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February 1, 2004

i am not her husband

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several months ago i had the fortune of attending a mandatory fun day for work. ok, i am contracted out to the army. and all i had to do was go to this silly picnic and have fun. i didn’t know where the specified picnic ground was so i followed a coworker (girl #1). then we walked out to the picnic area together after parking. i was new and didn’t know many people so i kind of kept to myself a little bit. midway through the picnic i was approached by some old guy who introduced his wife to me, then introduced me to his wife as girl #1’s husband. it was really pretty funny, explaining to the guy what my name was and that i don’t wear a wedding band for a reason. it was a good laugh.

last night it happened again.

i was at a surprise birthday party for a friend. i was seated at a table next to a girl (girl #2) AND her husband. i actually knew most of the people at the party, but not all. shortly after dinner, the wife of a friend had to get clarification that i was girl #2s husband, not the other guy hovering around. she was corrected.

i’m having a bit of difficulty with this now. first time was funny. second time? i’m not mad, i just want to know why people are assigning women to me.

and please, if you are going to assign women to me, make her a single girl.

i have to find my digital camera.

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