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February 24, 2004

Anti Semitism

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See the flick!

yep, i’m going to write a little about mel gibson’s upcoming ‘passion of the Christ’. but this won’t be what you expect.

i have a tendency to do that. surprise people. i’m kind of a big whote guy. people usually mistake me for being a little bit ‘slow’ at first impression. they usually make up their mind before we ever talk. i get kind of the same thing about religion. seems like my proclivity for an occasional beer and a boys night out somehow equates to my being an atheist. friends are usually pretty surprised when they actually find out how religious i am.

now, don’t get me wrong. i’m not exactly a church goer. and i don’t run around quoting scripture. but i definitely a christian. non-denominational thank you.

when i was in the navy, i had the fortune of several port visits that took me near or to some very significant Christian places. i took the tours. took pictures. i’ve posted one up for y’all of myself at the wailing wall in Jerusalem, circa ’94. i’ll have to dig out a few more pics and scan them in for y’all.

i made the church of the holy sepulchre and the church of the agony in jerusalem, the church of the nativity in bethlehem. the church of the annunciation in nazareth. the wailing wall. just me, the pope and around a billion other people got together on christmas day (at midnight) 1994 in the vatican city. i got to go to an old roman town (perge) in turkey where st paul set up his ministry. i’ve been to the mount on the coast of gallilee. even had lunch in magdala. i have a nice panorama of the field of meghido.

I stole these pics from a trailer; so, go see the movie!

i’ve been hearing a lot of smack about mel’s new movie. apparently christianity has become such an unpopular thing that he had trouble even getting the movie distributed to theatres. many of the major movie houses were loathe to play the flick for fear it would spark anti-semitism.

now let’s think about this for a minute. the movie houses, and distributors, who are essentially a bunch of rich ass dudes willing to peddle pretty much anything (graphic violence, nasty rape scenes, horrible gore, gratuitous sex) so long as it turns a buck. and these same nitwits have now decided that they have a moral concious? that they just don’t want to show this flick for fear that people (and i read that as me!) will suddenly become anti semitic?

mel has reportedly dropped 50 million of his own ducats to make and bring this movie to us. i want to see it. andy rooney called him a wacko. he can go fuck himself. yeah. it’s starting to get on my nerves a little.

the movie supposedly only covers the last 12 hours of Christs life. it is supposedly VERY violent. mel wanted everyone to understand that it was no walk in the park dragging that cross up to golgotha. he was whipped and beaten all the way.

they’ll peddle any kind of crap. various organizations claim that the abundance of sex and violence on tv and in movies is making us violent. moviemakers (and the distributors and theatres) say it just isn’t so. but now, they are essentially saying that i will be so heavily influenced by this movie that i’ll become an anti-zionist?

Judas? or Satan? he gives me the creeps either way

i’m taking this personally.

i know the history. the jews (of judea) were rebelling against the romans. along came Christ. the romans were pretty desperate to do anything they thought would quiet the violent province down. they arrested Christ as a trouble maker. the elder rabbis refuted Jesus as the Messiah. pontius pilate washed his hands and condemned him to death.

so the jews murdered the son of God? didn’t the romans help? weren’t the roman soldiers the ones who actually nailed him to the cross? wasn’t pontius pilate the ‘roman’ governor of judea? wasn’t the jewish governor (herod) who preceded him removed for cause by the romans?

shouldn’t this movie make me anti italian too? i mean, if their logic is correct. seeing the son of God, (and someone the muslims and hebrews both acknowledge at the very least as a prophet of God) brutally murdered would make me suddenly dim, and lose the ability to ascribe the guilt for a crime to the perpetrator, and not an entire group. then i would probably be anti italian first. right?

and i’m not.

anti semitic? nope. Jesus was a jew after all. so was Mary.

more than a little pissed off at the regular movie industry for making assumptions about me? yep. shut your yaps, bastards.

i can’t wait to see this movie.

Christ on the Cross

i captured these pics from a trailer for the movie, so go see it!


  1. You’re right on the ball here dude. I’m with ya 100%

    Comment by john sc — February 24, 2004 @ 10:34 pm

  2. You’d better not be anti-Italian there mister! 🙂

    I agree. It kills me these groups haven’t seen the movie, but they are ready to protest and attack movie theaters. I think the media needs to take responsibility for helping this “anti-Semitic” slant on the movie. I heard a newsbroadcaster say she wouldn’t go see it because she doesn’t do well with violence. Yet, she’s a journalist. Yeah, journalists never see anything violent.

    I’ll be there Friday.


    Comment by Madame Butterfly — February 25, 2004 @ 6:03 am

  3. is it wrong that mary magdaline is played by monica bellucci and she’s really hot?

    Comment by john sc — February 25, 2004 @ 5:21 pm

  4. Just waiting to see the movie. Probably wait until it comes out on DVD, just don’t like movie theaters. I agree with Madame, Maybe the journalists DON’T see a lot of violence. That’s why their stories get so screwed up and biased! savage99

    Comment by dad — February 25, 2004 @ 11:01 pm

  5. I’ve heard much good about the Passions. Marie and I want to hire a baby sitter and go this week while I have three days in a row off…may shoot for Thursday evening. Our curiosity was piqued already, but your commentary was enough to make it a MUST SEE…and do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been in a movie theater…well, I don’t either. I’m a bit like your dad, I waited to see Schindler’s List when it came out on VCR tape, and cried all the way through it. But, I don’t think I’m going to wait for this one to come out on DVD or VCR…that is IF we can get a ticket. It has sold out so many times here. I’m glad it’s a popular movie…glad for Mel that he had the courage to make this movie.

    Comment by Aunt Rose — March 9, 2004 @ 6:49 pm

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