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May 31, 2004

Chief Teaff

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The New WWII Memorial

back in the day….

when i was in language school in monterey, there were a lot of seals there, going through various languages as well. it was kind of cool, as a seaman, to sit around and hear some of their sea stories.

lots of cool stories about the ‘big hungries’. that’s what most of the seals at the time refered to sharks as. they figured if you didn’t have at least one good story about a big hungry, well, you just weren’t a seal yet.

May 26, 2004

The Oldest Profession

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prostitution should be legal.

yep, i said it.

let me qualify the statement. prostitution should be legal, but pimping should be illegal.

small difference you ask?

i’ll elaborate.

May 25, 2004

trackback pings

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ok. so, like, what did i do wrong with my trackback pings? thought i had them all figured out.

but my most recent readings have revealed that i somehow pinged everyone twice.

of course this happened when i corrected some spelling and grammar…. and rebuilt my entry, but how did i ping twice? and how do i not repeat the offense?

May 24, 2004

Blog Roundup

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ok, i’m a little lazy tonight. i’ve been trying to get gungho and finish my most recent dvd project. i bought sonic software’s DvdIt! and am compiling all of the action from my most recent TKD (see, i DO use capitals once in a while! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) tournament. i have the video ripped into my computer and need to get all of my menu pages finished, create all of my links/buttons, and then attach my music.

it’s a tall order. plus, this is the first time i’ve used this software, so the learning curve is present. the software is pretty intuitive. it’s just that there is no more auto link to button action going on anymore. i have to do it all. be careful what you ask for, i got what i asked for, and am paying.

how about a little blog roundup on all of the most recent blog action i’ve seen over the last couple of days?

here goes.

May 20, 2004

Good Dog

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Dachshunds rock!

why does everybody like big dogs so much?

little dogs rule. don’t get me wrong, those little yappy things can get on my nerves. but not dachshunds.

dachshunds rock.

i used to have a little dachshund when i was little. he was cool. good watchdog, and could do tons o tricks. he played fetch. buried mice in my moms side of the bed. and he didn’t like squirrels or cats.

someday, when i hit the powerball, i’m going to have an entire pack of little wienie dogs.

i’m going to give them all really cool names too. names like wolf, fang, bullet and cripler. cripler will be my favorite.

then when those pesky college kids come knocking on my door, trying to get me to vote for them, by buying multiple subscriptions to magazines i won’t read. i’ll reach around behind the door to my secret dog door opener, and i’ll yell….

May 18, 2004

Her Royal Highness

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Princess Aisha bint Hussein of Jordan

i met a princess today.

you read that correctly.

i met a princess today.

let it sink in.

i saw the king of spain when i was in palma de mallorca. on the far side of the airport. one side of the palma airport is civilian, the other is military. i was waiting for a plane to olbia, italy when the king and his entourage drove up and jetted away in his private lear. it has three engines.

but today i met her royal highness Aisha al Hashemi bint Hussein. her brother is king abdullah of jordan.

May 16, 2004

Run for your Life!

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Melissa and her teammates

anybody else getting fatter with old age?

my doc kicked me in the butt a couple of years back. threatened me with Heart Disease and Diabetes. told me that almost without a doubt i would get 1, if not both of the afore mentioned ailments. unless of course i dropped 15-25 pounds.

that’s when i took up taekwondo. mainly as an exercise regimen. ok, i’m actually a cheap bastard, and i knew that if i pay for the classes, i’ll make sure i get my fat butt in there and do the work. and i’ve lost near 40 pounds, and put on some muscle. ๐Ÿ˜‰

not like my apartment complex’s workout room. i saw that place 1 time. when they were showing me around the complex for the first time.

May 13, 2004

These are not the Droids You’re Looking for.

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Darth Maul

bear with me. this is going to be convoluted.

back in the navy…….. we had this thing we liked to call ‘the jedi mind trick’. yep, and it works too. well, at least it does on the weak minded.

the jedi mind trick is simple. essentially it is: if you state something as fact people will believe you.

dave gutierrez explained it to me. i’ll use the same example he did. dave was in a class in the military. his class had three sections with 10 students in each section. they had three identical classrooms. one of the classrooms was stuffed full of not just desks and chairs, but had a lot of random filing cabinets and the like. guess which class dave got to sit in?

May 12, 2004


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I got this idea from Redsugar sort of.

These are just a few songs on incessant repeat on my mp3 player.

Burden in My Hand – Soundgarden
Born on the Bayou – CCR
Ramblin Gamblin Man – Bob Seger
The Hardest Button to Button – The White Stripes
I Thank You – ZZ Top

May 11, 2004

Music Downloads

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they charge a buck a song.

and you only get to download it once. if you mess up, you have to pay to download it again.

May 8, 2004


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i had the south river high school cheerleaders wash my car today. it was a fundraiser for new cheerleader uniforms.

they actually did a decent job.

they were cleaning an suv next to my little gti, and did the little cheerleader pyramid to get a girl high enough to reach the roof.

they wore shorts and bikini tops under their white wife beater a-shirts.

i dared not break out the blogging digital camera….

5 bucks. i paid them 10.

i’m quite the philanthropist! ๐Ÿ˜‰

May 6, 2004

Dances in Bars

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Andrea in pub Schooners

i’ve related many stories about my doings in spain. i’m sure there are many more to come.

a little story about a girl named tina. i think her name was actually christina, but she just went by plain ole tina.

gorgeous little gypsy girl. she used to work in a bar in ‘Rota’, where i was stationed. twice. for all i know, she still works in bar “led zeppelin’s”. i bet not though.

tina could dance the sevillana better than anyone i’ve ever seen.

my drinking buddy mark and i used to frequent one of the quieter and more laid back bars in rota known as ‘schooners’

May 5, 2004

The List of 5

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Rhona Mitra

so i watched this new miniseries called spartacus.

has anybody heard of ‘Rhona Mitra’ before? she’s an actress and played the little gaulic slave girl that wound up married to spartacus.

i’m not going to rehash the whole story of spartacus for y’all. if you don’t know it, and are interested, see the new miniseries. pretty good flick.

i was just struck dumb (no smart ass comments please) by miss rhona. i’d never heard of her before. and the really sad thing is that i’ve seen movies with her in it before. she was in ‘get carter’ which i have on dvd. liked her. but it was a bit part. plus, she wasn’t wearing the little slave girl costumes.

can you say, better than princess leah?

yeah, she’s like that.

well, everyone remember the episode of ‘friends’ where ross and rachel make lists of 5 people they are allowed to cheat with? i’m adding her to my list.

yeah, i know, i’m not married, and i don’t have a girlfriend, so i wouldn’t really be cheating.

May 1, 2004

Essex Tourny Results

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well, i’m back

as a school, we did well, and we did not so well.

forms. i think the karate kid movies calls them ‘kata’. i got second place.

out of two. ๐Ÿ™

and i still got a trophy. just not too many 33-39 year old, male, blue belts in maryland who want to compete. and it wasn’t close. i got beaten rather soundly. i don’t know why. i nailed my form. no wobbles, no mess ups. i got beaten.

at first i just chalked it up to the judges not liking me. then i noticed a trend. lots of the people from our school were losing.

Off to Essex

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well, it’s the morning. here i sit all dressed in white, drinking lots of water. taking some tylenol, reading the morning news and blogs. getting ready to go pick up dot for the short trek up to essex community college on the north side of baltimore.

dot will be a judge at todays events.

i’ll be fighting.

i’m tense.

i have to finish packing my video camera. clothes, and stop and get some gatorade and water. it’ll be a long day. i’ll compete in forms around 10:30. and fight around 3:30. and that’s an early guess. it could be as early as 1. as late as 9.

i’ve fitted a new clear mouthpiece as per new rules from ustu. put my xs energy drink in my bag. a change of clothes. (that’s an outfit for you girls). listening to the prodigy…..

hopefully my new video camera will do a much better job with still pics, and y’all will get some good ones.

pics will come. video for some others.

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