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April 1, 2004

Beer Pong 2

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John and Herb

yep, this past weekend, we had round two of beer pong.

once again the venue was the surdick family basement. the head of the surdick family prepared a feast of mexican food (my favorite) for our enjoyment. i kept calling it a ‘plethora’, but i don’t think anybody ever got it.

i made my coveted salsa. i kept trying to tell everybody that it was an ancient family recipe for salsa, but i think we had all had too much to drink. except of course, for medium john (mj)

'BJ' and 'bad thorn' Surdick

the second pic here is of our hosts. that’s big john (bj) and marisa (bad thorn) surdick. playing as team one. i don’t remember if they one or not. seems like they started off really well, then faded. the pic shows bj returning a volley.

and i believe the team that handed them the comeback defeat was none other than rose and chien. now y’all have to understand something about rose. she’s quiet and unassuming. then starts slamming your beer all over the table.

rose is what we commonly refer to as a ‘ringer’.

she leads you on, and just when you think you’re doing well, cometh the smackdown. and it’s not rosy. chien enjoys it. but we don’t.

Rose 'the ringer' ducks the camera, while Chien celebrates yet another victory

i myself was one and one for the evening.

later the game devolved into a little impromptu card game.

now of course, we didn’t play for money. but if we had, i would have won around 19.25$. if we had played for money that is.

i don’t remember who lost cash. i was too busy scraping together my hypothetical winnings and getting out of dodge.

This is BJ and Evil Ed

now, we had a couple of rookies playing with us this evening. the was eddie ‘Evil Ed’ and his lovely wife debbie. herb stopped by. eddie likes to refer to our taekwondo habit as Tai Chi.

some threats of beatings were issued and evil ed restricted his smack talk to the beer pong table. he wasn’t the only person talking smack. gene keeps trying to supplant rose as top dog on the table, but just can’t make it.

dot refrained from the nights competition because she’s in ‘training’. she did stop by and have some food. mainly dessert. man, come to think of it, i’ve never seen anybody eat so much dessert. she just kept on going. in fact, it seems like i remember her taking cake off of other people’s plates. the nerve!

i think it’ll be a while before our next beer pong bout. i’ll let y’all know when it happens. i think everyone is afraid of dot.


  1. Oh yeah, there’s me, at the top, rockin the Code Red! Can’t beat that man… I think I was about 3 for 5 that night, although I can’t be sure. And I must say that Mar-ee-sa’s enchiladas were excellent. You know we’re going to have to play pong in my backyard for my graduation party in a year, since I do have a table, although no one really seems to want to play at my house, although that’s probably because we’d have to play outside (I have no basement). Ah well, good pics mlah!

    Comment by medium John — April 2, 2004 @ 10:43 am

  2. Dot is “in training!” However, I DID NOT eat a lot of dessert!! I only had ONE canoli. I am a good training person. I am also down to ONE caffiene per day. Am I committed or what??? Just wait, in a few (okay, many) months, you are ALL going down!!!

    Comment by Dot — April 2, 2004 @ 11:32 am

  3. come on dot. you ate that whole chocolate cake by yourself…

    Comment by mlah — April 2, 2004 @ 11:39 am

  4. Yes! Blogging on beer pong – this automatically makes my top 10.

    So a question on gameplay: I’m used to 6 cups, stacked in a pyramid, no paddles. Players can either toss or bounce (bounces can be knocked away). Cups are re-racked after every dunk. Players alternate pounding brews.

    From the pictures it seems like if you hit the beer can you drink… how much? What’s the rules?

    Comment by scott — April 6, 2004 @ 5:26 am

  5. Just started reading Beer Pong 1, my bad-

    Comment by scott — April 6, 2004 @ 5:28 am

  6. Yeah, or in my case, code red. Can’t beat that code red mountain dew… mmmmm…

    I hate being 17.

    Comment by medium john — April 6, 2004 @ 3:57 pm

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