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March 31, 2004


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Multiply pierced ear

how many of you girls have your ears pierced? most do. at least, most will have each ear pierced one time.

nowadays maybe more.

but let’s not get this confused with some other types of body alterations done to the female body.

read the article here. it is only one of many articles i am sure.

the inspiration for this post was a new law that just got passed in Georgia.

and you guys who are thinking ‘what about us?’ well, i just don’t care. why you guys want to get piercings is beyond me. now don’t label me a sexist. not yet at least. i just don’t care what guys do. they don’t matter.

back to the subject that matters. women.

March 28, 2004

I’m back

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well, it’s been a week since i’ve blogged. been really busy. after my bout last weekend with some sort of stomach flu, i spent all of last week driving to and from tysons corner in virginia for a training class. i had to get up around 5:30, and would normally get home around 6pm.

they were long days. and i am happy to say that it doesn’t look like i’ll be taking anymore of those for at least a while. i had to go to ESRI, and my last class was ArcSDE Administration for Oracle. exciting huh?

March 21, 2004


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Me, Jay, and Jessica


i don’t know why this popped into my head. it’s an old story about what we used to do in spain.

my first tour, i was always hanging out with a bunch of guys fresh from language school. we all belonged to something we called ‘twawsi’. it stood for ‘the world as we see it’. it was kind of the opposite of the hee-man woman haters club, if you can imagine that. check out me and jay, and english girl named jessica to the right. we’re eating cherries. i’ll not elaborate on that.


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i’ve been sicker than a dog this weekend. i was to go to atlantic city. i had to pass. that would have been a good post, but i guess it’ll have to wait for that vegas trip…

i’ve got a nice post for you guys (and rachael) coming…..

stay tuned

March 18, 2004


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Al Husayn Missile

Weapons of Mass Destruction. how many times have we all heard about that recently?

were they in iraq? were they not. usually, for the people who talk the most about them, the failure to find them, so far, is used as an argument that the us led war on iraq was unjust.

most other people, and the majority of people fall in this category, believe the war was justified even without finding any wmds.

while driving around the dc beltway this tuesday morning, i got to sit beside some liberal. the more i read her bumper stickers, the more they started to upset me. now, some would say that she was getting to me, and she was in a way. but i think she was really trying to sway people to her point of view. and she failed miserably in that respect.

March 17, 2004

Irish Green

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A Mallard and a Duck

i had a nice surprise this morning. today on St. Patricks, i walked outside my door on my way to work and through my gate. and there staring at me from the grass was a mallard. he had the prettiest irish green on his head.

i didn’t want to spook him. thought it would be kind of cool to have ducks hanging out around my house. so i waited. and waited. and waited.

March 16, 2004


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Some random chick in stilettos

in keeping with my recent spanish thing, i figured i’d call this zapatos. that’s spanish for shoes.

take a look at those flaming spikes over there. women wear some funny shoes huh? i wish i could claim i took that picture, or even that i knew the girl, but then you’d all have to ask which club she dances at. and i just don’t know.

how does she walk in those? and no, i’m not going to try either. i doubt they have those in a size 12. at least, i hope they don’t have those.

seen girls wear sneakers? i have, well, at least they used to. now they wear those platform sneakers. i kid you not.

March 14, 2004

Mexican Food

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Selma Hayek in 'From Dusk til Dawn'

an informative post for all y’all yankees.

i love mexican food. it is my favorite. it surpasses italian and chinese food easily. and it is soooo easy to make. you just have to remember that the two main spices that give mexican food it’s mexican-ness are chili powder and cumin. the waitresses, well, they usually don’t dress like selma hayek to the right, but they’re usually pretty fun all the same.

now, let’s take a critical look at the different dishes.

chips and hot sauce. you have to have some of this as an appetizer. sometimes you can get queso (cheese sauce) for your chips as well.

enchiladas. a wonderful corn totilla surrounding your choice of filling, shredded or ground beef, chicken, or my favorite cheese. baked. often topped with more cheese, or some sort of tomato concoction, like pico de gallo, or salsa.

fajitas. i like to call these deluxo build your own tacos. huh? what’s a taco?

tacos. ground beef, most commonly, in a greasy corn tortilla, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. hot sauce at your own discretion. out in califoreignia, they like to use fish.

March 11, 2004

Basta Ya!

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The Basque condemn the bombing in Madrid. Photo from Fox News

i’ve been through atocha train station in madrid 5-10 times. it’s the main train station in madrid. there are many others around the city, but if you are traveling interstate, the ave’ leaves from atocha.

i took the ave’ to and from seville into madrid several times. i don’t know exactly where the bombs went off, but it’s still a little chilling for me to think about. it’s been bugging me on and off all day.

March 8, 2004

Pat is Back

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Pat on his way to lunch

everbody say hi to pat. i work with pat. pat’s an allright guy. pat’s been away and just got back last night.

pat is a sergeant in the u.s. army. he’s active duty. he’s been deployed for the last 6 months.

in baghdad.

i don’t think he got out of the airport (BIAP) much. good thing.

of course i could go the ….. ‘i support our troops’ route with this. but that’s not what i was thinking when i snapped the pic.

we were on our way to lunch at ‘big chinese’. i have no idea what the real name of that restaurant is. just a really big chinese buffet.

anyway, while in my car, with simplyme, and big mike, he related to us a few of his ‘experiences’. and a few other facts.

anybody think the military doesn’t earn their pay.?

pat was deployed 6 months.

he had 1 day off. you read that correctly. ONE day off. he worked 179 days out of 180.

he worked 12 hour days too. 9pm to 9am.

what’s he make? 25k or so? man, is he getting screwed!

first opportunity i get, i’m buying pat a beer. hell, i may get him a little sumthin extra to go with it.

March 7, 2004

Integrate Hollywood

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notice how many celebrities are active in politics? oh, i’m not just talkin ’bout ‘ah-nold, or even hius predecessor ronnie reagan. or even hanoi jane back in the day.

look at the plethora (i recently saw ‘the three amigos’ again) of stars who are out and taking a stance on issues.

of course, recent memory calls to mind the dixie chicks natalie maines and her anti war stance. she was ashamed george bush was from texas. well, chicky, 2/3rds of texas went to gwb in the election, so you are not the a-typical texan. but what i find most interesting is that she was surprised by the response.

March 5, 2004

Burning DVDs

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Working on DVD's

well, i skipped class tonight because i have to get this dvd project done. i have a bunch of video from the last tkd tourny and have finished ripping into my computer as mpegs.

thing is, i bought some new software and i have to learn how to use it. i just haven’t really had the chance to sit down and start learning how. i’ve spent more than a few nights trying to read up on it, but it’s hard to accomplish some detailed reading 30 minutes to an hour at a time. the software i used to use is pictured at right. it’s pretty easy, and i got a sweet deal on their professional level stuff, so i upgraded.

i’ll be ranting about celebrities this weekend. i have a few opinions i want to share. but keep reading for my dvd software saga.

March 2, 2004

Big Johnnie E bows out

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Ayatollah takes a stance.

well, it’s super tuesday and franken kerry looks like he’s going to be the dem nom. i got the pic from Allah is in the House

i have really torn sentiments about this. i mean, i really am becoming kind of anti-dem. not that i’m republican. just conservative. although those two words are fast becoming synonomous. i know that there will be a democratic nominee running against shrub.

ok, on a side note, i saw a dem election button that proudly proclaimed ‘anyone other than bush’ who can be against bush? EVERYONE likes bush. me and rosie o’donnell…… don’t they know they’re just asking to be made fun of?

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