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February 15, 2004

Fighting Ourselves…..

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Dave's Md Senior State Medals

yeah, we’re schizo like that…

the medals to the right are mine, more pictures will follow. i have to rip my video in as mpegs and then capture some stills, so there will hopefully be a decent pic of me in action. don’t hold your breathe!

my school, Vuongs TKD, did very well. i don’t know if it was the biggest showing he ever had for a tournament, but there were 6 adults alone. 15-20 kids came and fought as well. i’ll post a total medal count when i can tally the stats.

i won in sparring, out of three people. that means i’m state champ, and qualify for nationals again. want to know something funny? top three performers in each division qualify, so in actuality, all three of us qualified for nationals. 🙂

i came in third in sparring. out of three. i like to call that last. and yep. i qualified for nationals there too. 🙂

we had a lot of matches between students from our own school, which is lamentable. we spar each other all the time. we go to these tournaments hoping for a new opponent. someone you can try all your devious little tricks on, and then kick them in the head!

we had three boys in particular, all around 8, and blue belts. so they were in the same division. total of 5 in their division. our school came in 1,2,3 in sparring and forms. that’s good, but it also means we were fighting ourselves….. and that’s no fun.

but speaking of kicks to the melon….

kicks of the day.

there will definitely be stills coming of these at first opportunity.

Dave Vs Big John

the first was mine, and it is not a cool thing. being as black belts get full contact (to the head) and i’m only a blue belt, i had to fight at light contact to the head only. it was a good thing.

my opponent was big JS. 6′ 4″ triathalete. and from my own school! no fun. when delivering a rather typical left leg round house to js’ chest area, he slipped, and bent over. i got him in the teeth rather too viciously. drew a little blood. i did my best to pull it, but it happened too fast. i almost received a penalty for too heavy contact to the head, but one of the scorers pointed out that my kick was not intended for the head, and js bent over causing the contact. the ref concluded it could be called either of our faults and just let the matter go. i won the fight 7-4

Joey Boot to the Head

but the real kick of the day goes to 16 year old joey. he didn’t have an opponent in his same age/belt/gender/weight. so they took a college guy from hopkins who was in the same boat and paired them up. so joey, at 16 fought ‘up’ against a 20 year old or so.

he was down in points early but had better conditioning. hopkins dude started tiring out, and then joey brought the hammer. i like to call the hammer a jumping double round house kick to the melon. first kick with his right leg to the guys chest, and the secondkick, left leg (his right leg was still in the air) caught hopkins dude smack on the jaw.

i saw him wobble, then hit the floor. there was much cheering from vuongs staff. joey was penalized a full point for too heavy contact to the head.

then with a groggy opponent, joey managed to catch up in the last 25 seconds or so of the match and make it a tie.

there was a scoring controversy. the ref immediately issued a supremacy judgement from the scorers to break the tie, and ruled hopkins guy the winner. but chien (vuong, our master instructor) brought out the rule book. little known entry that first tie breaking method is to restore points lost due to penalties. so the boot to the head point went back up.

joey won 8-7

i’ll update this post as soon as i rip the video, and can capture some stills.


  1. i’ve got some of the video ripped in now. having a little trouble capturing a still.

    Comment by mlah — February 16, 2004 @ 12:58 am

  2. ola! glad to see you finally won some legimate medals. And that you got to fight someone. keep on keepin on!! savage99

    Comment by dad — February 16, 2004 @ 12:32 pm

  3. Hey, you beat JS? wow. good for you. too bad I wasn’t there… but i have officially decided to go to the next tourney, so keep training!

    P.S.: if you cant guess who i am from my email, i have the same initials as big JS. hint hint.

    Comment by John — February 19, 2004 @ 3:58 pm

  4. Yes, we have the same initials but you pack a bigger punch. Since beer pong, we now have little john, medium john, and big john. And yes, we all have the same initials. Think its confusing, especially when medium john and big john are also call mr. john. Don’t mean to steal your thunder medium john.

    Comment by Johns — March 2, 2004 @ 12:14 pm

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