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March 5, 2004

Burning DVDs

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Working on DVD's

well, i skipped class tonight because i have to get this dvd project done. i have a bunch of video from the last tkd tourny and have finished ripping into my computer as mpegs.

thing is, i bought some new software and i have to learn how to use it. i just haven’t really had the chance to sit down and start learning how. i’ve spent more than a few nights trying to read up on it, but it’s hard to accomplish some detailed reading 30 minutes to an hour at a time. the software i used to use is pictured at right. it’s pretty easy, and i got a sweet deal on their professional level stuff, so i upgraded.

i’ll be ranting about celebrities this weekend. i have a few opinions i want to share. but keep reading for my dvd software saga.

tonight i’ve spent around 4 hours working on this thing.

i have the whole project completed in a satisfactory way, ie, all of the media is there, and it’s presentable enough. but the damn thing just won’t burn. seems my background music is in an incompatable bitrate.

i’m going to have to spend a little more time researching this on the internet. of course the help files don’t tell you what the acceptable bitrates are either. after i find out which bitrates i can use, i’ll have to see if my audio tools are up to the task. keep your fingers crossed. i’d hate to have to buy some new audio software to engineer music backwards for my dvd software.

oh, my new dvd software is by the company ‘sonic’ and is called ‘DvdIt!’ it’s pretty sweet. lets you move buttons around, use animated backgrounds. pretty highspeed stuff. i’m just not happy with audio support thus far.

after i get this problem solved, i’ll be able to look into some animated menus.

oop, found my problem! my .wav file has an audio smaple rate of 44khz, and dvdit needs 48 khz. now i have to find some software! and it seems, sonic did enclose the tech specs. i just had to do a little more searching in the help tools they provided.

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  1. I enjoy your site dave…..especially the pics of the ladies. Ha! get to check it out and have a laugh with it. I enjoyed your commentary on the Passion. I went to see it and it is very moving to say the least. You hit it right in your comments

    Comment by AARON (JR) — March 18, 2004 @ 8:31 pm

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