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