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February 16, 2004

my email died!

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well, not everyone elses did.

a long, long time ago. i was constantly traveling. the navy kept sending me around to various places to catch ships and subs. it was not always very easy to check my home email. my old dave at tnet dot es (spain, where i lived) just wasn’t that accessable from turkey, israel, or the u. s. for that matter.

so i was forced to go the same route as everyone else. i started a free email account. instead of going with the popular yahoo or hotmail services, i hunted on the internet for a different mail host. i was just really leary about all of the denial of service attacks i’ve seen against the two main providers, and felt a third, lessor known service wouldn’t get hit by the myriad of web infectors.

for the most part, i was right. i found a place called jaydemail. free email account. i set my account up as ‘mlah’ back in ’97. yep. i had free email with only a four character name. i was up until today, mlah at jaydemail dot com.

oh, i still got the myriad of russian porn advertisements, the member growth pill ads. and even the all too common letters from some poor oppressed guy in africa, promising me millions in return if i’d just send him some 10-20k now.

but very rarely did the service go down. every time i heard about a denial of service attack, i would just smile and continue using my jaydemail. almost trouble free.

a beautiful thing has fallen by the wayside. i just tried to check my email, and got this message:

‘this is now The Free email service has been cancelled.’

looks like i may have to stoop to some other service. and the bad feeling i’ll have to endure as probably soemething like mlah459923 at yahoo.

i still have my home account for those of you who know it, but what will i do without my russki ads for something i can’t even read? what about all of the poor african millionaires who desperately need my help? what if i need viagra and don’t want to get a prescription?

will i have to fill out some sort of a movers new address card to ensure i get my usual slew of crap?

what a drag. i dealt with all that crap just because of the uniqueness of having my address be 4 characters only. i’m soooooo bummed.


  1. Ahh, c’mon Mlah! Whether you have an email address with four characters or a bizillion, you’re still one of a kind…one of what, we don’t know yet… 🙂

    Comment by Madame Butterfly — February 16, 2004 @ 9:01 pm

  2. looks like jaydemail got on the ball and restarted their free email service.

    i am again mlah (shift+2) jaydemail period com


    Comment by mlah — February 19, 2004 @ 12:18 pm

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