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April 12, 2004


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a bunch of little entries today.

i’m home sick. that little bug i had a few weeks back just keeps hanging on. come on spring!

i fly the flag for fallujah over at the left because right now, american troops in iraq are forbidden from openly flying old glory. put it up on your site. check out venomous kate over in my links section. she has better details.

like eggos? there are some new waffles on the market.

a girl at work is dumping her boyfriend because she found out he has hemmoroids.! hahahahahahaha, tell me that’s not funny. and gross.

i saw my mallard yesterday. first time in a couple of weeks i’ve seen either of my ducks. so there may be a letup in the rodent holocaust. i think they were winning anyway.

i’m going to get around 1500 smacks back from uncle sam. yeay!

i just got a new wireless router. i’m going to have to configure that sucker in the next couple of days. at times my cable is miserably slow. i suspect somebody hereabouts is mooching. if there was a little kickback, like a case of beer or a bottle of jameson, i might turn the blind eye, but nooooooo. so i’m going to have to shut him down.

built a friends computer over the weekend. it’s fun someitmes to build machines.

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  1. I feel so sick.

    (This post has nothing to do with your blog)

    Comment by Dave — April 14, 2004 @ 7:38 pm

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