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March 18, 2004


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Al Husayn Missile

Weapons of Mass Destruction. how many times have we all heard about that recently?

were they in iraq? were they not. usually, for the people who talk the most about them, the failure to find them, so far, is used as an argument that the us led war on iraq was unjust.

most other people, and the majority of people fall in this category, believe the war was justified even without finding any wmds.

while driving around the dc beltway this tuesday morning, i got to sit beside some liberal. the more i read her bumper stickers, the more they started to upset me. now, some would say that she was getting to me, and she was in a way. but i think she was really trying to sway people to her point of view. and she failed miserably in that respect.

sorry, only one pic. it’s an alhusayn missile. wmd delivery vehicle. what do you think they intended to put in it? confetti?

bumper sticker #1 ‘ our national health plan: don’t get sick! ‘

hot abercrombie chick blogged about how liberals are ‘stealing’ from taxpayers (taxes), and questions whether or not the govt is entitled to steal. i have to agree. read her views on the subject. mine are pretty damn close to hers. and don’t let her blogname fool ya, she’s got a brain.

bumper sticker #2 ‘ Bush lied, people died ‘

as we were in stop and go traffic, i had to resist the urge to get out of my car and slap her.

the ‘lie’ was that saddam hessein was trying to buy nuke material in africa. he was told by advisors (his side of the story) and relayed the info as PART of the justification for the war against saddam.

the left claim that the intel was faulty, (it has still not been proven erroneous, to the best of my knowledge just doubted), bush knew it was faulty, and lied to the american people to drag us into a war we didn’t want.

first. there is no real eveidence he knew. so personally, her bumper sticker accusing him of lieing is tantamount to libel. prove it, bitch.

second. what? is everybody on the left wearing horse blinders? there were lots of reasons for war. wmd being only ONE. some 17 violations of un resolutions. near daily hostile firings on american forces overflying iraq. (that’s an act of war)

what’s that? we shouldn’t have been overflying iraq, well, they agreed to that as part of the peace treaty (read as “peace contract”) for the first gulf war. so, not only was it an act of war, it was a breach of the first peace treaty. null and void. a state of war existed then. we should have re-initiated hostilities then

human rights violations. uday’s rampages through the females of baghdad was enough in my book. and by numerous accounts, qusay was worse, just better at secrets.

and here’s my real rub for the day.

Red Sugar (who is lovely) posted today an entry today “5000 dead, 10000 wounded” recalling that today is the 16th anniversary of bloody friday. saddam’s gasing of halabja, iraq.

you thought spain was bad? hell 9-11 was bad. read those numbers up there again. 5000 dead! 10k wounded. women and children. want to see ?not for the squeemish!

now, one last jibe at you liberals.

there still aren’t any wmd in iraq! look at this and tell me if anybody can conclusively say there are no wmds in iraq.

last i checked, the chinese, all billion of them, had complete and unfettered access to china for the last 60 years. they’re still finding those chemical weapons? yep. 60 years later. they estimate 2 million of them are still buried around the countryside.

the japanese had a measley 3 days to hise their wmd before the soviets captured manchuria. how long did saddam have?

i’m making the call now. there ARE wmd in iraq. they’re buried. they’ll be found later, with catastrophic results.

thanks to redsugar, for being my muse on this today. i’d post her pic for y’all to gander at, but she’s a little shy about her hotness.


  1. Who knew a couple of sticky pieces of paper could elicit such conviction?

    Preach on, Mlah!

    Madame B

    Comment by Madame Butterfly — March 19, 2004 @ 7:26 am

  2. My view on the war is pretty simple. It shouldn’t have happened. It should have been over and done with back in the gulf war during operation desert storm. The people of Iraq should not have been allowed to suffer another 12 years of tyranny under Saddam’s rule. I don’t blame the U.S. though. I blame the whole world. We ALL let it happen. Now that saddam is gone bickering about whether it was right or not is moot. It happenned, he needed to be removed and this was the only way. Now we have to focus on getting Iraq and it’s people back on their feet as safely as possible.

    Comment by Sean — March 19, 2004 @ 11:07 pm

  3. Ask a liberal if he knows where his car keys are every moment. Then ask if he thinks he could find them in a country the size of Iraq. Then tell him that the UN has to allow saddam six months to hide them. On second thought, that’s logical. Don’t waste your time. Logic is lost on the illogical. Nice blogging, mlah.

    Comment by og — March 21, 2004 @ 12:43 pm

  4. Your car key analogy almost works, almost. The facilities to create effective WMD, especially nuclear, would have been immense. So ask a liberal if the United States military should have be able to find any trace of the production of WMD after looking for a year and I think the answer will be a resounding YES. I’m sorry og, but the only illogical one here is you.

    Comment by liberal — March 29, 2004 @ 12:12 am

  5. Dave, Dave, Dave,

    I haven’t read your blog lately but you had to know I’d throw my 2 cents in once I peeked this topic out.

    First off this liberal vs. conservative argument has really gotten tired. Come on! You guys have won! You’ve got the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, talk radio, etc. Why can’t y’all be happy and enjoy your power? You guys crack me up with “liberal this, and liberal that”. I wonder if you can even define what liberalism or conservatism is.

    Conservatism used to stand for fiscal responsibility, limited government, and limited adventurism in foreign affairs (think about it, every major war this century’s been started by a Democratic administration).

    After 10 years of a Republican controlled Congress and 3 years of Bush is that what we have today? How’s the budget? How much has the federal government been reduced? We’re in a country (Iraq)where more Americans have died after W’s “Mission Accomplished” speech staged on that air craft carrier off of San Diego.

    One last thing, if “conservatives” are so supportive of the war in Iraq, why haven’t we seen a rush of able-bodied young men and women to miltary enlistment offices? I’m sure you’ve read all the stories of shortages in the Guard, the Reserves, and active duty troops. Uncle Sam needs you!

    Comment by Darryl G. Thomas — April 2, 2004 @ 11:20 am

  6. all the people who would be lining up to enlist are at the irs waiting for all the liberals to give their tax refund back……

    nice to hear from you

    Comment by mlah — April 3, 2004 @ 4:31 pm

  7. Dave,

    I couldn’t resist.

    If you get rid of taxes how are you going pay for this war, plus pay the rest of the Coalition of the Willing, finance the Bush Doctrine of preemptive stikes? You need cash for that. I guess you could get rid of Medicare and Social Security and just use those funds to fight wars.

    Besides Repubs are in charge of the budget process now. According to the Contract with America from back in ’94 we should be experiencing a budget surplus plus low taxes. Turns out that Repubs love Congressional pork as much as the Democrats. That is really disappointing.

    Comment by Darryl G. Thomas — April 21, 2004 @ 1:19 pm

  8. darryl,

    your favorite president ronnie raygun cut taxes and doubled revenue.

    it’s a simple concept that somehow manages to continue to baffle tax and spend liberals.

    cut taxes, the people have more money. the more money people have, the more they

    a: spend and boost the economy, and
    b: invest, allowing businesses to spend, and pay more taxes. they also create more jobs.

    historical fact reagan cut taxes, and doubled revenue.

    gwb cut taxes, and we are just beginning to reap the benefits. the economy is starting to boom.

    Comment by mlah — April 21, 2004 @ 9:53 pm

  9. I wouldn’t believe Everything I was told. Set yourself up for being made a fool of. Anyone do any searching on the Halabja gasing and see what the CIA says. Might learn something that the spiners know but Don’t want you to know.

    How about the mass graves ? I wonder where they burried those killed in the Iran/Iraq war where Both sides gased and what about the Gulf War when the US Didn’t count the iraqi dead and Add to that those killed in the rebellion. The US killed 500K of their own in The Civil War and Lincoln is a hero. Saddam should be one then but the North one so NO War Crime charges. The loosers get tried.

    DO Some Reasearch..You Will be surprized what you are Told to believe and Do believe because you are Told. Everything about the war has been Wrong. A CIA agent said that they got INTEL where Saddam was 50X and Every time it was Wrong and innocent people got splattered so the 45 at the weding party OR insergents are Probably a weding.
    Intel was Wrong on Iran, Lybia, Pakistan, N Korea,
    and Our Friend Pakistan were selling Nukes To EVERYBODY who WE call EVIL. Missed That BIG one.
    Figure that Everything you have been told is a LIE, Because It IS !! The war was about Oil AND Water. Now the US controls Both in the mid east so the US is In Charge, but for How Long and at What price ? read some history about the Other Superpowers that got their asses kicked out by peasants. Reaminds me of Nam.

    I blame the Britts for creating the countries in the mid east and puting tigers in a cage/country and they will fight till they die. the Kurds, Suni, Shia, Turkmen, Tribes, Warlords, ALL want control. Then there are 300 political and tribal groups and you have a MESS.

    Comment by Vince F — July 6, 2004 @ 9:39 am

  10. you asshat.

    read the tripe you spewed here.

    you actually believe that the cia should not be believed because…… a cia agent said so? think about it, moron.

    ‘don’t believe anything the cia says, they’re wrong, and i should know! i work for the cia!’

    moron. i don’t believe him. just like HE said not to believe him.

    abe lincoln. that was the absolute biggest asshat thing ever even hinted at here on this site. i dare say it will hold the record for years to come! you disparage abe lincoln as a war criminal? for fighting the civil war? think about it. i am NO fan of the war of northern aggression, but ending SLAVERY justified the civil war. are you actually asserting that abe lincoln should have dissolved the united states rather than end slavery? maybe he should have negotiated a little more?

    you fucking asshat.

    hmmm, let’s see. i SAW pictures of saddam fedayeen using ambulances, schools, and hospitals as bases of operation and transportation. i saw videos of the jaish al mahdi using mosques as bases. but no, mr fucking moron thinks it’s impossible for insurgents to use a wedding reception as cover. no, that could never happen! hell, they did it in afghanistan. now they’re doing it in iraq. what organization fighting us works in both countries? hmmmm? asshat.

    Comment by mlah — July 7, 2004 @ 11:33 pm

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