September 9, 2013


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Hot Belly Dancer

Ok everybody. A serious Observation.

Iíve been reading quite a bit of alternative news about the Syrian problem. And I think I might see something coming down the road. Of course, diplomats will only make conditions based on feasibility. Everything is weighed carefully.


July 13, 2013

Invicta FC 6

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Today, in around 4 hours. I’ll be watching some girls. They’ll be fighting. And just for my entertainment.


July 10, 2013

Game of Thrones

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Ok, for those of you who do not yet know, HBO is adapting a book series to a show. It’s kind of like medieval Europe, with a little magic.

I’m a big fan


July 9, 2013

Intellectual Froglegs

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So I’ve been watching this guy on youtube.


March 7, 2013


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Well, say what you want to about Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, bu they definitely have balls. I’m just really happy that someone is standing up to big government.

It’s about damn time.

March 3, 2013

Fight of the Year

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I just watched Brian Stann and Wanderlai Silva fight!


February 19, 2013


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I was never really the biggest Chael Sonnen fan.

But damnit he is entertaining.!

I’m watching the Ultimate Fightwer right now and I love when he breaks into bad Mohamed Ali rhyme.

August 26, 2012

You Just Can’t imagine.

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I hate the Air Force

April 3, 2012

Shoplifting and Code

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Like it when people speak in code?

Read this story about one “Tucker Max


March 18, 2012

Voter Ids

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It’s ridiculous the amount of voter fraud that is going on in the US.


March 6, 2012

Bibi makes a Point

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Netanyahu gave a great speech.


February 29, 2012

Douglas Murray

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For anyone who thinks we are not going to war with Iran, Douglas Murray, a British NeoCon explains it very well.


February 27, 2012


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So Obama has started the African Americans for Obama movement.

Oh, I’m already seeing the uprising of people making the very obvious observation that if any of the other candidates were to start a Caucasians for Romney, Paul, Gingrich, or Santorum, that the cries of racist would be loud and long.

I say do it. Somebody needs to. Get the ugly truth out there. Samuel Jackson has already stated that he is voting for Obama because he’s black. And with oh, between 93-97% of the black vote going for Obama in the last election, it’s easy to say that there is a LOAD of that going around.

Let’s start some white organizations. Join them. Vote white. And when the MSM starts hurling the verbal abuse around about racism. Just point at Obama.

We have to get this moron out of office. He’s just dumb.

December 9, 2011


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That’s right.

f’n ZERO!

October 30, 2011

Quantitative Easing

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If you don’t know what “Quantitative Easing” (QE) is, you should.


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