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April 30, 2004

Maryland Open Tournament 2004

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i have a tournament in the morning.

i’m competing in both forms and sparring as usual.

pictures to come.

April 29, 2004

Where Was I?

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Operation Take One for the Country

dana over at noteitposts found an interesting site. it seems that a group of girls are trolling bars and seducing servicemen. they figure they are giving something back to the troops who are laying it all on the line…. for us.

where was this during the first gulf war? and why did i miss it?

oh yeah, i was at sea. dman navy. got me again and i didn’t even know.

check out ‘operation take one for the country’ here.

now, i’m not the kind of guy to encourage this kind of behavior….. but my email is over at the left.

April 26, 2004


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Celebrities at the march, from Fox News

they just had the womens march here in dc for abortion rights. i just watched a fox news segment on the march.

really, i couldn’t care less about the march. ‘protests’ per se are a waste of time. i heard some estimates that there were a million and a half people marching. no official estimates because of louie farrakhan’s whining after the million man march fiasco.

think about it. a million and a half people. and a whole work day. 12 million man hours. that’s some serious work time that went to naught. maybe they accomplished something. i hope so for their sake.

April 20, 2004

The Price of Gasoline

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Some gas cans

the news is out. if you read moxie, and a host of other sites, primarily the liberal media, george bush has fixed the election by bribing the saudis.

with high gas prices only going higher bush has convinced the saudi royal family to fix our presidential ELECTION by over supplying petrol so that the gas price drops, and bush wins!


April 18, 2004


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Not my pic, I just scoured these off of the net
i’m not talking about some sort of peak either.

i went out with a girl yesterday. i guess you could call it a date. not a very good one though, at least for me. it was definitely interesting. might have been a good date for her though.

after going and seeing kill bill volume 2 in georgetown, we were to meet up with some of her girlfriends at a bar called vida, in dc. we found club ‘vida’ ok, but it took us a while to find parking. and once confronted with the ‘line’ for entry, we were a little discouraged. then we started taking a look inside the bar, and it looked just a little too collegiate for our taste.

my date lured me into a club she knew, just down the street.

‘dave, this is club apex, and i like to hang out with some of my friends here.’

boy did my world change.

April 17, 2004

Shoes, a Guys Perspective

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Doc Martins

i don’t really care about shoes that much. they just get you from here to there. right? i do need a pair of new sneakers though. my nike’s cross trainers are 6-7 years old. they’re getting kind of tired. and i actually do run a fair amount.

man, do chicks care about shoes.

we had a congressman come through our workcenter this last friday. shlemeel, shlimauzal. i don’t really care. but, he is a congressman. that means the project managers and the like do care. and they get worked up into a frenzy over these types of things.

so we all had to don our best duds to look good.

April 15, 2004

Purple Hearts

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John Kerry and Billary, photo from Foxnews

with all of the smack getting thrown around in the press about war hero jfk (john forbes kerry), and how much more qualified he is to be commander in chief of our armed forces than ‘dubya’, i thought you’d like to know about jfk 2’s purple hearts.

dana over at noteit posts has stumbled across a story by one of jfk’s old commanding officers. he is claiming that kerry basically gave himself a purple heart for some bogus scratch.

the commander officer refused to consider him for a purple heart, but kerry insisted and wrote up the award himself.

he goes on to note that kerry was never out of commision due to a wound for more than a day or two.

all the crap dubya has been getting about his reservist duty, and the press can’t cover a bogus award?

April 14, 2004

Revolution in Iran!

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Sara Mahjoudebad from Shiraz

ok, first off, a freind of a friend is working on her doctorate at v tech. she needs people to fill out her psych survey. so please go here and fill out her survey. i said something about consoling myself when depressed with hookers and strippers. hope she passes. have fun with it!

now for iran.

for those of you who don’t already know. moxie has been spilling all of the vast right wing conspiracy (vrwc) secrets. and i figured, hell, if she can do it, so can i. after all, what has she got that i don’t? aside from perfect legs and a ‘smokin hot body’?

so here goes. out here in dc, where i am a member of the dcvrwc chapter, i am privileged to help organize strategy and policy mixers. basically, we all mill around, talk smack about the poor, and sip mixed drinks served up by illegal immigrants. we have the illegals deported immediately after the party, that’s how we keep these things secret!

April 12, 2004


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a bunch of little entries today.

i’m home sick. that little bug i had a few weeks back just keeps hanging on. come on spring!

i fly the flag for fallujah over at the left because right now, american troops in iraq are forbidden from openly flying old glory. put it up on your site. check out venomous kate over in my links section. she has better details.

like eggos? there are some new waffles on the market.

a girl at work is dumping her boyfriend because she found out he has hemmoroids.! hahahahahahaha, tell me that’s not funny. and gross.

i saw my mallard yesterday. first time in a couple of weeks i’ve seen either of my ducks. so there may be a letup in the rodent holocaust. i think they were winning anyway.

i’m going to get around 1500 smacks back from uncle sam. yeay!

i just got a new wireless router. i’m going to have to configure that sucker in the next couple of days. at times my cable is miserably slow. i suspect somebody hereabouts is mooching. if there was a little kickback, like a case of beer or a bottle of jameson, i might turn the blind eye, but nooooooo. so i’m going to have to shut him down.

built a friends computer over the weekend. it’s fun someitmes to build machines.

April 11, 2004


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Mike is 21

i’m not talking about blackjack.

mike, one of my taekwondo instructors turned 21 this last tuesday. saturday, his step-dad threw him a little soiret.

just a little one.

Food was made, people were contacted, venues were set. and the party began.

now first off, remember, i’m not exactly 21 anymore. although i will on occasion claim to be 21, and i will often act under the age of 21. at least i’ve been told.

and i was by no means the eldest reveler on this night.

the day started off for me with some frantic phone calls.

i had the directions to mike’s apartment up in towson, md. right next to towson community college. i think they actually claim university status, but i figure any school who does not have a division 1 football team is only a pretender.

back to my story.

April 7, 2004

Rodent Season

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Evil Rodent

everybody remember my ducks?

i have this pair of ducks nesting right by my walkway. there are at least 6 eggs in the nest.

well, there were.

now there are only 4. and the nest has been empty for a while.

i don’t know for sure who broke those two eggs. the shells are scattered all over the area surrounding the nest.

April 5, 2004

Replacement Looker

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Angelina Jolie

well, alyssa milano is hurting.

i still think God is playing his own personal joke on me by making her uber hot, but there is now a new contender for the thrown. see my entry title ‘torment’ to read my opinions about alyssa.

i went to see Taking Lives this past saturday night. starring angelina jolie and some other people. i don’t remember who they were. it didn’t really matter.

look at her over there. isn’t she perfect?

well. pretty close anyway.

i don’t want to ruin the movie for y’all, but there were a couple of good scares in the show.

and the ending had everybody in the theatre freaking out. i think the black ladies to my right used the words … ‘oh, he did NOT just do that, i KNOW he didn’t just do that’.

Ethan Hawke and Kiefer Sutherland are in the flick as well as some french guys. i’ll let y’all figure out who the bad guys are yourselves.

April 4, 2004

Drinking Games

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Don't pass out!

when guys go drinking. there is one really major rule. do NOT pass out!

everytime i look at this i laugh.

these usually come to me from friends as ‘priceless’ pictures. can’t believe how drunk some people get. the things some people get caught doing.

and no, i am NOT leading up to something i did. i have so far managed to not pass out. and i am knocking on wood over here.

April 3, 2004

Audrey Seiler

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Audrey Seiler


she disapperars for 4 days. the police are looking for her. her family is looking for her. her classmates are volunteering to look for her. her hometown is posting flyers. local citizens are looking for her. the media is broadcasting it to the world.

i was hoping they would find her. alive.

i got my wish. and i guess what i got is better than them finding her body.


police are saying there is evidence she was at her house during the 4 day absentia. they found time stamps on her computer indicating she had logged in. people claimed to have seen her walking around town…..

again. why?

police are estimating 70,000 ducats was the cost of the ‘hunt’ foir audrey.

i hope they bill her

April 1, 2004

Beer Pong 2

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John and Herb

yep, this past weekend, we had round two of beer pong.

once again the venue was the surdick family basement. the head of the surdick family prepared a feast of mexican food (my favorite) for our enjoyment. i kept calling it a ‘plethora’, but i don’t think anybody ever got it.

i made my coveted salsa. i kept trying to tell everybody that it was an ancient family recipe for salsa, but i think we had all had too much to drink. except of course, for medium john (mj)

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